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RDRC Season 4 - General discussion

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. The rules for the forth season of the RDRC have now been released. We are working on making them tidier and easier to read but with the holiday season now on us we ask for your patience.

    The new rules are more comprehensive as I have tried to cover all imformation that a new driver might need coming into this championship. Information about realistic damage and the process of repairing your car during an event was seen as something that has confused some drivers during season 3. I hope I have cleared everything up, but if you require more information or clarification please feel free to contact me.

    The decission of including Realistic Damage for this season has been taken after much discussion between the directing team and input from drivers in the championship. While it will make it more of a challenge for new drivers it is hoped that it will assist in making everyone drive in a more realistic and clean manner. After all, the only time realistic damage will be a problem is if you make a mistake, so don't crash;)

    I have included a list of graded drivers in the rules post. However, as stated in the rules, any driver new to the championship and those that wish to re-qualify for a higher grade must contact Pete Mull (Clerk of Course) to arrange a grading event. Effectively we have removed the old Grade 4 but included a new grade ABOVE grade 1 for elite drivers. Also, we now have no compulsory 2WD class but allow any driver that wishes to run a 2WD or classic car to do so. Please read the list of eligable 2WD cars.

    Good luck and from the entire RDRC Directing team - See you in the forest.

    Rick Bamford
    (RDRC Series Co-Ordinator)
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  2. Yay for Realistic Damage.

    Anyway, does anyone know how do Escort MkII and Volvo 242LE compare? I like the Volvo better, but I'd like to be able to compete with Escorts.
  3. Guys, when will you hold the Grade qual event? :)
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  4. Point 2 in the rules - Championship entry

    To obtain a grading event a driver must contact The Clerk of Course to arrange a time and be provided a password. The stage selection for the grading event will not be revealed prior to the session and each grading event may be different. Only stages from the original Richard Burns Rally game will be used. Grading events can be arranged at any time during the season for drivers that wish to sign-up later, however the driver will not be eligible for points or appear in the results before they have signed-up and been graded.
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  5. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Lovely, I'm not home until a bit after the new year, but I still have the chance to race my Seat then! :D
  6. After a few questions regarding the grading table I have gone through the results from Season 3 and reviewed all drivers. The list has now been updated in the rules thread.

    It is important to remember that we have modified the grades for season 4. We have dropped the OLD grade 4 that was only for the purpose of grading new drivers. We now have grading events so it was not needed.

    Here is a table to try and explain it further.
    In Season 3 if you were............

    Grade 3 or Grade 4 you Become Grade 4
    Grade 2 you Become Grade 3

    Grade 1 is split in two parts

    Bottom half you Become Grade 2
    Top Half you Become Grade 1
  7. Nooo, he has not :D (but I think he has general FB profile) It was just my fantasy, because recently Kriss Meeke was angry on MINI because he is not allowed to race in Monte-Carlo and he said that on Twitter.

    Rick, I should be then Grade 2, because I was Grade 1 in S3 but failed to score - but it doesnt matter since I am driving the 2WD :) just for the info..
  8. No Ondrej, you would drop to the old grade 2 for next season as you didn't score a point which is now grade 3.
  9. Sorry Rick, but you are making only bigger mess in it - see the quotation, if that is in apply, I should be in Grade 2, doesnt matter if I scored or not.

    From the rules:
    "If a grade 1 driver fails to score outright points in a season he will drop to grade 2."

    Then I really don't understand from where I was dropped to Grade 3.
  10. As Rick said above, old grade 2 == new grade 3.
  11. Then rewrite it in the rules. Its a bit messy.
  12. To qualify for Grade 2 a driver must have:-
    Scored an outright point in the Previous RDRC season (you haven't)
    Or set a grade 2 qualifying time in an RDRC Qualifying event. (you haven't)

    To qualify for Grade 3 a driver must have:-
    Been classified as grade 2 at the end of season 3 of the RDRC (you have)

    What's messy?

    You were grade 2 at the end of Season 3, and that means you're grade 3 in this season.
  13. "Been classified as grade 2 at the end of season 3 of the RDRC (you have)" I dont remember I was in season 3 in grade 2. And there should be published re-grading before the rules of S4 were up then. Because you took the S3 grades, changed them by the S3 criteria (which moved me to grade 2) and then changed them again by the S4 criteria (and made me grade 3).


    In Season 3 if you were............ - this is important

    Bottom half you Become Grade 2
    Top Half you Become Grade 1

    is not true.
  14. You haven't scored an outright point -> you got moved from grade 1 to grade 2 after season 3 <- you were grade 2 at the end of season 3.

    Who says it wasn't done before? What difference does it make anyway; if it was done the day after season 3, or today, the result is the same?
    By season 3 rules, you're grade 2 at the end. Season 4 rules take season 3 grades (at the end) and determine your new grade.

    You can always try to run the grading event, and we can save some screen space :p

    That applies to grade 1, and you were not grade 1. Geez.
  15. "You haven't scored an outright point -> you got moved from grade 1 to grade 2 after season 3 <- you were grade 2 at the end of season 3." Thats the point I am talking about. You did double re-grading and thats what make a mess in it.

    After changing grades at the end of season 3 (by S3 critera) you were:

    Grade 2 you become Grade 3
    Bottom half (finished 6th-10th) you Become Grade 2
    Top Half (finished in TOP5) you Become Grade 1

    That is true. Because "In Season 3 if you were" I surely was.

    You can save it, I expect this conversation will be deleted, because Rally World (I gave it this name because I didnt want to have Media Thread here) shouldnt be held for such a things and it was never meant to, but there is no General Discussion thread anymore.
  16. I'm in the same situation as Ondrej and I'll admit I was a little confused too over my Grade at first, but after the list was posted it became clear. It's now clear we'll be Grade 3 now Ondrej so I don't think it is worth getting so upset about it. However if the organizers wish to clarify the rules I'd suggest "To qualify for Grade 3 a driver must have:- Been classified as grade 1 or 2 and having not scoring outright points at the end of season 3 of the RDRC".
  17. Grades have always been changing after every round. So I don't understand what your problem with that is.
    You were grade 2 immediately after the end of season 3. Or at least when Rick found time to update the list.

    The rest I don't understand.

    From the first post: "Post general comments, suggestions and promotion in this thread"
    Maybe moved to Rules Discussion, but not deleted.
  18. Chris, I am OK with my grade, it doesnt matter if I am grade 1 or 4 in 2WD cup. I was just confused what happened I am not Grade 2 and I didn't understand the way how it was done and that the rules should be more clear about changing grades from S3 to S4.

    I dont agree with this decision, as I mentioned - this was designed as a Media thread, just with different name to add it more realistic feelings. But I wont argue about that.
  19. To clarify. Drivers have not been regraded for season 4, the names of the grades have been changed.
  20. Thanks for clearing the Rally World :)

    Good luck with filling it! Maybe I put a video sometimes when it comes to testing, etc. :)
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