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RDRC S3 Chat, Questions, Feedback

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Post here any ideas, comments or random chat about season 3 of the RDRC. Welcome.
  2. Cheers

    Okay, if anyone wants to team up for Season 3, gimme a shout. N4_1 or 2 car packs, preferably N11 Impreza. If not, any of the Evos will do. I refuse to drive the N14 :tongue:
    I promise I'll practice :rally:
  3. For Season 3 of the RDRC, JME RallySport with be increasing its involvement in the championship. As well as the outright effort, teams will be run in Production Cup, J-WRC and Rookie classes. These teams will be known as

    JME-Coke Zero (Ford Focus WRC08)
    JME-Super (Ford Fiesta S2000)
    JME-Junior (Ford Fiesta S1600)
    JME-Rookie (Ford Focus N3)

    We are now looking for drivers interested in joining our team.

    We will provide a car skin, as well as advice on setups and driving tips to our team mates. It is our desire to help drivers thoughout the field to improve their skills and move throught the championship to get more and more enjoyment from this wonderful game. The only requirement is that you will be able to compete in all of the championship rounds.
  4. What do i need to do to get in grade 2? Some more stage wins and 5 back to back RC rallys?

    Would love to be in there. Because in the rally it seems i'm close to Biscuits and Atkins, Bobby Goy and Sneep for example.

  5. I would like to sign up for the Season 3, but I've got some questions.

    So, I looked at the S3 race calendar, and I saw that two round will held in the middle of summer. At the end of August, I won't be at home on weekdays and I don't know how much free time will I have, because at the end of August I will go to university, 200 kms far from my home. 100% sure that I can take part of the first two rounds, but I don't know that can I start on the other rallies. Considering these things, can I sign up or not? :)
  6. Weather:

    I have a question / request regarding weather for season 3 of the championship that I hope you will read and take under consideration for inclusion into the championship.

    Is it possible to post the weather conditions for each stage of the round once the sign up for that round is closed on Thursday Midnight?

    The reason I ask is the following example: The season three rules state the following making releasing the weather info a logical inclusion into the championship

    A driver does NOT have to compete in the session they first nominate for, however, once the drivers FIRST SPLIT time is registered their results from THAT session will stand.

    Does this not mean a driver could nominate for and join the first session of a rally and see what the weather settings are for each stage and then disconnect before posting a first split time and then practice with the weather settings before driving in a later session?

    As the rules state

    "Entries for each round will CLOSE at 11:59pm server time the Thursday prior to each round."

    Releasing the weather info for each stage after Thursday close of entries gives everyone a minimum of 24 hours to fine tune setups as per what a weather crew does in real rally, it prevents people not signing up to a round due to bad weather as the sign ups have closed by the time the weather is posted and it also negates anyone trying to get an advantage by joining the first session and not running due to a disconnect before posting a split and then practising to the known conditions.

    This would be a logical inclusion to the championship and as mentioned the weather for a round could be posted at close of entries and with the final entry list for that rally.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion / request and I look forward to any feedback, discussion or replies from the members or executive of the championship.

    Kind Regards
  7. Not sure, but I think the weather might not be secret from now on.
  8. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff

    I think the rules look like the right way to go, will be interesting to see them out in play :) Looking forward to the season to say the least :)
  9. easy, forfeit the number 17 (because that's the number i have on my skin this sesaon and i am a lazy guy) and if you do, I will put in a good word with rick :)
  10. I think Alistair does have a point there. i loved the secret weather, but in real life, teams pretty much know weather conditions some days prior to the event, too, so it would make sense to post weather early.
  11. I'd suggest slightly shorter rallies - like 50 mins-1h instead of 1h-1h10.
  12. Firstly, The weather will not be secret this season. It has been suggested that we wait untill the close of entry or at least the wednesday before the event to release the weather, but I will make a choice on that soon. Either way, you will know what the weather will be before the event.

    Yann : I know you want shorter rallies. However, I want them LONGER by a BIG margin 2-3hrs. I will be trying not to make them any longer this season, (Japan for some reason is always the longest event, I don't know why) and keep them around the hour mark.
  13. OK lazy guy, take the number if you want it, it's just a bit my lucky one. ;)

    I will try to finnish at least fifth in England in my class, that way i'm in earning it... Possibly... :p
  14. ah, there's a good boy, but: I just realized I have to open the skins folder anyway for the new stickers, so if you want it, go ahead. I will simply stick with the number rick hands out for me.
  15. Can somebody answer for this question please? :)
  16. I don't see why not. Just make sure you don't create a team, and miss too many rounds.
  17. Ok, thanks! :)
  18. Sorry Adam, I saw your post but didn't reply. Glad to see Senad did though. A driver can driver in as many or as few as they want.

    Yes we prefer if you can make them all, but no problem if you can't. I'd just like to know if someone leaves the championship why they do so we can improve it.
  19. Also:

    It feels like the possibility for someone to move from grade 2 to 1 is more dependant to the turn-up of the WRC people more than skills of anything else. I mean, if you are driving an N4 car you obviously won't have the same amount of chances to get a top 10 outright if there are 5 or 20 WRC signed-up. Just check season 2, to get in the top 10 outright at the beginning of the season you didn't only need to take the class win, but also to have an absolute alien pace. Now with all the WRC not turning up anymore, anyone getting a top 5 in Champions automatically get outright points.

    I guess it's too late to change anything for season 3, but maybe a change could be considered for future seasons.
  20. what would you suggest to fix it?
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