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RDRC : BTB stages comments thread

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. I am opening this thread as somewhere where we can all make comments and solve problems concerning the BTB stages used in the RDRC.
  2. I have seen that Torvaniemi don't run clearly for me....it's too slow...I can't drive in this conditions....there are'nt other with this problem?
  3. Yep, I had this problem, didn't fix it untill I changed my video card. The old one was outdated and nothing could fix the problem, no driver update, nothing. Maybe you have other kind of problem , but 99% you have to upgdare your video card.
  4. I have an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS...soon I will change it,but not before the race...I will try to make the stage but i don't know with wich time I can end it...it's so difficult to drive in this conditions...however the solutions that Rick had said for me it's ok,I have no problem with it...
  5. Simone, try running the Stage with your graphics level or screen resolution turned down, maybe it will be smoother.
  6. Huh, it's weird, this kind of card should be enough to drive all the stages smoothly. Most of the people complaining about BTB stages have way crappier really old hardware.
  7. I tried to turn down the screen resolution,but there's no good results....I continue to have the same problem....
  8. Here is a little program that shows your video card capabilities, just run it, don't have to install it, make a print screen and then will compare to mine or other, to see how bad or good is your hardware.
  9. Thank you Rob here is the screen of my video card...

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  10. Simone I give up :D, actually your card should be better than mine :) and still you can't run Trievaniemi and I can :frown:. Any other ?

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  11. [​IMG]
    dis i mine i dont now if it gd video card is i am en noob about pc
  12. Ok maybe I have some other problem taht I don't know on my computer...it's a shame because I like this stage,it's very beautyfull....
  13. I presume you've updated your drivers, got rid of unnecessary programs, run a defragmentation service on you system/game drive not too long ago etc.? It would be a shame if we missed the opportunity to run this stage, I was really looking forward to it. It has a unique style to it, really different from most of the other RBR stages. Maybe you could try to look for a solution a bit longer, there is still plenty of time to cancel the stage.
  14. Those having framerate issues; what CPUs do you have in your PCs? I suspect this may have more of an effect than the gfx card.
  15. Yes I have the last drivers and now I had cleaned all the System but the problem still remain...I don't know what can be....I will drive in the stage anyway...it's difficoult but I can do it:)
  16. Simone, try running the stage at a low resolution. I got a 10 frames per second increase by dropping it to 640x480. It ain't pretty but it's better that 20fps.

    Click this:

    Then change to this:

    Hopefully that might help.
    My PC is a 'mighty' Athlon X2 4200+ with a nVidia 9600GT and I get an average of 30fps on this stage....just enough to make it driveable.
  17. Thank You Damien,but in my case it is not a graphic problem....at 640 x 480 resolution I still have the same problem...
  18. I wanted to practice today and I have a problem to run BTB stages. Every time I want to launch this stages it does not start with such error: "BTBStages1 File absent !".

    I tried to reinstall, unistall and install again and all the time I cannot run it. England stages work perfectly. Did I miss something to install? I install RBR, patches 01 and 02, RSRBR 2010, updates 03 to 08 and all_packs install.

    Please help :(
  19. Like the message says, you need to install the BTB Stage pack. Sorry, I haven't posted the link in the first post, I'll add it now.
  20. Thanks Senad, it works now, but I have the same problem as Simone with Torvaniemi. My videocard is NVidia GeForce 9500GT and other stages work fine.

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