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RDHGP S2 - Historic Grand Prix 2008

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Yoeri Gijsen, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

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    RaceDepartment proudly announces the second season of the TC65 league in SimBin's GT Legends: The RaceDeparment TC 65 Racing Club Championship or RDTC65.

    In eight rounds drivers can battle for the overall win, keeping to the League Regulations of 2008 and keeping a close eye on the code of the Racing Club.

    The championship is not exclusively for Racing Club members, but should nonetheless act a quality promotion of the Racing Club.

    To join you must simply sign up to the RD Single Drivers team in the RDTC65 at RD GPCOS. Click here and simply select 'RD Single Drivers' below RDTC65. No other teams are allowed.

    Make sure you creat a GT Legends profile with your REAL NAME and make sure you add it to your RD GPCOS User Profile. Click here to change your GTL name in the RD GPCOS User Profile.

    Download the RDTC65 League Format 2008 HERE!
  2. RDTC65 - Questions Thread

    maybe im too lame or dunno why, but cant sing up for the league.
    Short explanation by Yoeri Gijsen:

    Go to gpcos.racedepartment.com

    Create an account and follow instruction
    Go to your e-mail to Activate your account
    Wait for an Admin to Validate you account

    Go to Control Center (upper right corner)
    Go to maintain user profile
    Fill in your GTL game profile name called the .plr file (e.g. "Yoeri Gijsen"). You can fin this file in C:/Program Files/GTL/Userdate/your name/yourname.plr

    Go to Control Center
    Go to Start Driving
    Click Team In League and scroll down to RD Single Drivers in RDTC65
    Add Request

    Wait until RD Single Driver team owner (admin or racedepartment) validates your request

    You can find yourself in the left column under RDCT65, Teams & Drivers.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    No you are not lame :) But we just activated your account on GPCOS. So please try again :thumb:
  4. How do i apply for the league?
  5. ohh..1 step ahead, now im "RD single drivers" member. now just have to figure out how to sign up for the RDTC65 league :)
  6. Szilard i'm having the same problem
  7. its not easy :)
  8. Nope it isnt

  9. Soory mate, you make an error , you add request for Wtcc league on GPCOS, not for RDTC65 league.

    Just check the list and add request for RDTC65 league after all WTCC teams.


    For register create a GPCOS account with your real name
    When your account is activate go to your control center
    and click "start driving"
    Check the list and choose RDTC65 single driver then "add request"
    Stand by the confirmation.
  10. Where does it say that
  11. Im signed in on that

    I click on the league but i can't find were to request a driver for the league
  12. ok sorry, the new account is if you have not register on GPCOS.

    In your control center
    and click "start driving"
    Check the list and choose RDTC65 single driver then "add request"
    Stand by the confirmation.
  13. thx mate, i think i can managed it :)
  14. Just another thing:

    In your control center: Maintain user profile <-- Check if your ingame name(s) match your profile name(s)!

    Edit your ingames profils names.

    Traumatic=> just clik Start driving in your pilote profil not your Team profil .
  15. Jerome it wont let me highlight the gt legends league
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Click control center and then start driving and scroll to RD single drivers in the GTL league
  17. great news. looking fwd to it:thumb:had a difficult time but finally registerd.hope for a good ' eventful league and many racers around:amen:
  18. I've managed to do it now :)
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