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RDGPC Season 6 | General Information

Discussion in 'RD GP Championship' started by Joseph Wright, May 19, 2017.

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  1. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    General Information.jpg
    The sixth installment of RaceDepartment's largely successful open-wheeler championship; The RaceDepartment Grand Prix Championship is back. This season, however, it will be backed by it's all new official support series; The RaceDepartment Grand Prix Support Series. Four months of close open-wheeler action at a selection of some of the World's best motor-sporting venues!

    The Series Features
    The new series of Grand Prix racing will see us head back into the slower Formula 3 cars that we saw in the first seasons of the championship; however, on Reiza's most updated Simulator, Automobilista. We will go out on track in the much approved and much loved Formula 3 F309 which are run weekly in our beloved club events.

    This season will play host to nine different circuits, seven of which will be fought for points towards the championship standings. Twenty-Four drivers will be heading out this season in the F309's in the top split, with thirty drivers taking to the track in their F309's in the bottom split to fight for the championship in their respective classes. The teams will also be hoping to push forward and get the title of RDGPC Season 6 and RDGPSS Season 1 Teams Champion.

    Who Can Enter?
    Absolutely anyone can sign up for the league, as long as you are a Premium Member at RaceDepartment. There will be a Season Qualifier of which you will have one hour to place in as fast a lap time as possible around the historic circuit of Spielberg, of which you will then be placed into the series of which you have qualified for.

    Quick Links
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  2. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    The Car
    Empty 1.jpg
    The F309

    The Formula Three F309's are the faster of the two Formula 3 cars featured on Automobilista. The cars feature a monocouque chassis, using slick racing tyres and wings. The engines on these machines are built from a production model block, so that no tuning is allowed, leaving everyone racing with an equal engine. Simple regulations surround the Formula 3 cars, and for more information, continue reading below.

    Formula 3 (F309 Car Regulations)
    • Width: 1,850 mm (72.8 in) maximum
    • Wheelbase: 2,000 mm (79 in) minimum
    • Track: 1,200 mm (47 in) minimum
    • Weight: 550 kg (1,210 lb) minimum including driver
    • Active suspension, telemetry, and traction control are forbidden
    • Two-wheel streering only
    • Two-wheel drive only
    • Semi-automatic gearbox, six forward gears (maximum), and one reverse
    • Undrilled ferrous brakes
    • Wheels, width 9.5 in (240 mm), diameter 13 in (330 mm) maximum
    • Fuel capacity: 45 litres (12 US gallons)
    • Controlled fuel from a single supplier, but of a comparative standard to pump/street gasoline (petrol)
    • Stock derived 2000 cc engine with 28 mm (1.1 in) width restrictor, hence about 200 hp (150 kW) between 5,000 and 7,400 rpm
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  3. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    Want to know a bit more of the tracks that we will be running for the league? Check it out below!

    Weekend Schedule:

    The events will be ran on the Saturday.

    (RD Grand Prix Support Series)
    • RDGPSS Practice - 17:00GMT (60 Minutes)
    • RDGPSS Qualifying - 18:00GMT (15 Minutes)
    • RDGPSS Warm Up - 18:15GMT (15 Minutes)
    • RDGPSS Race 1 - 18:30GMT (30 Minutes)
    • RDGPSS Warm Up - 19:15GMT (15 Minutes)
    • RDGPSS Race 2 [Reversed Top 10] - 19:30GMT (30 Minutes)
    (RD Grand Prix Championship)
    • RDGPC Practice - 18:30GMT (60 Minutes)
    • RDGPC Qualifying - 19:30GMT (30 Minutes)
    • RDGPC Warm Up - 20:00GMT (15 Minutes)
    • RDGPC Race - 20:15GMT (90 Minutes Approx)
    All races will have a formation lap which will run into a standing start, unlike the majority of our RDLMS events and the previous running of the GPC.

    Season Qualifier - Spielberg:
    Spielberg will host our Season Qualifier, so drivers will be running as fast as they can around a very quick, flowing circuit. The historic Formula 1 venue, located in Austria will be a tough 4.318 km (2.683 mi) for all of the drivers as they push to their limits (and beyond) in a private qualifying session.

    Pre-Season - Interlagos:

    Interlagos will be playing host to our Pre-Season test. The first time the drivers will be running next to each other during a race. This historic circuit has played host to the Formula 1 Grand Prix for the past three decades, alongside the World Endurance championship in recent years. Each one of our drivers will be pushing on around the 4.309km (2.677mi) circuit comparing their times with each other ready for the start of the season in a few weeks time.
    We will be running the Grand Prix layout without the final chicane, meaning our main overtaking locations are into the 'S' do Senna (turns 1 and 2), before flying down into the brakes for turn 4. The middle sector shall prove close racing, but overtaking being difficult for our drivers. Jancao (turn 13) will be the final braking point before slipstream will play a massive effect for the Formula 3 cars.
    Heading into this weekend, we shall see how the drivers stack up against each other in a racing situation.

    Round 1 - Hockenheim:
    Drivers will be heading out at Hockenheim ring, one of the latest tracks for Automobilista. Drivers will be pushing for their best position possible at a circuit that has hosted Formula 1, DTM and the World Rallycross Championship. The 4.574km (2.842mi) circuit will test the skills of the drivers as they have long straights and tight bends to hold their positions on track and in the championship.
    The 17 turned circuit has a number of overtaking locations of which we will see the Formula 3's push hard and look for every position possible during the 90 minutes of running. NordKurve (turn 1) will cause some controversy on the opening laps, but turns 2, 3 and 4 will be vital for an overtake through Hairpin (turn 6) which is the biggest braking point on the circuit. Mercedes (turn 8), and Mobil 1 (turn 11) will also prove important, but will be harder to make a move stick. Sachs (turn 12) will be one of the final overtaking locations. The two long straights, specifically Parabolika (turn 5) will be the locations of most slipstream being exploited by the drivers.

    Round 2 - Goinia:
    "Goinia", also know as the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna is located in Goiania, Brazil. Its most famous use was during the late 80's where the Brazilian MotoGP round raced across the circuit through years 1987 to 1989. The circuit currently runs the Brazilian Formula Three - so a fitting location for our F3 league.
    Our drivers will have to show their skill with swooping corners, and no run off area through the faster turns. Curva Um will be a drivers favourite overtaking location coming off of the main straight, just as they pull out of the slipstream. The long right hander will give both drivers a chance to hold onto the position. As long as drivers keep it together, the entire circuit will be a slipstream fest, with overtaking at every possible turn.

    Round 3 - Adelaide:
    Adelaide will show which of our drivers are the most agile, and can keep their concentration focused when just inches away from concrete barriers. The temporary street circuit located adjacent to the central business district of Adelaide in the East Parklands, proves one of Australia's most famous racing circuits - alongside Melbourne and Bathurst, of course (funny how none of them are permanent circuits, eh?). This particular layout hosted the Formula Grand Prix event for eleven years from 1985 through to 1995.
    Our drivers will be looking for overtakes all over the circuit, with drivers showing who has the biggest set of mahoonas into the Senna Chicane, with a major overtaking location at Wakefield (Turn 4). Of course, after Brabham straight, drivers would have had about 15 - 20 seconds of slipstream into Dequetteville Hairpin (turn 11), where drivers will be trying their hardest to complete moves set up through turn 9. The Race Course (Turn 12 through 15) will prove vital when setting up an overtake through Mistral Hairpin (turn 16) before starting the lap again.

    Round 4 - Brasilia:
    Brasilia, also known as Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet is located in the capital of Brazil. This circuit, like Goinia, also host the Formula 3 Brasil series, so again, a fitting location for us to run the cars. It has hosted non-championship rounds for Formula 1 and the Global GT Series, as well as MotoGP and Indycar rumored to have races there.
    We will be running the reverse of what is displayed on the map, so drivers will be able to keep their speed up from the exit of turn 3, all the way through until turn 9, which the middle sector being the slowest location. Really, overtakes can happen anywhere, which will leave the drivers, the commentators and the spectators on the edge of their seats, all race long.

    Round 5 - Oulton Park:
    Oulton Park is the first track our drivers will be heading to this season. It hosts a number of British Motorsporting events, such as the British Touring Car Championship and the British Super Bikes.
    The circuit, located in Cheshire, England, will show the true limits of our potentional GPC drivers, as all of our sign-ups will be pushing to the limits (and beyond) through the fast and flowing British circuit in order to push for the final points in their championship running. The drivers will be pushing hard through 17 turns, clocking in 3.307km (2.692mi) per lap in order to achieve their best results possible. We will be running the International layout for the final round, so not only will we have the fast flowing corners such as Druids Corner (turn 15), but we will also be getting the slower chicanes of Britten's (turns 7,8 and 9) and Hislop's (turn 10 and 11) into Knickerbrook (turn 12).
    Heading out of the hour and a half long season finale, we will see our Championship Results for Season 6 of the RDGPC and it's Official Support Series.
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  4. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    The Regulations

    Core Regulations

    Season 6 of the RDGPC and RDGPSS will operate in accordance with the 2017 RD League Regulations unless specifically outlined otherwise below.

    Additional Regulations for RDGPC Season 6 and RDGPSS Season 1
    The rules stated in this section act as a championship season specific appendix to the 2017 RD League Regulation as linked above. In case the rules in this section conflict with the 2017 RD League Regulations, the rules stated here override those linked above.
    1. Race start procedure. At the beginning of each race, drivers will have 2 minutes to get onto the grid, in which a single formation lap will be run. The race leader will decide the pace - no more than 120kph (75mph). At the end of the formation lap, drivers will take their places on the grid and wait until the race start procedure begins.
    2. Racing red zone infringements. Any red zone infrigements caught by stewards during race start will be reviewed and if a penalty is applicable, it will be done so.
    3. Other infringements. Any other infringements (such as software cheating or illegal drivers) can be reported to the stewards up to 48 hours after a the race. More details on sending an incident report you can look here.
    4. Full-course yellow. For this league, the full-course yellow will not be run through game, but instead will be a Virtual Safety Car (VSC). You will be warned by Race Control that a full course yellow is in effect. You will hear "Full Course Yellow. Slow done in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" at which point you will need to activate your pit limiter. Any disputes about drivers slowing down in time should be reported to a race steward. Under the VSC period, no overtaking shall be permitted, except when a car has spun or is moving slowly due to potential damage. During this time pits shall remain open. In game, the race will remain green, due to technical reasons. The Stewards will announce that the VSC is ending at least 30 seconds before the countdown will start. You will then hear over the radio "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Green Flag". Only when you hear green flag will you be allowed to turn off your pit limiter. Again, if there are any disputes about drivers speeding up before the green is called, should be reported to the race steward.
    5. Re-entering the circuit under a full-course yellow. A driver exiting the pits or returning to the track after an incident must always surrender their position to a car already on track. If a car not "on track" rejoins the circuit alongside a car already on track then the latter (on track) car has the right of way.
    6. Real names on TeamSpeak & RDGPC server(s). All drivers are required to use their real name on TeamSpeak and the Automobilista server(s) for the RDGPC, so that staff members are able to easily identify participants. An abbreviated first name is permitted, but you may be asked to change this if it clashes with the name of another person. (Please note that this is a general requirement as per the rules when racing at RaceDepartment, in any club event or league.)
    7. Team Sign-up procedure: All drivers can register as a single independent driver, but teams that sign up can only do 2 drivers per team. Mid season team changes are not allowed starting from the beginning of practice at Round 1.
    8. Reporting an Incident Mid-Race: In order to contact race stewards mid-race please type a "t" into the in-game chat box. Any other use of the in game chat is forbidden during qualifying and the race.
    RD Grand Prix Championship Scoring System
    The RDGPC will use the default Formula 1 scoring system of modern F1. The scoring system is as it follows:

    No additional points will be awarded in the Grand Prix Championship.

    RD Grand Prix Support Series Scoring System
    The RDGP Support Series will be sporting a new scoring system on RaceDepartment. The scoring system is as it follows:

    No additional points will be awarded in the Support Series. Any retirements will score no points, unless they have retired within the final 5 minutes of the race.

    Championship standings are determined by:
    1. Highest amount of championship points
    2. If 1. does not suffice: Highest amount of first places, then second places, etc.
    3. If 1. and 2. do not suffice: Best result in the longest race
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  5. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    The Liveries

    This section of the post shall outline the process for creating & submitting skins for the RDGPC Season 6 and RDGPSS Season 1.

    NOTE: this shall only contain relevant details regarding how to create and submit skins for the RDGPC and the Support Series, and is NOT a tutorial for creating skins. Information for designing, producing and testing skins may be found here (once skinning has been opened).

    Every driver confirmed as an entry for Season 6 of the RDGPC or Season 1 of the Official Support Series is required to submit a vehicle skin; failure to do so may lead to a penalty. Each driver must supply a skin before the submission deadline of the first round in the championship, so that the livery may be added to the custom skin pack for the league.

    Once a skin pack has been created drivers may use their livery if it has been included as part of the pack. Otherwise, you must use a default skin.
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