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RDGPC Season 6 | Custom Skins

Discussion in 'RD GP Championship' started by Joseph Wright, May 19, 2017.

  1. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    Custom Skins.jpg
    As always, RD Leagues will lure out those creative skinners and for the sixth running of the RDGPC and its all new Official Support Series there is no exception to be had.

    The Formula 3 F309 can both be skinned with almost no limits, as long as it's within the RD Rules of no profanity, racism, and other breaching rules.

    The cars accepted must be in the .dds format, otherwise we won't upload them into the skin repository.

    Also, your vehicle must follow some standard skinning features, to allow for the most realistic and best looking skins. See the screens below for the required.

    The Body

    With the file "F309_Body.psd" you will find the main body of the car. As you can see on the right hand side there are many layers. One of the layers is the League Logos, which you must not remove, otherwise your skin will be rejected. Default logos must not be covered.
    The numbers have to remain in their position, the same size and font, however, you can choose to have either a white or black number, depending the colour of the car. Any unauthorised changes to the number, and your skin will be rejected.

    The Driver, The Gloves and The Helmet
    The rest of the car is pretty simple, with no default logos apart from on the helmet, so you are not restricted to what you can put on them, as long as there is no profanity, nudism or any other image/text breaching our rules.

    File Naming and DDS Types
    File naming and the types of DDS files you need to save each file as, is saved in a Text Document within the download. To avoid people asking in the future, it is also noted down below.

    <YourName>.dds (Body skin)
    <YourName>.veh (vehicle definition file - Open with Notepad)
    <YourName>Driver.dds (driver suit)
    <YourName>Helmet.dds (driver helmet)

    Body, Helmet - DXT5 ARGB 8bbp | interpolated alpha
    Driver suit, Gloves - DXT1 RGB 4bbp | no alpha

    Driver suit and Gloves are not mandotary!
    The PSDs have appropriate generic alpha layers built in, just save to dds when you've finished painting.

    If your skin breaches any of these rules, they will be sent back to you. All new custom paints must be sent to @Joseph Wright as a zip file.

    You can download the custom default template HERE.

    That's being said, make sure you have fun creating your skins, and be sure to have them too me by the deadline of OCT 14 and will be added to the race server at least 2 days before the first event.
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  2. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    Time to skin!! :inlove:
  3. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Commentator - The Voice of RD Staff Premium

    The Skin for both Tech 3 Racing drivers are under way... well they have been for two hours, but only just added the RD logos and numbers.
    @PurgerUK @Theo van den Brink
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  4. Gerdoner


    As I was bored this weekend, I did some liveries. I might or might not use one of those in the league (most probably the Minardi, always liked the design and pacewise I expect to be near the back of the grid, so that'll be a good fit I guess ;)).

    I am also looking for a teammate. Car_2_2.png Car_2_1.png Car_4_2.png Car_4_1.png Car_3_2.png Car_3_1.png Car_1_2.png Car_1_1.png
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  5. ARG1980

    Copenhagen APEX Premium

    Ready for paint
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