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[RDDev] Helmet Visor +Cam Movement and EMB [WIP]

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rini Braat, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys Im Working On A Helmet Visor +Cam Movement and EMB

    Here Is A Pic Of the Beta Helmet Visor +Cam Movement


    Buth I Need Some Good Drivers On RFactor To Test It And Tell Me What To Inprove

    This Is A Addon For TV Stile By ItalianFactory

    I Wil Make Some Vids Later Of It

    Helmet Visor Texture Is Made By Luh Conde
  2. 2 things...

    Put less "helmet" and less white fading...

  3. Agreed
  4. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    The helmet looks good but don't you think the FOV you use there is way too high?
    When I drive my car in real life and look at the road ahead I hardly have my wheel in my FOV.
    Or do you use a 80" screen?;)
    Just suggesting, keep up the good work with the helmet;)
  5. Here Is A New Pic of the Beta Ver

  6. I suppose it would depend if there was a visor overlay if it would be that white, altho in saying that from experience I remember them being alot clearer.
  7. A LOT better :)

    Just put less white and it will be amazing !