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RD wtcc07 public server

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by João Andias, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Sorry to disturb, but I can't find an e-mail (or anything of the sort) where I can report abuse occurred in your public Server.

    If anyone who knows could point it out for me, would be appreciated.

    Have a replay (with STEAM ID name), times and such with a brat doing his usual antics in the server.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I would like to do the same.

    Is steam ID name the same as the name they race with?
  3. oh, so its here where you have to report bad driving? I race on the server a couple of hours ago, I hate it when somebody just smashes into you in the breaking zone on purpose, and dont even try to get on the inside to prevent a crash.. But I also see a lot of good and clean drivers, and thats good :)
  4. Guys, realistically, it is almost impossible for us to monitor behaviour in our Public Servers. Reporting people here won't achieve much, unless they are Racedepartment Racing Club Members (unlikely).
    Unfortunately, bad behaviour on public servers is all too common, so if you want clean racing, please consider joining our Racing Club and race our passworded servers.
  5. That’s the good part, it hasn't to be you (or any of the admin) to physically be present in the server.

    Well, I think you are mentioning (or suggesting) that the children will just get another steam ID key (key generator or whatever) and continue to play in the server. To tell you the truce, I really don't know if the online playing part of the game is cracked (I know single player is), but at least the brat would have to get another key and change id.

    I do agree with 90% of your club rules...

    I just can't "eat" the real name part as to me associating in single www site, my name, my location (IP & ISP), time of connection (site records), and money (donations) is a no go in security terms. I can probably trust you (or any of the admin), the thing is RD might not leave forever (as the rest of us), we don't know where all the data goes after an hypothetical site closer.

    Well, back on the public server administration...

    So far as I can see, what you guys would need would be a public e-mail and 10 minutes max from a server administrator.

    I don't know if you guys record in the server all the races that happen there. You might not as it is resource consuming, but if you did...

    It would be too easy, I user would mail reporting a repeated abuse by the alias X at certain time & date (not only file time but also movie time). The admin (now comes the work part) checks the replay, see the repeated abuse, adds STEAM key to the ban list (or doesn’t see anything and does nothing). Done... for instances the complain I was going to do, was regarding a dumb dude who was even using an alias attached to a his STEAM ID (the one he uses to buy games from STEAM), very easy to find even from my side, not talking about the server side (where his ID is in the log).

    If the server doesn't record the races, likely, the user (me) just sends to the public e-mail account the alias of the wrecker, time and date of the file, times in the movie where the brat does his antics and of course, the file. Now the only "extra" work the admin. as to do in regards to what is typed above is to copy the movie file to a valid GTREvo install replaydata folder.

    Ok, not everybody does it cleanly as I do, I only complain of true wreckers (ramming, going backwards on the track, repeating blockers and such) and do it clearly (short precise e-mails), I don’t complain about “hard” racing, racing incidents or any of the sort.

    So, yes, likely you would receive (along with much junk a public mail gets) some unnecessary reports (or fake or whatever), but then again, very few people lose 30 minutes to do a fake report ;)

    I must admit that I’m having all this work because I’ve been gaming online for what, 10 years?!, more?, I don’t know, but what it is certain to me is that I only race on-line for 3 or 4 months.

    The first thing that jumped to my sight, when coming from online shooters, war games, and such is that the ratio of open/close servers is much smaller than in any other kind of on-line games, and to my astonishing, many people complained, few actually did something regarding improper behavior. The solution was always (in most cases anyway), “they are bad in public servers” so come to “good closed servers”.

    An open community has many, many more users then a closed one and above all (what is important to me and others) the game lives longer. I’m sure SimBin if the community asked for it would take the effort of improving administrating tools in order to facilitate things like a common ban list and such…

    Just to make it clear, I’m not advocating here against “closed” servers, they are part of the game, and much needed for racing leagues, ladders, single events and the like.
  6. i didnt' think the server logged the steam ID..but I could be wrong
  7. Just to clarify my main comment.
    It is my understanding that to "kick and ban" someone's Steam ID is possible, but the Admin must be on the server at the same time as the offender, for it to work.
  8. That is one way (and likely the easiest) of doing it (when the brat is doing his antics and one administrators is present)...

    The other is to run a list of online IDs (banned ones) the server checks each time someone connects. If the ID is on the list, the server auto-kicks...

    To add/decide wish IDs to join the list, use the method I described on my 2nd post on this topic. I do admit it takes some work, either from the “reporter” side, but also from the administrator side (it takes time to verify the report), but the payment would be a “cleaner” GTREvo community. Notice a few known sites could even change ban lists, leaving these brats to play with themselves in not “controlled” servers… but that is just a dream ;)
  9. I would be willing to manage the lists if this idea goes through.
  10. I must agree that there is alot of bad driving on the public server. Except for that there is continues chat and swearing. Sometimes though you do get a good clean race and a good group of drivers. What about possibly giving RD members admin right on the open server. I know it would need to be controlled. But it might work if we all look after the server. Just a thought :)

    PS: Does the server ever change mods. Cause i am getting a bit bored with the touring cars. Maybe some GT or STCC for a change.
  11. TBH I would prefer that RD did NOT run public servers. I'd rather my donations went toward the costs of running servers for our members. Let morons like the ones listed above stay restricted to all the other public servers out there.
  12. We regularly setup GT , STCC, EVO other classes, GTL, and rFactor events. Even if you can't always join the events, they are often setup a day or two in advance so that RC members can race or practice on them.

    I personally don't favour making our servers available to the public, every time I check activities on them, it is full of swearing and terrible personal abuse. I believe it is just giving Racedepartment a bad name and many public users show us no respect.

    It is quite a task for our RD Server Admin to co-ordinate and control between ourselves to know what the server setups are, so adding a lot more members to have access to the Admin, would not be adviseable. We also need to give high priority to our own Club and League Events, to ensure the highest possible quality of racing (minimum lag etc).
  13. Steven wrote: "TBH I would prefer that RD did NOT run public servers."

    I donate money and I have no objection against RD spending money on a public server. I race there on a fairly regular basis and the racing is not that bad. I have limited time for racing and my skills are mediocre so there is no idea in joining a Racing Club.

    Happy racing.
  14. Racing Club is not about being fast, so do not be afraid to join, but the target is much more a friendly and gentlemen environment of racing. It counts much more then speed. You can be the fastest alien on Earth, if you cant keep punting off others from the track, you will be shown the way out from our Club.
    On the other hand, does not matter how slow you are on the tracks, if you know how to behave as a gentlemen, you will always be welcomed, and believe me, you will always find others in your league to have some blast races with.

    Cheers: Atti
  15. Kenny Verdaasdonk

    Kenny Verdaasdonk
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The Public servers of RD are very very nice
    ThanKs RD
  16. i'm sorry,but i don't really like the idea of being banned from the RD servers if someone takes a dislike to a mistake i make,i'm not saying it in a nasty way,but i don't think this is the way forward.

    if people don't like the idea of joining and using there real names and using the passworded RD servers,then that is there loss.

    i for one prefer the way real names are used here, as at leaset you feel you are racing against someone real.

  17. Having the difference between a ban and a vote kick in mind; in more than 10 years of INET gaming, I've never been banned from any server in any game I played on-line. I've been kicked by kid administrators, but that is a very different thing...

    You do realize, that excluding servers administrated by brats (and those don't matter in 1st place as there is no point in racing there), no 1/2 decent sever would ban you without 1st checking repeated offences in a replay?
    Even when someone does repeated stupidity normally it ends up in a temporary ban list (1 week, 1 moth or whatever), and not forever. Permanent STEAM ID banning is for cheaters and repeated abusers (more than one entry in the so called "list").

    Also I do remember/know of a few kids that started with the wrong foot but ended up being pleasant on-line players a few months later.

    Changing the subject a bit, some of you seem in a way to be advocating or at least somewhat attacking the RD public servers existence in itself.
    Please, don't forget that the boot camp for "serious" on-line racing are the public servers...

    Having the above in mind, If RD removes itself from this valuable racing community “service” (pub servers), sort of kind of “leaving to the others” this needed task, in my opinion, that would be very short sighted move (excluding of course hidden agenda motives :p).

    Can you imagine buying GTR (or whatever), go on-line and only find “closedpassword servers? Any ideas of the number of potential "club members" lost in that way? Ok, I know some of you came here through family, friends or any other kind of connection, but many didn’t/don’t.

    We (the simbin racing sims community) already pay a sufficient price (potential online racers lost) for the low level of active administration on our public servers (not only, but also a derivative of the lack of easy and efficient administrative tools).
    Obviously this subject has (can have) many ramifications, mainly going into simbin support for the on-line community, pc on-line gaming, paying directly - not paying directly, console markets, closed platforms, arriving late in a market and so on… if you can, please avoid them, or I will burn up all my written English for the year in this forum :D
  18. Have to say I fully agree on Mr. Andias' opinion.
    I'm writing this as yesterday I had a magical experience online: I entered a public server when suddenly the words "This server is monitored" appeared, and all bangers & crashers ran away! (Those who didn't received a nice kick & even a (temporarily) ban for the driver that was blocking the track during race)

    It gave such a reassuring feeling not having to worry in which lap/corner some idiot would push me off track or worse. Even the first corners went allmost flawless. For sure I remember the name of this server and the next time I go online I'll be looking for this server inmediately.

    I understand completely that this is a very time consuming method, and I don't think it's necessary to have permanent observation on the public servers. If there's some regular monitoring in the evenings (and it doesn't have to be every evening) so the crowd knows they CAN be watched this will stimulate drivers to do their best and not loose control (I mean mental control, not car-control). Perhaps some Premium members can have a more active part in this (not as Admin, more as communication link (filter) towards the RD-Admins)

    To finalize: I'm convinced there needs to be invested* in the Public Servers as I feel they are the breeding ground for our members! (& João for President :D)

    * = [​IMG]
  19. yes on whole i agree, but to me,say if i make a mistake and outbrake myself, and the brakes lock up,i really have no control after what happens after that,and if hit someone accidently because of it, will that server kick/ban me?

    we can all make mistakes.

    even here people of the highest caliber make a mistake occasionally.