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RD RBR Club Rally suggestions

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Cam Wedgwood, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood
    Premium Member

    To assist Warren and Senad in their development of the weekly club rally events, I thought it may be handy to have a 'suggestion box' to share your thoughts on a great event. Posting here does not mean that your event WILL be used for the club events, but would be a great way to help out. Remember, the club has been designed to challenge all drivers, but still ensure that people new to RBR can feel successful.

    Perhaps post in the following format:

    Event Title:

    Car Pack:

    Stages-Time of Day-Weather:

    Post away drivers! :rally:
  2. Event Title: Yugo

    Car Pack: The one with the Yugo innit

    Stages-Time of Day-Weather: Any stages. The Yugo is such a versatile little car it can run anywhere....:D
  3. Thanks Cam, that will help me a lot.

    Just one point of clarification, please be very specific about your recommendations. ie. Specify the exact car pack or car (ie. A7K_1). Vague references to a type of car (eg. 2WD) leaves a lot of research to be required. There are a huge number of classes and cars within these classes in RSRBR2010, and many of the cars are repeated in several classes, but with model or physics mods.

    Also, please try to test the proposed car and proposed Stages to some degree to make sure it looks and drives to a reasonable standard. These is also a lot of "not too professional" content in RSRBR2010 as well. Some driving models are poor on some surfaces or Stages, especially for newer drivers, and the Rally Club is aimed to attract and retain new drivers too.

    I am really looking for new ideas and suggestions to help keep the Rally Club interesting, but please help my workload by being specific and doing some of the research testing for me. :)
  4. Event Title: Forest Freerun

    Car Pack: A8_2 (Volvo 240LE only)

    Stages-Time of Day-Weather: Mostly British stages with a dab of BTB ones with similar flow. To make things easier I'd avoid dreadful weather and lightning and stick to the sunny/damp at worst setting.

    I'm hoping for a RWD-only round of RBR Club since my first start. I agree those cars are a tad different deal than normal AWDs, but they're simply HEAPS of fun. Powersliding through a corner on WOT and engine wailing? Check. Constatly turning the wheel left-right-left-right correcting the ever swinging rear? Check. Huge grin on the face? Check.

    I was thinking about suggesting Volvo vs. M3 E30 battle, but it looks that they're not matched. Maybe 2x4 stages, run once in the Volvo, again in the Bimmer? Or two different events? :p

    Just please, I'm RWD-starved :)
  5. @Lukasz, I've actually given the Volvo a quick test squirt and rather liked it. :)
    I assume you are suggesting it to be used on Gravel Stages, which is what I tried ?

    I also tried the M3 and found it dreadful to drive :frown: . Did you try that one with default setup or does the M3 need adjustment to make it resemble realism? :confused:
  6. LOL, I think the M3 IS realistic. it's a pain to drive on gravel.

    I have seen youtube stuff where its being driver very well, so i guess it can be done with setup stuff but the Volvo is ok from the get go.

    Event title : Tarmac Tearaway

    Car Pack : A7K_1 & 2

    Stages : Tarmac Finland and Normal France (good weather all the way)


    Event Title : Group "Bloody hell"

    Car pack : Group B

    Stages : Finland gravel mod (good weather to make it at least a LITTLE easier)
  7. Warren, Honestly I haven't tried it yet. I was just calculating looking at power & tourque/mass ratio. But Volvo is a blast, I'm sure of that. Every time I take it for a spin (yes, on gravel indeed. The proper way off rallying IMO :)) I'm grining the entire time.

    Rick, you exhaust me with modded Finland ;) (am I the only one loathing the banks? Wish they've come up with a way to remove them).
  8. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood
    Premium Member

    Guys, I am going to close this thread and start afresh later. I obviously was not specific enough in the first post. My fault...

    I was hoping that people would post up their suggestions in the normal sign up thread format so that we could try out some suggestions. In other words, CREATE A FULL RALLY!

    Name the exact car pack, name all of the stages with the time of day and weather.

    When you post your suggestions, it should look like this:

    Car Pack: N4_S2000_1 **

    Damage: Reduced

    Stage 01: France – Joux Verte (Normal, Med Fog, Day)
    Stage 02: France – Joux Plane II (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 03: France – Bisanne II (Normal, Cloudy, Day)
    Stage 04: France – Cote D’Arbroz (Normal, Good, Dusk)
    Stage 05: France - Bisanne (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 06: France – Joux Verte II (Normal, Cloudy , Day)
    Stage 07: France – Cote D’Arbroz II (Normal, Damp, Day)
    Stage 08: France – Joux Plane (Normal, Bad, Day)

    Now, where is that facepalm smilie?
  9. No denying that, I spent a little more time with the Volvo, on a few different gravel Stages, and had a ball. It is quite different, may take some time to learn to drive it fast, but I sure had a big grin too. Old style Rallying, lots of sideways action, and steering using the throttle, power slides are the order of the day.

    We will certainly be giving this car a run very soon. :thumb:

    I posted a couple of video's of my test runs, to give people an idea, but my driving was rather poor, but I still had lotsa fun, which is what counts. :D


    Thanks for the tip off Lukasz.
  10. Ok, we've been looking for an excuse for the Group B monsters, here it is.

    Juha Kankunen. God amongst men, all round nice guy, 4 times world rally champion. After 8 years out of the sport he has just finished the rally of finland in the top 10. Not bad for a 51 year old.

    His first Championship came in 1986, the last year for group B, driving the peugeot 205 T 16 E2. This man needs a tribute event.

    Car pack : Group B

    Damage : Reduced

    SS1 Joux verte (Monte/good/Day)
    SS2 Autoivaraa (Normal/good/day)
    SS3 Propect Ridge (Gravel/good/day)
    SS4 Joux Plane (Gravel/good/day)
    SS5 New Bobs (normal/good/day)
    SS6 Sikikama (normal/Good/day)
    SS7 Chirdon head (normal/bad/day)
    SS8 Propect Ridge 2 (normal/bad/day)