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RD RaceRoom Profile Links - add yours here!

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Hi guys,
    Came across this old post earlier today and thought it was such a good idea that it really needs to be revisited. This was last updated back in April and Connor, the original post author, hasn't been online for a while now so I'll thought I'd get this back up and running as a sticky post. I'll update it if anyone wants to add their details.

    If you no longer wish to have your name & profile added to this list please either PM me or say so below and I will remove immediately.

    Be warned, I will be doing a mass adding of people in the next day or so ;)

    Below is the original post from Connor:

    "If you have a friend in your RaceRoom profile, rather than Steam, then you can hover over the little yellow star next to the server list and it will show you the R3E Profile Names of the friends you have who are already on that server. It is a quick and easy way to find friends to race with.:barefoot:

    Reply with a LINK to your R3E profile page (not your profile name or anything else!) and I will update the list in this post so we can click them and use 'Add Friend' on RaceRoom to increase the number of RD Racers in our servers. I will keep them in the order they are added so that people can swiftly check the bottom of the list for new additions. :thumbsup:

    (You get the link by logging into your R3E Profile Page at Raceroom and copying the bit in the top address bar which will look like mine below. I can handle making it click-able, I just need the link address. You still get to CHOOSE whether to accept the request, just in case you think you have too many friends already...)"

    Connor Caple: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Rabin/
    Steven Bull: http://game.raceroom.com/users/KNGMNKY/
    Carlos Sancho: http://game.raceroom.com/users/cjbifidus/
    Jay Ekkel: http://game.raceroom.com/users/jayekkel/
    James Cook: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Jamezinho/
    Emilio Collavino: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Skrotetor/
    Heppsan (Henke): http://game.raceroom.com/users/Hep/
    Sean Kenney: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Ser_Renely/
    Georg Ortner: http://game.raceroom.com/users/geggo/
    Galk: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Galk/
    Joao Fernandes: http://game.raceroom.com/users/jomig/
    Paul Jeffrey: http://game.raceroom.com/en/users/PJeff/
    Sinner_McSaint: http://game.raceroom.com/users/McSaint/
    Seb15000: http://game.raceroom.com/users/seb15000/
    Dodger77: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Dodger77/
    Serj: http://game.raceroom.com/users/SerjD7/
    William Wester: http://game.raceroom.com/users/bmwisme/
    JGG27: http://game.raceroom.com/users/xpeed/
    M.Bohlken: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Bulle/
    shardshunt: http://game.raceroom.com/users/shardshunt/ &http://game.raceroom.com/users/shardshunt1/
    David Plummer: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Luccane/
    nikh: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Gomezthechimp/
    Martin Edmunds: http://game.raceroom.com/users/memots/
    David Slute: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Kurupt/
    247: http://game.raceroom.com/users/luca247/
    Shannon Flynn: http://game.raceroom.com/users/myself1966/
    Óscar Melero: http://game.raceroom.com/users/foxtochop/
    Paul Darke: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Dragoon/
    Adam Jonas: http://game.raceroom.com/users/szekto/
    Kurt Vanhee: http://game.raceroom.com/users/SH3V1974/
    Robert Winzler: http://game.raceroom.com/users/RobertWinzler/
    Dewald Nel: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Ho3n3r/
    nounoubleu: http://game.raceroom.com/users/nounoubleu/
    Hal Burns: http://game.raceroom.com/users/ozcanuck55/
    Phil Shillitoe: http://game.raceroom.com/users/shil557/
    Niki Đaković: http://game.raceroom.com/users/agent_orange39/
    Mestarn: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Mestarn/
    Keith Griffall: http://game.raceroom.com/users/FlashPoint/
    Brandon Wright: http://game.raceroom.com/users/BrandonW77/
    Eck Simpson: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Wee_Eck/
    Edgar Herrero: http://game.raceroom.com/users/edgarherrero/
    Jozsef Veverka: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Drei/
    Jason Palmer: http://game.raceroom.com/users/jisonga/
    helio16v: http://game.raceroom.com/users/helios16v/
    Tim Cannon: http://game.raceroom.com/users/BigFattee/
    Cory Fair: http://game.raceroom.com/users/rugai/
    Mark Pemberton: http://game.raceroom.com/users/fireboltmark/
    TuskWarrior: http://game.raceroom.com/users/neil/
    D0K: http://game.raceroom.com/users/D0K/
    Otto Wilson: http://game.raceroom.com/users/ottowilson/
    Fernando Zamora: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Coyote66/
    Andy Kettler: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Ak1504/
    theravenousbeast: http://game.raceroom.com/users/theravenousbeast/
    Ronin_GTMack: http://game.raceroom.com/users/machwebb/
    Kostya Tkachenko: http://game.raceroom.com/users/mesca/
    Radics Istvan: http://game.raceroom.com/en/users/wombat/
    Sebastalona: http://game.raceroom.com/users/sebastalona/
    Nino Scholz: http://game.raceroom.com/users/scubyru
    Patrick Speleman: http://game.raceroom.com/users/PatjeF1/
    Desmond Checkley: http://game.raceroom.com/users/DessieBeaumont/
    Tomaz Selcan: http://game.raceroom.com/users/zamex23ss/
    Keith Dixon: http://game.raceroom.com/users/keith_D/
    Keith Horner: http://game.raceroom.com/users/JerseyOutlaw/
    Krysztof Wolek: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Vowthyn/
    Magnus Stjerneby: http://game.raceroom.com/users/swesin/
    Richard Smals: http://game.raceroom.com/users/RikFast/
    Inspektor Marek: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Goldfuchs85/
    Jose Carlos Blanco: http://game.raceroom.com/users/cipote/
    Robin Kraak: http://game.raceroom.com/users/yskonyn/
    Steve Mitchell: http://game.raceroom.com/users/geargrinder13/
    Wedge: http://game.raceroom.com/users/wedieyounge/
    Galin Dimov: http://game.raceroom.com/users/galqka/
    parginos: http://game.raceroom.com/users/parginos/
    Alehop69: http://game.raceroom.com/users/alehop69/
    Simone Mondadori: http://game.raceroom.com/users/monda7/
    Jimmy Cliff: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Hakkinen/
    Thomas Cameron: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Tamski11/
    JayS: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Jan91/
    Swaggerjacker: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Swaggerjacker/
    Fabien Biehne: http://game.raceroom.com/users/faybn/
    TANvtec: http://game.raceroom.com/users/vtectan/
    Steve Bird: http://game.raceroom.com/users/SteveB/
    MeqTrader: http://game.raceroom.com/users/MeqTrader/
    Magnus Stjerneby: http://game.raceroom.com/users/swesin
    Lorenzo Bodner: http://game.raceroom.com/users/thedocblade/
    BoogerMac: http://game.raceroom.com/users/chickendipper19/
    Warren Schembri: http://game.raceroom.com/users/augiewaz
    Mehlleinum Falke: http://game.raceroom.com/users/mehl89/
    SOLO59: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Solomon/
    Paul Joseph: http://game.raceroom.com/users/pauljose/
    Keith Joyce: http://game.raceroom.com/users/joyce636/
    Phil Davies: http://game.raceroom.com/users/TheRealMrNice/
    Filip Carlen: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Carlen/
    Sidd Kumar: http://game.raceroom.com/users/SiddK/
    djpretface: http://game.raceroom.com/users/Djpretface/
    Lars Hansen: http://game.raceroom.com/users/CheerfullyInsane/
    Quentis Gillispie: http://game.raceroom.com/users/ShootEmUpShawty/
    Velopl: http://game.raceroom.com/users/velopl/
    marecki1985: http://game.raceroom.com/users/marecki_bfs/
    robopuff: http://game.raceroom.com/users/robopuff/
    Paul Bennett: http://game.raceroom.com/users/PBEN1/
    Benutzername: http://game.raceroom.com/users/MSC69/
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2015
  2. BoogerMac


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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    You've been added to the list! :) Don't forget, if you want to race in the RaceDepartment Club Races then you will first need to sign up for Premium Membership.
    We hold races 7 days per, 52 weeks per year! We have an excellent selection of cars and tracks that are raced in a friendly atmosphere atmosphere with a group of like minded people all enjoying this great sim (Premium allows you to race on RD with ANY sim). Please take a look at our racing club schedule found <here>. We aim to upload races at least 1 week in advance of the event, so each Monday you should see another 7 days worth of quality events to be part of ! Please do sign up to the races early, as the more people sign up, the more take a lead from that example.

    You may also be interested to take a look at this recording of a live stream from one of our recent DTM 92 races, streamed by Sector 3 to test the new overlay they recently launched. These races give a very good indication of what sort of bang for buck you get for your racing here on RaceDepartment - <link>

    Thanks again @BoogerMac really hope to see you out on track with us soon!
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  4. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

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  5. SOLO59


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  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    @SOLO59 - added and friend request sent! Cheers fella
  7. Paul Joseph

    Paul Joseph
    The Mighty Forth - Team Manager Premium

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  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Cheers buddy, added!
  9. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

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  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Nice one Keith, added to the list & friend request sent :)
    I see you've gone premium... a very good choice indeed :thumbsup: Looking forward to racing with you in the club soon,
  11. Mantii

    "The speed was ok, but corner too tight." Premium

    Shame on you mate, shame on you for forgetting me :p
  12. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies

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  13. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

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  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Cheers guys, added and request sent...
    Eh? :)
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  15. djpretface

    Second is first of the losers

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  16. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

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  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Now added chaps, thanks.

    Don't forget, anyone who hasn't already discovered the join of organised, friendly and quality club racing are more than welcome to come and join us each night of the week in the RaceDepartment R3E racing club, events can be found <here> :D

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