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RD Public Server: Nordschleife

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    There is a Nordschleife server running for those that need a quick race :) Car is changing after every session.

    Server is closely monitored too
  2. Could be interesting, got an hour to kill
  3. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    I might join too in a short while.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Running the C30's and S60's now :)
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Is it still going to run today?