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RD Historic Rally Championship

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Daniel Monteiro, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Premium Member

    I know that Season 4 has not even started yet and I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I would like to suggest for the future that a Historic Rally Championship would be run (a bit like the WTM in the touring series).

    The cars are there, both late 80's/early 90's Group A8 cars as well as lower spec 2WD cars and Group N as well.

    I know it might involve more man hours therefore more people working at RaceDepartment for this to happen, but I thought I would share the idea, to see what the feedback about it is.

  2. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    I'm keen!! I would even help if needed. Escorts and the likes would be awesome.
  3. I know myself and a couple of others in the RDRC league would like to drive the Escort over the league stages (for Fun) after we`ve done our offical run.

    If this is the sort of thing you would like to take part in i`ll have a word with my fellow clerk of the course :)
  4. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Premium Member

    I was more thinking the Celicas, the Delta's, the 90's Escort, the Legacy and the old Impreza, but just realised there is no Mazda 323 and no Sierra on Rallyesim yet, so probably just an idea to keep on hold:)

    As for further runs for fun like you said Nigel, I am sure many share that vision!
  5. as its for Fun i guess you could drive what you liked, i`ll talk to Pete and see how his software would cope with it.
  6. The software would cope this no problem - just a case of maintaining a different version of the Excel Results sheets.
  7. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Is the Sierra removed? It was a Sierra on the 2011 at least :)
  8. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    I would be happy to set them up, but I have no idea how to get results, thats the only problem
  9. The Sierra is still there in RSRBR2012, it's under A8_2 Car pack. ;)
  10. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Premium Member

    That is true, missed that one. When there will be a Galant, a Mazda and some early Evos, and if an update comes with the Legacy in, a proper World Rally Masters could be in place!
  11. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    323 - next update
    RX7 - next update
    Galant - hopefully soon
    Evo 3 - next update if the creators get their asses into gear and finish it :p

    would be such an epic championship
  12. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium Member

    RX7 next update.... me gusta.
  13. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    wish it would hurry up and release lol
    could we not use the A8 cars as a championship within the RDRC?
  14. Ok sorry i`ve not posted anything here recently, but i`ve been dead busy pfffffffffff

    I will be having a blast in the MKII Escort in tonights EU4 session. if anyone wants anymore sessions putting up over the next few days (think Saturday should be the cut off point, don`t want it dragging on to long) then just ask here.

    The stages will be setup just like in Round 1 and by Round 2 i will be more organised i promise :D