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RD Formula Pro Series S1 (RACE 07)

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Georgios Davakos, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. In this topic you can ask questions about the AF3GP.

    And my question comes here are we going to have teams on the AF3GP or race evry1 for him self?
  2. Teams are allowed in the AF3kGPC league. If you choose not to have a team, there is the Single Driver pool we can place you in.
  3. well for the moment I am sure going to go for single and I hope the best drivers that have sigh do that too so I can have some challange
  4. Giorgos, so you are signing on the single drivers team then? I just want to make sure that is what I am reading, also, you are releasing a skin too, correct?
  5. I will soon and Yes single drivers for me
  6. Okay, just wanted to make sure, thanks for the heads up. Remember, Feb 15 is the deadline...
  7. when I am on the server can I see all cars that have there own skins or do I have to put them on my Folder first to I can see them during racing?
  8. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    We will release a skinpack prior to the start of the league.
    Every skin will be in there and you need to put them in the CustomSkins folder to see them on track...
  9. AF3kGPC - Test: Monza GP


    Mandatory test day for all league participants!!
    (If you can't attend please drop me a pm. We might need someone else test your skin.)​

    We need to test the final skin pack (released later this week) as well as make a final decision on which servers to use for the league (US vs EU). Also do we have enough participants to justify using 2 servers (over 25+).

    Servername: RACEDEPARTMENT.COM F3000
    Class: F3000
    password: af3kgpc

    Track: Monza '07
    Weather: Changeable
    Practice: 45mins @ 1:00EST (18:00GMT)
    Qualifications: 45mins @ 1:45EST (18:45GMT)
    Warmup: 15mins @ 2:30EST (19:30GMT)
    Race: 35laps @ 2:45EST (19:45GMT) (you don't have to stay the entire race)


    Remember to put this folder in your
    My Documents/SimBim/Race07/CustomSkins Folder
  10. Entrylist:
    1. Adam Vaughan
    2. Bob Luneski
    3. Dave Stephenson
    4. Niklas Vesterinen
    5. Aritan Maia
    6. Jean Michel Rucheton
    7. Giorgos Davakos
    8. Matt Alpeter
    9. Eric Kaczmarek
    10. Timothy Miller
    11. Mark Birney
    12. Lewis Fergusson
    13. Chris Vick
    14. Bob Miley
    15. Neil Gault
    16. Mark Birney
    17. Sam Beason
    18. Jeremy Trotin
    19. Pascal Malenfant Tremblay
    20. David Guehennec
    21. Marcel van der Aa
    22. Keith Barrick
    23. *
    24. *
    25. *
    26. *
    27. *
    28. *
    29. *

    Can't make it
    1. Jan Wikström
    2. Sean Vohs
    3. Patrick Duivelaar
    4. Péter Bártfai
    5. Lewis Fergusson
    6. Matteo Montanari
    7. Sylvain Mirlaud
    8. Mitchell Phillipi
    9. Leandro Lage
    10. Hansi Josefsson - not sure at 100% yet
    11. Dan Kiewicz
    12. Robert Crone

    Haven't heard from the following drivers. Please PM me if you decided to withdraw from the league or just cant make this event as we need to decide soon on how many servers will need to setup.
    • #36 Ben Everard / England
  11. Sweet, Im there.
  12. I can't make it. I work that day. I can request that day off but then they'd make me work the 28th and every other saturday after that, which are our race days :/
  13. Sign me up too!!! Can't wait
  14. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    sign me up please
  15. Of course i'll be there!

    So this is just for testing purposes right? Any reason why it's such a long event?
  16. This time and all the next ones I'm in!!!!!!
  17. Unless you made some changes I think your skin has been tested. Also, you have been using the US server for a while now as well. It should be fine.
  18. I want in!

    Any excuse to drive a F3000 is a good excuse... lol :eat:

    Besides, this is good practice for the league.:good:
  19. Niklas, thanks for bringing it up. You dont have to attend for the entire event if you can't. Some qualy, race start + ~2laps to test for the lag will be sufficient.
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