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RD Formula FG Championship Season 2

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Aidan Keranen, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    <you didn't think we'd actually have a picture yet did you?>
    Welcome back to the second season of the Formula FG Championship here on RaceDepartment. This new season heralds the start of the journey proper, as teams, the majority of which, have a season under their belts and now need to start making calls that can take them to the front. Which teams have been paying attention? Who has Plan G up their sleeve? Who's turning up for the free cup of tea every Wednesday? Prepare to find out!

    Full regulations can be found here: WARNING - They are very long. Sorry but minimum loopholes as possible, and minimal ignorance chances.
    It is assumed that every rule is known by competitors, pleading ignorance to the rules will not be accepted. Every change to the regulations after the start of the season must be and will be made in the full knowing of the championship.
    Important Regulations:

    As per the Formula 1 system from 2010 onwards
    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 2
    10th - 1
    Onwards - 0


    Tier 1 (Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari, Ford/Cosworth): 780-785 HP, 4000-4800 COF, $400 per season but 50% off for best team using engines.
    Tier 2 (Honda/Mugen-Honda, BMW, Lamborghini, Peugeot, Toyota, Yamaha): 775-790 HP, 3800-5500 COF, $200 per season.
    Tier 3 (any engine manufacturer, see Article 4.2.1 of regulations): 770-795 HP, 4200-6000 COF, $100 per season. (reduced price for HP upgrades)

    Pole: $100
    2nd on grid: $50
    Fastest Lap: $50

    1st: $400
    2nd-3rd: $300
    4th-5th: $250
    6th-10th: $200
    11th-15th: $100
    15th-22nd or DNF: $50
    Front row per car: $100
    Row 2 or 3 per car: $50

    Win race: $300
    Top 5: $250
    Top 10: $200
    Race Finish/Classification: $100
    DNF: $50

    One sponsor per driver, one per team. Sponsors can be changed by paying for the amount of the new sponsor.

    R: refers to Race sponsor, Q: refers to Qualifying sponsor, B: to both Race and Qualifying
    D1 R: Win Race ($500)
    D2 R: Points Result ($200)
    D3 R: Finish ($100)
    D4 Q: Pole Position ($250)
    D5 Q: Top Half ($150)
    D6 B: Front Row/Win ($700)
    D7 B: Improve Position ($150)
    R: refers to Race sponsor, Q: refers to Qualifying sponsor, B: to both Race and Qualifying
    T1 R: Winning Constructor ($300)
    T2 R: Double Top 5 ($300)
    T3 R: Double Finish ($200)
    T4 Q: Front Row Lockout ($400)
    T5 Q: Double top half ($150)
    T6 B: Either car front row, either podium ($250)
    T7 B: Both cars total 10 positions gained ($400)

    Skill - Race or Quali - $100 per 10, mulitples of 5 accepted only.
    Variance - Race or Quali - $100 per 15, plus or minus, minimum 15 purchased, multiples of 15 accepted only.
    Car HP - Race or Quali - $300 per 1 HP for Tier 1 and 2. $200 for Tier 3.
    Car Reliability - $250 per 100 lessened
    Car HP - Race or Quali - $200 per 1 HP for Tier 1 and 2. $150 per 1 HP for Tier 3.
    Car Reliability - $150 per 100 lessened
    Driver Skill - $250 per 10 skill, single driver
    Driver Variance - $250 per 10, can only be bought if driver does

    Contracts: (suggested to read full regs)
    Contracts between drivers and teams must be signed. Minimum contract price for a driver is $50 per season, to the end of a season.

    Entries and Upgrades.png
    vehicles taken: 2004 Ferrari, 2002 McLaren, 1993 Ferrari, 2005 McLaren, 2014 Force India, 2008 Toyota, 2007 Ferrari, 1996 Williams, 1998 Sauber, 1993 Williams
    vehicles locked out: 2001 Ferrari, 2008 Ferrari, 2010 Ferrari, 2012 McLaren, 2009 Brawn, 1994 Benetton, 2005 Renault

    The calendar this year consists of 17 rounds, 8 of which are permanent, the next 9 get chosen on a year by year basis.
    For Season Two we thank the following authors for use of their tracks.
    F1Virtual Team
    Melbourne 2012
    Istanbul 2011
    Montreal 2013 - base by F1Virtual, update by Hega
    Hungary 2013
    Jcaranti (plus his helpers)
    Singapore 2013
    Kyalami 1982 (with Pedro)
    Road America (with drt01)
    n00binio & pimpones1
    Mexico 1991 (from trackpack compiled by plodekk & cleberpister)
    Silverstone 2001
    Hockenheim 2001
    Austria 2001
    Calendar S2.png

    Formula FG Championship (Drivers)
    Drivers Standings.png

    Race by Race
    Drivers Race by Race.png

    Formula FG Constructors Championship
    Teams Standings.png

    Helpful stuff
    SMD-09a (standard car) by MDBSnake

    Helmet shape (Arai GP5)
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/rtodu744fhh41di/Arai GP-5 RC 2008.rar
    (make sure to use .psd files in template folder)

    zmodeler with plugins for GP4.
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/9o811avn6gj8rrd/ZModeler - works with GP4.rar

    video to help with skins, zmodeler, GP4 etc. (thanks to Steven Poirier for sending me this ages ago)

    Available Driver List

    Team Manager Waiting List
    Jack Hunsley
    Jamie Cocks
    Andy Black

    Wiki Page
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
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  2. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    News and Announcements
    -> This has been sadly never used :( (10/07)
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2015
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  3. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    So welcome back everyone! Lets make sure we get the managers here firstly
    @Jimlaad43 @kedy89 @Lesley Buurlage @mystaaRS @William Néron @Márk Lintner @miki2000milos @Steven Poirier @Tomas Ochlsager @XenForo
    Hey guys, now what I am looking for from you guys is to announce your teams and carshapes one last time here if you can, just to confirm with me I have everything. Also, you can either post here, or PM to me your contracts to drivers. Note that if you don't send them before the pre-season test, I can't allow you or your drivers to buy anything until you send them to me, so do get them in.

    The pre-season test will not be televised, but I am planning on having a pre-season video showing off the new cars.

    EDIT: Also please include team nationality and commercial name if possible. If you don't have/want a commercial name, just the name of the team is fine, with or without engine maker
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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  4. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    Oh yeah, forgot to say, seeing we finally hit 22 drivers you know what that means?

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  5. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    speedy racing season 2 car reveal
    speedy racing has revealed the SR2-B, their car for the second season of the FFG championship, powered by bugatti engines and a more aerodynamic chassis, they hope to be even more competative as last season

    (I can't upload pictures on phone, but they're in the other thread on page one)

    For strategic reasons, driver contracts won't be revealed till after the pre-season test

    Team nationality: dutch
    Full name: Speedy Racing Bugatti
    Commercial name: Speedy Racing

    @Tim Engberink
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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  6. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    So you guys can't purchase until you send those to me.
  7. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    I know ;) shouldn't be a big problem imo
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  8. kedy89


    @Aidan Keranen: will the engine values be revealed before the test?

    Confirming the BRT entry. Names and nationality the same as last season, so BRT/BRT-Lamborghini/German.
    Drivers @Diehl and @Benutzername

    Original car:
    Chassis: Williams FW18
    Authors: soulbringer & kedy89
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  9. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Fine, jeez.
    Commercial and full name: Apex Racing Team
    Nationality: Monaco
    Chassis: 2005 McLaren from the 2005 mod
    Engine: Playlife
    16) @Jarvis
    17) @Millsy24
    (render by JohnMaverick from grandprixgames.org)
    if we have to post pictures of cars here what's the point of the video?
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  10. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Constructors Name: DTK Racing II (Yellow and Dark Purple)
    Commercial Name: Toyota DTK Racing
    Nationality of team: British
    Car: Toyota 2008
    Chassis name: Craig
    Drivers: 1: Jack Hunsley (GBR) 2: Tapio Rinneaho (FIN)
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  11. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    point of the video is that it doubles as not just seeing the cars on track, but I will commentate the expectations analysis (thats the word I wanted) of each team, instead of having to write it out.

    The engine values are revealed at the test, the marketplace opens after that. So then teams and drivers can see what their car is like before committing down any one pathway.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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  12. kedy89


    As there's no reward or anything like that for the pre-season test it should be fine if I reveal the contract details after the engine values are announced, is that correct?
  13. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    Yeah, the only reason to send them to me beforehand is if you want to make buys straight after the session is completed. If it makes no difference, then by all means wait for afterwards. But I need to get them at some stage, otherwise no buys at all :laugh::cautious:
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  14. kedy89


    I kind of expected that you need them at some point, so that we can make our buys :laugh:

    Will send you the infos as soon as I know the engine values then.
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  15. Falcon Mercedes/Falcon Matador Mercedes
    Chasis: sauber 1998
  16. kedy89


    Original author: Teraur ;)
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  17. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I'm ready, prepared and cant wait :D
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  18. airutonpurosuto8912


    Who's the "I know who" guy? :D
  19. Tim.E


    Hey everyone:)
  20. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

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