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RD FM League S3

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris Bell, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Right guys i think its time we got ourselves a new league!! I know alot of ideas have been discussed so we have a general idea of what wer looking for!

    Good variety but simplicity
    Shorter events and a shorter seasons
    Balanced cars
    Something fun for everyone

    Id really like to run whatever we do under the RDFM4 banner as this is the official league and others should run off this,

    My initial thoughts are as follows

    An 8 round series utilising cars we havent used before, using our new found knowledge of car balancing to get the available cars, ensure wer not racing every week so around 2-3 weeks between each event to allow for other commitments, fixed setups if people want them and the successful ban on manual clutch to keep it a little closer!

    Any other ideas we can look at

    What do we think???
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  2. I'd be well up for it, It may be worth a message going out to all former members of our league, because if im honest, alot of people have wandered away it seems..

    I hope something gets going, as you guys restored my faith in the possibility of good,fun racing!

    Think car balancing and locked setup would work, especially as a lot of people don't find the time to set up the cars (I know I struggled to in the races I raced in season 2!!).

    think maybe more races on tracks we don't use so much possibly too (Like Maple valley for instance) I dreaded racing on there with the Porsche, but it's a real blast after a while! or maybe different variations of the tracks (the smaller ones or reverse). Just to change it up a little..

    I'd personally like to see 2-3 smaller races with maybe a reverse grid for the last race? not sure what everybody thinks of that but it would give a different challenge to the faster guys.

    I also feel strongly that points should only be given to people that finish or at least complete a 70% over the 2 races e.g if we did 2 x 10 lap races, the points could not be awarded unless they completed 10 laps, this would give people who maybe got a disconnect to join in the second race and still get some points, but would eliminate people getting points for doing 2 laps and then leaving, to then get decent point due to a couple of no shows etc.

    also feel that slower cars seem to give the closest racing.. but I realise as it is an 8 round championship there may be the odd fast car involved, but would like something a little different, maybe LMP or even the JGTC or GT500 for a change as we have done DTM and GT2 already.. although im assuming you are changing the cars each round, which you may not be I don't know.
  3. 8 rounds over 3 weeks equals 5 months. People just don't stick around that long.

    I'm all for new cars, variety, shorter races, more of them, grid girls, champagne for podium places.

    Agree that lower class cars give closer racing generally and also require less practice for newcomers. 2 x 10ish laps per night sounds good. Forget Qualy, just go random then reverse to keep it mixed.

    I think we just need to do something simple and quick to get RaceDept running again. :)
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  4. I'd be interested if the numbers are there, I hope so, I vote for no quali, like Wayne random race 1 then reverse for race 2, think the RD League was like this before?
    A meet every 2 weeks, maybe a bit longer than the 1 hr usual meet, say 2 sprint races and a longer feature race with pitstop. 1 meet per class starting from C class up to final week in R1,
    Agree with above post about completing meet to get points, Tracks to suit Class, Worst 2 round scores not to count (would suit my shifts!) Fixed builds not tunes.
    Just my 2 pennies worth.
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  5. All idea we can use guys when the forza forum is cleand up a little we can make our decisions
  6. I'd be up for it now winters on its way. I think we should allow tuning though but have it set to max pi for the class rather than 5 points below like the last league. That way if you wanna do your own tune you can, if you don't have time or your no good at tuning then you can just buy one from the storefront.
    Banning assists might put some people off from joining too. It's not as though it gives you an advantage having TC or STM on so if people wanna use em let em.
  7. One thing i would say is we would be trying to avoid lookin at the PI too much as it clearly dosent work for balancing cars, id look at something similar to toras way of balancing but that would mean setups wouldnt be able to be purchased
  8. Maybe (if we get enough) we could do a team championship, and then at least people who really struggle can at least get a setup.. it might not quite be right for them, but that is the price you pay for not doing one for yourself I guess..

    Maybe do a qualifying session, and the top 4(or however many we can get, as im not that confident we would get more than 12) qualifiers are team leaders and then maybe get to pick amongst the remaining drivers until teams are as equal as can be?? could have 3 drivers per team, and if the leader could share setup with the people in their teams at least everybody will have something to go with?
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  9. not a bad idea that matey
  10. For me I would go for a race every 2 weeks.1 car type/model
    Free to tune but predefined powerparts.That gets us as close as possible to real-life.
    But will still leave a personal touch to the car in question.
    If we get teams would be fun again as well.
    Also a race every 2 weeks gives plenty of time to balance or tweak the car for a set racetrack.
    1st race randomgrid,2nd reversegrid.
    2nd race with a pitwindow and obliged pit.
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  11. I do have the odd moment mate, about once a year.. lol
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  12. I don't think we should have setups. It takes a long time to setup cars and since a lot of people (like me) can't setup up cars or don't have time to, only a few people will probably make one, which means we'll only have about 3 or 4 setups for the entire grid. Might as well just ban them.
  13. id be up for it as long as its not tuesdays or sundays
  14. Numbers dont look too bad then, trouble is im no longer a Mod on here so would need who ever is the mod to look at setting this up!!
  15. I'm a rocker not a mod!
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  16. ive also lost my mod status
  17. Think you have to ask people Like Bram or Tom Endres to do things now.. (remember some changes on the f1 pages and they do it.