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RD FM League S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Andrew Skinner, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. right then Welcome to the OFFICAL RD FORZA 3 LEAGUE
    this league is for licenced members olny:
    this will follow offical rd rules

    note most drivers regestered declared an intrest in this through the intrest thread

    Races to take place Wednesdays 7pm for 7:30 race GMT/BST
    Season to start on thursday 7th july

    1st 10
    2nd 8
    3rd 6
    4th 5
    5th 4
    6th 3
    7th 2
    8th 1
    Fastest lap 3

    Race Calander

    Round 1 renualt clio Silverstone club 25 laps, Renualt clio v6, NO UPGRADES ALLOWED
    Round 2 Porsche 911 Sebring club 20 laps, must be class A may be upgraded
    Round 3 Lemans Prototypes Lemans Circuit da la Sarthe 2 hours R1 Class
    Round 4 Touring cars race 1 Barcalona club 15 laps Limited to british touring cars, PI limit 500 Chevrolet Cruze LT Ford Focus, Honda Civic (if you cant find it use type r), focus st, bmw 320si, toyta avensis, vaxhuall vectra, seat leon, audi a4 ang vw golf
    Round 4 touring cars race 2 Barcalona club 30 laps Limited to british touring cars PI limit 500 Chevrolet Cruze LT Ford Focus, Honda Civic (if you cant find it use type r), focus st, bmw 320si, toyta avensis, vaxhuall vectra, seat leon, audi a4 ang vw golf
    Round 5 A class lemans buggati 21 laps ANY CAR NO UPGRADES ALLOWED
    Round 6 lemans GT R2 suzuka 30 laps limited to R2 class Aston martins or corvets
    Round 7 lemans GT R3 twin ring Motegi 28 laps Limited to R3 porches ferraris and BMW
    Round 8 dodge viper cup Road America 39 laps Limited to Dodge viper srt10 acr s class
    Round 9 ford focus cup Silverstone international 20 laps limited to ford focus and st model limited to E class
    Round 10 lemans prototypes Sebring 2 hours Limited to r1 class
    Round 11 Impretza vs Evo 400pi road alanta 25 laps Limited to Evo 8 up and impretza 2008 onwards upgrades allowed up to 400pi
    Round 12 Point to point A class nubergring limited to class A
    Round 13 multi class f and b Bugatti curcit 10 laps per race limited to f and b class

    Please use the following template
    Name on RD:
    Race Colours: (Pick 2 colours, and a 3rd option colour)
    Race Number: (No higher than 99)

    So far:
    Name on RD: Dylan Hember
    Gamertag: H3MB3RD
    Race Colours: Black, Yellow, White
    Race Number: 7

    Name on RD: Andrew Skinner
    Gamertag: Andtidus
    Race Colours: Black, Green, Red
    Race Number: 22

    Name on RD: Matt Smaith
    Gamertag: II No Scope45 I
    Race Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue
    Race Number: 45

    Name: Marcel Campenaar
    Tag: DutchFLC
    Colours: Red/white/blue
    Number: 69

    Name-Jack Evans
    Colours-Red, Silver, White

    Name Chris Bell
    Tag Bellmond570
    Colours Green/Red/Blue
    Number 76

    Name: Dan Smith
    Tag: MysticViibrosis
    Colours: Purple/White/Black
    Number: 23

    Name on RD:paul Armstrong
    Race Colours: (Black/white/Blue)
    Race Number: (04)
  2. Name Chris BellTag Bellmond570Colours Green/Red/BlueNumber 76
  3. Name: Dan Smith
    Tag: MysticViibrosis
    Colours: Purple/White/Black
    Number: 23
  4. Just a few things to ask:

    Round 2, Is the race on the full Sebring track?
    Round 4, the 30 laps race, what is the PI limit?
    Round 5, Is this race on the full Mugello track?
    Round 8, Is the Dodge Viper going to be limited to class or PI?
    Round 9, Is the Focus limited to class or PI?
    Round 10, Full Sebring?

    I guess some of the answers are obvious, i'm just after clarification.

    When do you think the first race will be held? Much practice needed as I havent played Forza properly for a while!!
  5. dan
    round 2 is conna be on the club track on sebring, il change the clander
    round 4 race 2 has the same limitations as race 1
    round 5 is full mugello
    dodge viper is limited to the acr verson of the viper which is class s
    focus is limited to class
    round 10 is full sebring
  6. thanks for clearing that up andrew!

    i got another couple of questions (soz 4 bein a pain)

    seeing as we have chosen colours, do we have 2 paint our cars with those colours?
    do we also have to display our number?
    will there be some sort of prize for the champion? e.g. all drivers donate money to winner or a prize car

    which class is the focus limited to?
  7. Well Dan i think the first 2 colours are the main ones, with the 3rd colour just to maybe separate the colours etc. Your number has to be on the both sides of the car (You can place your number where ever else you want). Also the Racedepartment logo needs to be on the bonet of the car, and both sides. (Anywhere else if you want). The rest of the car is up to you.

    Oh and the Racedepartment logo is on more storfront. (H3MB3RD)
  8. nice one dylan! i was wondering about an rd logo. anyone playin on forza 2nite? im on now makin money but try out v6 clio shortly.
  9. right just to clear up the start of the season is the first thursday in july which is the 7th, im doing this to allow people to practice and paint their cars also no race on the 28th july (my birthday)
  10. There no drift event?
  11. I only drift by accident :tongue:
  12. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This sounds like a lot of fun :) I love some of those circuits!!!

    Just don't think I have the time to devote to it right now.. have hardly had the disc in my Xbox since I got it and struggling for practice time in F1 already :s I'll keep my eye on things here though and if there's space at the odd race maybe I can join in if that would be ok.

    Good luck all
  13. Just wondering if i could change my colours to Green/Black/White, the current colours just look shocking lol, cheers :)
  14. yh sure chris feel free im gonna create a paddock thread under league on here
  15. RD Forza League - Paddock (Chat)

    general chat in here guys as i dont want the offical thread cloging up
  16. good idea andrew. was wondering if u'd mind me setting up a facebook group for the league? just to help keep track of things, pics and random bits.
  17. yh thats a good idea, im also gonna create a pics forum as well as a standings forum
  18. awesome i'll get on with that 2day. if you post ur facebook account link then i can add you. same goes for anyone else in the league.
  19. ok will do dan, im currently doing the paint and buying cars i dont have for the league screenshot thread will be up soon
  20. right i made a change to the calander, round 5 will now be at buggati