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RD at Silverstone 2011

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Marshall, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I had a thought,,,,

    How many people would be up for meeting at Silverstone this year...

    The ticket prices are pretty low to 259 pounds for over the pits ( my preference ), so how many people would be interested in going and we can arrange whats best, a meeting point or hotel if we wanted to meet on the saturday for just the race on the sunday.


    I understand a lot of people are in Europe, but im offering a stay over at my place ( yorkshire ) and then the drive down.

    Any thoughts and maybe we could start a sticky with a list of yes's and confirmed bookings, i dont mind booking myself and receiving payments via PayPal or direct bank transfers.

    Your thoughts guys
  2. I would love to go, but financially i cannot afford it this year, wish i could tho, something tells me this year is going to be extra special in F1 history.

    sounds like a brilliant idea, nothing like watching F1 above the pits with beer!

  3. Extra special for me, im back in Europe and dont have to watch the races at 8pm, already drunk
    better over the pits with a beer and a girl in F1 hot pants serving us.

    The cheap seats are only 59 gold coins !!
  4. Didnt you know Chris, this is the year all the UK RD players are going to see the Australian GP!! :D

    You're moving to Yorkshire eh - thats just down the road from me (Tyne & Wear) - been thinking of proposing to the missus, proposing a trip to Silverstone that is!!
    Ive literally just realised looking at the dates that im in Milton Keynes the weekend before to see Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro on the Saturday 2nd July! Damn why couldnt it have been the weekend after!!! Could have done the gig on the saturday and the GP on the sunday on the way back.

    Anyone got Dave Grohls or Bernies number? :D

    Not sure I can do both unless you got room in that
  5. Tyne and Wear,,,well im moving to Harrogate, north Yorkshire........As for the Aussie GP been there done that,

    Well the missus has said she would go if she can go in the champange tent,,,,,,if she likes eh
  6. Bargain!! :)

    25/30 quid for BTCC!

    Oh yeh Chris... you probably already know but just incase you dont.. You know the Start/Finish straight is down at club/abbey this year and not before copse. Could determing what grandstand you want! Would love to go again but not at that price lol.
  7. Yeah I couldnt see pit straight tickets in the 'normal' section, but you can get the 'Drivers Club' ticket (think it was about £1500) to guarantee you are on the start/finish line regardless of where they choose to put it this year!

    I remember back when BTCC was good, back in the good old Cleland days when there were more than 3 manufacturers involved or something!
  8. nononononnonnonnonononnnooononono lol!! You seen the entry list to the BTCC this year, its crazy good and has been failry healthy for the last few years!! The early and mid 90s was the classic years though i do agree!
  9. so we going then or what !
  10. I wanna go Monza!
  11. Seems like an interesting idea.
    already got plans for F1 this year.
    Going to Budapest to visit my lovely girl and going on F1 with her and my mother and her boyfriend coming down from sweden to watch.
    Looking forward..first live f1 race for me :)
  12. Well ill be going to as many as i can, i should be back toward Asia at the end of the year so Singapore again with the lads
  13. You been Budapest before?? I went last Nov and if you havant been you should visit the Fishermans Bastion..superb!
  14. Ive been to Buda 4 times in the last year love it,,,,

    I did however have to travel to Pecs to see a client and when boarding the train, i asked the conductor if it defo went back to Buda, keliti station, His reply was a firm YES.

    I arrived in Sarajevo, 4 HRS LATER !!

    I wasnt happy as i wanted a day in the old town, as its not often i get to spend time in a city, wanker Conductor ruined my day.....

    Im serious about meeting at a GP, ive got a client in most f1 stops so i can arrange a site visit then pop off to the GP and claim it back though my company,,,,I do fancy spa though, but also Monza. Hell ill even drive there if i have too.
  15. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Moved this as it isn't f1 the game, it's f1 reality!

    I'm thinking about it, full weekend becketts grandstand(because you can see he arena section too) see the cars twice a lap. It's £299, or £399 gets club silverstone, the one next to it but with a food tent and parking: although parking included in camping which is £45 for the weekend per person, and you could be on tv eating BBQ with EJ, DC and Jake hump!
  16. yeh i understand why you moved it, in general population not all my friends look at that section so i posted it there.

    Anyway , ill be going to Silverstone and the cost i dont care as i want the best day or days i can.....club silverstone seems the one for me, let me know either way