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Misc RBS 1.12 (Real Billboards & Stuff) and Autumn Nords by JW modding 1.2.1

Say Goobye to Kunos and Assetto Corsa textures

  1. darkyjoe submitted a new resource:

    Real Billboards and Stuff by Joshkerr - Say Goobye to Kunos and Assetto Corsa textures

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  2. Typical. A mod comes out that I really need and I'm not at my computer until much later if at all today. Aaarrrrggghhh!!!!!!!
    Looks fantastic from the screens and video.
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  3. Hallo
    Can i use it without jsgme?:rolleyes:
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  4. It's simply

    Unzip the pack, Open Mod folder and then, go to "content" folder.

    Right button, copy...and now, goto to Assetto Corsa root folder, and paste on it.

    Replace everything (all files and folders).

    Now the pack is ready. Time to play Assetto with the mod installed.

    But remember, if you like back to old files, you need verify game cache on Steam, for return the original files. ;)

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  5. Huge amount of work and great details throughout. Updating the ambulances per country is a fantastic touch.

    One thing to call to your attention. The Spa / texture / ADV_add.dds has Silverstone logos in it.
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  6. I know. Kunos uses the same dds files on many tracks. With only change one or two textures...you know :)

    Thanks for the support ;)
  7. I see, it doesn't actually use all the entire image for the Spa track? Makes sense now. :)
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  8. So if I don't want hot air ballons (because I can't recall ever seeing one at a racing event), is there no option not to have them and just install the textures ?
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  9. Yes, you can have the mod without the air hot balloons.

    Just delete this files on all tracks:

    The nordscheifle air hot balloons, are 118.kn5 and 119.kn5 files

    Example for all tracks:


    Example for nords:


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  10. Brilliant !, Thanks for that. :)
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  11. 1st time I tried it, all ok. 2nd time I ran the track (today) it was all in black&white - I mean all when on circuit (except menus). I restared the game and now is all fine again. Where from this black&white?
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  12. Really strange :$

    I haven't this problem, and others users, can't too

    But i investigate this.

    Coming update for other things...
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2016
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  13. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    So your to blame for all the bloody Balloons :roflmao::D

    Nice touch
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  14. Hallo
    What is to do with the Mod Folder in the Track Folder?:unsure:
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  15. Just delete it.

    Is a mistake, my fault. Sorry :(
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  16. I separated the balloons from the textures....
    just to be able to make the choice of having em or not, is just a click away with JSGME
    (it can become a bit to much with balloons on every track:D)

    I love the texture part of the mod, Makes an huge difference, thanks for the update!
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  17. Great mod, I really really love it. It adds so much to the atmosphere.
    However, today I had a balloon right in the middle of the track on Vallelunga, I don't remember this happening before, could this mod be the cause?
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  18. Interesting idea for next update :whistling::p
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