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rbr wont load

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Arwyn Jones, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. hi all , im new to this forum and to rbr on the pc so will probably be asking a few questions if you dont mind! first of all i can no longer play the game, i double click the rbr icon, the warthog image comes up then it plays the sci video but then switches back to desktop, it was working fine last night, hopefully someone can help. thanks
  2. Can you provide a little more info please? eg.
    Which version or Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7).
    What is your installation path ie. did you install to c:/Program Files or to a different location.
    Have you installed the RBR Patches.
    Any other background info might help us to get a better idea to help.
  3. ok sorry, windows xp, installed to program files , not installed any patches yet, how do you do that? ive been playing on it all week untill tonight it stopped working so i uninstalled everything and reinstalled but still no luck
  4. when it switches to screen resolution 800x600 it goes back to desktop
  5. There are two patches, you can find them (and info ) here:


    What is your normal screen resolution for your monitor? You may need check your Richard Burns Rally.ini file to see if it matches your screen resolution.
  6. im using my tv as a screen, 1360x768/60 but it did turn to 800x600/60 when i was playing rbr last night, ill try that now