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RBR Ultimate graphics \ Moviemaking

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by LocoDri, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm a games moviemaker and what i want to do is to make a 'top' RBR movie that will show the best of all RBR mods in action.
    So now I looking for a mods\plugins\etc to improve old 2004 RBR graphics to nowdays standarts like CM DIRT2.
    There is very interesting plugin I found - rbr_rx HDR for default tracks by Black F. Plugin dated 2007 and it seems that it will never be completed. But you can find almost working version of it in bhmotorsports forums http://www.bhmotorsports.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=39825&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
    You guys can say that it's better to use ENBSeries but check this screenshots first.
    1 - default RBR [richardburnsrally_sse.exe]
    2 - ENB Series (config by Siggs http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=17995&page=1) [richardburnsrally_sse.exe]
    3 - ENB Series (config by Yiots http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=1682) [richardburnsrally_sse.exe]
    4 - ENB Series (config by Yiots) [running on RBRdll.exe (pp enabled, rbrdll.cfg by Yiots)]
    5 - 2007 RBR_RX.dll HDR plugin by Black F.(config by Gills4life) [richardburnsrally_sse.exe]
    6 - 2007 RBR_RX.dll HDR plugin by Black F.(config by Gills4life) & ENB Series (config by Yiots) [richardburnsrally_sse.exe]

    As you can see on the screenshots the '2007 RBR_RX.dll HDR plugin by Black F'. is not only the bloom\color saturation, the whole track looks different.
    The main problem using it for moviemaking is that black squares (you can see one on the screenshots - starting light). I tried to fix it check my post if interested(http://forum.racedepartment.com/bob...-rbr_rx-dll-plugin-later-btbs.html#post449222).

    But this topic is not only about this 2 great plugins it's about all RBR graphics mods so if you know something that will improve the game please post it here.

    If you guys interested in this old rbr_rx but can't understand how to install\use it I uploaded full installed working version with config by Gills4life from bhmotorsports on filefront http://www.filefront.com/15139367/RBR_rbr_rx_dll_HDR_2007_by_Black_F.rar/

    Sorry for my bad english

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  2. Personally I like #4. Can you give more info on the setup for that one?

    I had experimented with some of the HDR stuff but I had found that the deep shadows (like on Diamond) were just too dark and I had trouble seeing. Do these have the same trouble or are they better?
  3. 4 - ENB Series (config by Yiots) [running on RBRdll.exe (pp enabled, rbrdll.cfg by Yiots)]
    You can download it here http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=1682
    To run the game use RBRdll.exe

    Well I post screenshots of only one Australia track. So maybe on the screenshot #4 picture looks better here on forum but in the game 'RBR_RX' gives better result on most of default tracks.
    It seems nobody here interested in improvements :(
    What about rbr_rx 'black squares' bug - all textures can be found in \Richard Burns Rally\Textures\. DAT-files can be unpacked with 'dattool'. Later when i'll have some free time i'll make a whole package with transparent textures for raindrops, sun\startlight flares etc. So if you making a movie, in the sony vegas or adobe ae\etc you can add this removed effects (that causes black squares on rbr_rx plugin) manually in this programs.
  4. tbh mate i play games for content rather than graphics
    dirt 2 is a prime example georgeous to look at but no challenge racing on it

    and im still playing carmagedeon 95 and quake II for the same reason there such great games. and while ya wizzing round the stage flat out who really pays attention to the graphics :p
  5. For the rbr_rx plugin, look for the postprocess.ini file - this controls the HDR levels on each track. The settings will be as follows:

    bloom = This controls how the bright areas of the screen bloom. Fairly straightforward, but you don't really want to push this past 6

    adapt = How much light enters the camera (exposure). The technique I use is to set it to 3, adjust the other settings 1st (e.g. make a desert map overbright) and then reduce or increase to taste.

    star = Controls lens effects. My personal preference is to keep this value low, but adjust to taste.

    overall = Controls how bright the lit parts of the scene are - the higher the number, the brighter the scene. I'd say noon in the Australian desert shouldn't really have more than a value of 5

    contrast = Controls how dark the shadows are. For an overcast stage, the shadows will not be as visible, so lower settings. For brighter scenes, higher is better. Start at 0.5 and adjust to your taste.

    usesunscreen = I use the bumper cam, so I don't use this.

    sky = adjusts the RGB power of the sky. A value of 1 1 1 is the same as normal, 2 2 2 is twice as bright. If the sky seems too blue, then 1 1 0.75 etc. You can add this entry even if it's not originally present in the ini file.

    For your screenshot #5, i'd recommend lowering the Overall by 0.5, increasing bloom slightly and increasing contrast slightly. Then, adjust the adaptation up and down. If you want the fancy effect of the camera blooming when leaving the dark forest bit into the light area, leave the adaptation quite high.

    If you can give me the name of that track, i'll post my settings when I get home.
  6. Thank you for your reply now I feel I am not alone.
    The name of the track is Australia NewBobs, waiting for your settings :)

    Sorry I was very busy this time and has not yet made a package of transparent textures for RBR_RX.
  7. Hi LocoDri,

    Sorry about the delay - Christmas and all that getting in the way. I haven't worked out how to add attachments yet, so i'll just post the settings I use here:

    bloom = 2.5
    adapt = 1.4
    star = 0.75
    overall = 0.5
    contrast = 1.25
    sky = 0.7 1.0 1.575

    The resultant shot looks like:

    RichardBurnsRally_SSE 2009-12-31 18-30-59-84.jpg

    As you can see, the sky is a lot brighter, but it is in keeping with the brightness of the ground. As you go round the course away from the glare of the sun, the sky does return to blue.

    Have a go and let me know what you think!
  8. Worked it out - here's my full postprocess file. You'll need to rename the extension from .txt to .ini to use.

    Note: I've only done the clear weather settings.

    Again, let me know what you think.


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  9. where does the postprocess.ini file go. I have the plugin but that file appears to be missing? strange.
  10. C:\Program Files\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\COMMON\postprocess.INI
    Make sure you have installed plugin propertly. If u using RSRBR mod or if you playing on different BTB-tracks - plugin can be renamed or overwrited by them.

    Tryed your settings for New Bobs - now it's better than before, only problem the sky is white first half of the track.
    Did u notice on your screenshot black lines on the road textures due to forced anisotropic filtering in video drivers.
    Also for this track color saturation can be little adjusted by enbseries.
    Found france stages too bright for me, Gills4life's settings looks better for it.
    Still no way to use this plugin on Finland snow.

    Today I have completely removed sunflares - so no more black squares from the sun. Later I'll post rain and backfire :)

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  11. [Cheers for that helped me out heaps