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WIP rbr ss1 tuomioja 11.1km

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by madmike, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. my second project tuomioja stage :wink2: here is the video i hope you like:) [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGvW2Jct7EI[/ame] and special thanks for kytt est xpacks trees are really good:wink2:
  2. Incredibly good work with that SS:good:
  3. Very good work, nice speedy softly slides
  4. Excellent! This looks like a bit narrower road than your awesome Saksantie. Very nice work, I really can't wait to test it out! :)

    How about the release? :p
  5. thanks:mean: tomorrow i release first testversion:wink2:
  6. i love the look of this man... i'm totally going to start using add-on tracks in our rally club events - looking forward to chucking something round this!... :thumb:
  7. Unbelievable road! The super-fast narrow bits take your breath away... Reminds me of Ouninpohja's small road, flat out on a road just as wide as the car itself! A-w-e-s-o-m-e!

    Your going up and down all the time, new crest or a jump every two hundred meters, fifth or sixth gear all the time. But then there are *very* technical corners, they tighten very much into a slow, short corners and normally there is always some trees or stones waiting for you in the bushes, just like in real life. :D One detail I liked a lot was those birch trees, they make it feel just like Finland.

    Many corners have a nice camber and you can "hug" the inside of the corner while going +160kph! This stage mixes nicely very fast sections and more techical ones.

    Simply one word: Great!
  8. mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0L7CID3R

    testing the stage later. but what i've seen from all the videos, this can only be one hell of a drive.


    now that i've driven it through, i have to say that this stage must be the most fun to drive. sort of fantasy track in a way, where you've put all the greatest turns in the world to one stage (anyone remember thermalito from rfactor). an easy stage because of the absence of the ditches, but why everything would have to be so hard anyway? i could basically go with my still-bad-gravel-setup and get huge buzz from these roads. And looks much like Finland, which obviously is a bonus.

    i don't often say this, but take a bow, son, take a bow. really looking forward to the version with pacenotes. :thanks:
  9. thanks! for the download link:mean: part of the track is the real road in midlle of finland! drive also that saksantie stage:good:
  10. Very nice project! It's the best stage BTB ever made. It looks very realistic but it's not easy to drive without pacenote.
    I look forward to playing your final version!
  11. :thanks: here is new video on the stage [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI8qwZdjSCg[/ame] first run with new racingwheel:) i think we can drive new version wiht pacenotes tomorrow:)
  12. finally got round to giving this a go tonight.... outstanding stuff mate... i totally dig it... can't wait to get a version with pacenotes... :thumb:
  13. i would have uploaded the file but there seems to be the folders "tervaniemi" and "temp", which i found unnecessary. i mean, the stage works without them, but then again, it's not the first time, when track creator leaves these temps and so on to the pack. so are they actually important? sounds like a noob-ish question, but what do i know about these things? absolutely nothing :)

    i could upload the cleaned-up version, if you like. but perhaps you should take a look at it again, and perhaps repack it.

    anyway, thanks for the pacenotes, helped enormously.
  14. Madmike, there is no difference between update 8 and 9 to play BTB stages "offline".
    The Instruction to install a stage on RSRBR "offline" with the .7z method:

    The new stuff is playing BTB stages "online". There is a first pack of stages (pack BTB stages 1). (http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=2132)
    I recommend to everyone to use the french plugin RScenter (rallysim) to play BTB stages. When you understand the .7z method, it's so easy...Your choose your car, your setup, your tyres and Gogogogo!! :)

    ps: great great stage !! I love it!
  15. my update was07-09! but now I realized:) thanks! truly amazing we can now drive new stages online there was a good battlle today:mean:

    my project is almost ready! i added some line streams tight corners and signs and more spectators and something special:wink2:

    sorry my english skill is not goog:sad: but I will try this at the same time learn:)
  16. had a go with the pacenotes version last night.... epic mate... i'll be using this in the rally club the second it's out.... :nod: :thumb: