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RBR Setup Guide

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Georgios Apostolopoulos, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, it is about one month in which i play this game seriously, day by day i am becoming better, i avoid many mistakes i made at first and i see that practise is all about this game because it's extremely realistic and very hard to start, despite this i like it and i try to make my best. My only problems is that i am coming from games like F1C, F1 2011 a bit rF and i dont how to setup my car. What i would like is someone giving some good info and a guide how to setup a rally car and what you need to change in every surface and what the settings help while driving. I hope to have some good answers, thanks in advance! :)
  2. Many know but no one answers?
  3. Maybe if you allow a bit more time, there may be better replies.

    This is not an easy one to answer, I'm not aware of a detailed, simplified set of guide lines for setting up cars in RBR, it does seem to be a bit of a "black art".
    I'm sure there are members here who may be experienced with it, but they haven't been keen to reveal their secrets (if there are any ;)).

    I'll try to get you started, but I'm no expert.
    1. Have you read the RBR Manual, it has a very good section explaining what each parameter does. Basically, it's not really much different to car setups in rF, Race On, etc. The principles are the same.
    Since these are mainly 4WD cars, the diff settings may be more complex, but I suspect that most drivers don't fiddle with the deault settings.

    2. Have you read through the RD Setup Forum:

    There is some useful stuff in there, including some good base setups:

    3. As with the other Sims, car setups tend to be personal, what works for one driver doesn't work for another. It depends heavily on your driving style, and your Controller used.

    4. If it helps, here is my personal experience, but I'm not an alien driver.
    Because RBR is so dangerous, I tend to concentrate on making my car as stable as possible, rather than looking for ultimate speed. Finishing the stages with a clean car is most critical, so I try to make the car as easy to drive as possible and to suit my driving style.
    The parameters I concentrate on most are:
    (a) Brakes: Many of the default RBR cars have their brake bias towards the rear (to help sliding), but I find moving it towards the front helps the stability a lot. I also reduce the brake pressure overall, if the conditions are very slippery (wet gravel or snow), to prevent lock-ups.
    (b) Gear Range: Pretty obvious but sometimes I go for longer gears to minimise wheelspin.
    (c) Steering Lock: This needs to be adjusted to match the Controller you use. I use a wheel with large Rotation, so I need to lengthen the Max Steering Lock, usually to it's maximum.
    (d) AR Bars: Same principles as other sims. Reduce the front for more turn in, but care needed to keep it under control.
    (e) Suspension Settings: These tend to be far more important than in other Sims, due to the huge range of surfaces and the rough bouncy stages that can occur. For me, it is a bit of "trial and error" to find what smoothes out the bumps for each stage. The general rule though, softer springs, higher ride height, and stiffer dampers helps smooth the ride over bad bumps.
    (f) Camber: I don't know much here, but occasionally I reduce Camber for the slippery stages (Gravel & Snow), but RBR doesn't have telemetry data to help analyse tyre temps when driving. Again, for me it's more "trial & error".

    I hope this helps to get you started, but as per other Sims, Setup adjustment is only critical after you have learned the stages very well and are getting the best from your car in default setup. :)
  4. Thank you for that and sorry if i was a bit aggresive! :)