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RBR on Xbox

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by jrdn7, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I've got an Xbox 360 & am slowly getting bored with F1 2011. As there is no 360 version of RBR, can I just use the old original Xbox game on my 360? Or would I encounter some/any problems?
  2. you can't, I mean you could transfer if you you've got a huge Software Company and a Few Months of time but otherwise no.
    Would be cool if there's some company that starts up RBR again with up to date engine, and keeping the Feeling but you won't have it on a console anyway.
  3. RBR runs all day on a cheap pc, buy 1, buy a decent wheel, and sack your xbox. everything is better on the pc, from F1 to RBR. I paid 100quid for my g card, and it blows my xbox and ps3 into the weeds ;D....................... give yourself to the dark side hahahahaha
  4. xbox (old) version works ok on 360 there are some graphic glitches in menus but game itself is ok
  5. My friends son has just bought RBR for a 360 - It has the SCI logo on the disc. I don't know whether it can access the Rallyesim site for online rallies.
  6. He needs the RSRBR mod for that, so that's not gonna work.
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