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RBR noob, advice please :)

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Robert McCracken, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Hi guys :)

    I'm a long time sim driver (rfactor, iracing, GSC) but have only just decided to give RBR a go and am looking for some beginners advice please. I've mainly been playing around tweaking the FFB and getting comfy with the way the game works using the default cars, but am loving it so far! It really is a refreshing challenge after the other sims I've played.

    I now have RSRBR all installed and working fine, but want to know what cars you recommend so I can learn the tracks properly as the default cars are pretty quick and I want to work my way up to the faster cars. I've tried the S2000 Fiesta which was nice, but still too fast. Perhaps a good FWD car?

    Thanks for your help! Once I've got some confidence, I hope to join in the RDRC fun :D
  2. I've just started the RDRC at round 7. I've played the game for about 3 years prior, but I choose to do the 2WD cup so that I can become a better driver. The British championship switched to 2WD and former 4WD champion Keith Cronin said here that mistakes in a FWD car cause more time loss. I find it harder to make a fast time in a 2WD car than in a 4WD car because I have to drive really perfect; my time's are either good or bad.

    The reason you have to be so perfect (especially on loose surfaces) is because weight is transferred to the rear, but the power's going to the front wheels which have less grip. So when you apply to much throttle and get wheel spin, it takes about twice as long for it to regain grip as a 4WD car. To avoid this, you have to be neat and tidy so as to keep the car balanced and ready to power out.

    So to finally answer your question, yes start with a FWD car. I've been driving one because of the championship for about a month, and when I hopped back into a 4WD car I was setting fast times after my second run! By all means, PM me if you want any more 2WD advice.

    By the way, if you finish all of the stages, you'll get a good result.
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  3. Actually, I'd recommend new drivers to start with the Group N 4WD cars (N4_1 or N4_2). Some of the FWD cars can be tricky under brakes unless you learn how to adjust the brake settings.
    If you can get a good feel for the Group N 4WD cars, it gives a good base for adapting to the more difficult cars.
    The learning curve for RBR is fairly long and steep at first, but when you get used to it (and learn the stages better), you will be fine. ;)

    Why not start learning to Race On-Line with the Rally Club, no pressure and lots of help available. It is an ideal starting point of entry to the RDRC.
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  4. How could I forget about the brake bias?!

    Warren's right though; the 4WD are the easiest to just drive. 2WD will make you neater
  5. The main reason for recommending Group N 4WD, the basic physics engine underlying Richard Burns Rally is based on 4WD. All of the 2WD cars are a best effort mod to replicate FWD and RWD, but they include many compromises. It's best to learn the basic physics as the default Sim intended, then branch out into the modded 2WD cars.

    Forgot the most important advice:
    If you haven't already, make sure to spend quality time in the Richard Burns Rally School, the lessons learned are invaluable, especially for the Rally Driving Techniques which are quite different to normal road racing sims.
  6. Thanks guys, great advice so far. I'm not really concerned about times yet, mainly just being smooth and keeping it on the road. I did have braking problems with the Peugeot 105 & 205 I tried, any tricks to help with that? I'll check out Group N 4WD also.

    I guess I want to avoid just jumping in a 4WD, enjoying it so much, then ignoring 2WD after that. I'm in Australia so will have to check out what times you guys race online, etc.
  7. Good point about the physics engine, I didn't realise that. Is it possible to use other cars in the rally school?
  8. I don't think you can use a mod car in the Rally School lessons. Best to run that in default RBR anyway.

    To improve the brake handling of FWD cars, go into the Tuning/Setup page and move brake bias towards the front, and maybe even reduce the overall pressures too.

    Re the Rally Club, we run a number of sessions to cover most timezones, including an Oceania (OC) Session for Aussies and Kiwi's.
    I'm an Aussie too. ;)
  9. Thanks Warren, I'm actually a Kiwi, but living in Melbourne at the mo. Also what's a respectable time in the Rally School final stage? just be good to know a reference.

    Thanks a lot for your help so far.
  10. Yeah I found the group N cars to be really good to start off in too
    In saying that though the 2WD cars like the KP61 starlet is a good way to learn
    smooth skills to keep it on the road.
    Highly recommend joining the rally club good group of sim racers with lots of knowledge about RSRBR no pressure racing lots of fun
    Joined about 7months ago still as slow as a snail but barrels of fun:)
    THUMBS UP:):):)
    Racedepartment ....
  11. It's so long since I ran that stage in the School with the default car (Subaru), I can't remember. I remember that the gold Star was hard to achieve, but if you can get through with a "pass", you are doing quite well in your learning phase.

    Using the RSRBR2012 cars, it will vary greatly depending on the car. I'll try to have a look through our history of Rally Club events and see if I can find one with a Group N car, and add it here later.

    EDIT: I had to go back a long time and the best I could find was a Rally using A8W-99 cars (not hugely different to default WRC cars), the good times were around 1:21 to 1:24 but the range of times was much bigger.
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  12. I spent about 2 hours last night with the Group N Evo6 on the GB stages and loved it, perfect car to learn the game for sure. I found it was just the right speed to be able to fully concentrate on the pace notes whilst driving and placing my car where I wanted it. Still had a few minor crashes but actually finished a whole rally lol. Next challenge is using realistic damage, then I'll be ready for some online action. Is there a Group N championship on at the moment?
  13. Yes, the current RDRC includes a Group N class.

    Unfortunately it only has 2 Rounds to go, but you can join it as preparation for next Season if you want.
  14. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Yes, you can join the RDRC where we also use the group N cars in the production class, but you'll need to do a grading event first, (I'm not sure) you can see it all here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/rdrc-season-4-rules.44729/
    there's only 2 rounds left in the championship though. You can also run in the official RSRBR competitions:


    but be careful, those guys are extremely fast. I wouldn't recommend starting with online Rallies if you're just starting, maybe after beating the RB challenge and winning the season in the hardest difficulty with realistic damage, you can go online (yes, it's hard :cool: but very addictive :D ) if you do that I think you can be a bit competitive in online Rallies, you can also start now, there's always someone in the same level as you who you can fight with in RD :thumbsup:

    good luck

    edit: just saw Warren's post