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WIP rbr new track kirmaala

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by madmike, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. my new project kirmaala stage :wink2: final lengt is 16km
    here is the updated video [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy6bZiIa1lA[/ame]
  2. looks werry good!
  3. updated video see first post:good:
  4. some progress.. i added small lake cloce to finish line:mean: and also I made some small changes terrain textures:good: and of cource new video on the stage
    couple of days and you can test drive the stage:mean:
  5. Looking simply awesome! I really can't wait to test it out. :)

    Very nice rhythm changes from a totally flat parts and then a bit narrower technical road.
  6. thanks! I will try to find the most realistic-looking terrain texture (finland), and at the same time I also try to start a large Finnish xpack:good:really huge job, but one day it is also ready :)
  7. I like the current ground texture on those open sections. It gives a good "kangasmaasto" impression with those pine trees.

    Although I've bought BTB a long time ago I haven't used it really much... But would you need some help with the xpack creation? I could provide some pictures as to use for textures or as a base for textures... Like Finnish traffic signs, trees, etc.
  8. Of course help is always needed because this is a massive project hundreds of objects, and so on, but I will open a new thread called finland xpack:good:
  9. here is the first test version on the stage:) trees have been quickly maded:bad: and there is no pacenotes because some people maybe want to drive first without them:)feedback is required:)

    ------------> http://www.filefront.com/14993221/kirmaala.rar
  10. Very nice stage! Vegetation is really nice! The only things which is strange to me are the ditches... to deep and sharp. You cannot use them to fly from a corner to another. If you put a wheel in one of them, that's the crash! Some trees (hight trees) haven't got collision. Some problem with trees walls aswell. Except that, that's a really nice finish stage! I got 80fps. That's enought to have a smooth gameplay.:good:
  11. sorry guys!

    damm.. i but the wrong file here:shame: I put the old version by my mistake:curl-lip:

    I put the correct file as soon as possible:good:
  12. really nice road. good jumps , super speed. Fun to drive. Quite realistic also. The road surface is not the best. The texture is not seamles and is all the way the same. But still. great stage to drive.
  13. Just incredible! :) Great jumps, some of them you can take just flat out, some again need some breaking. There are few places where you can fly sideways for a long time. Great feeling!

    Many nearly flat long corners that go over long crests, it's very great feeling to drive. To balance all this, there are some very technical and narrow places too.

    This stage is so awesome! Sometimes I'm laughing in the stage because it's so nice and the feeling when you attack the maximum and get it just right is so damn good feeling to have. :D

    And after all that, I have to say it's realistic too. Typical Finnish super fast road. Although in real life I think there would be chicanes or the stage would be somehow a bit slower because the average speed is very high. But luckily this is RBR and we don't need those! :victory:

    One of the best RBR special stage I've ever driven!
  14. Great stage! a good mixture of fast and technical sections. Also liked the placement of your trees and vegitation, you didn't just plonk them down!
  15. thanks! just Waiting for new version 0.9 that I can finish the track! Perhaps there are again new cool stuff:)
  16. Great Stage ! :D

    And I can play it with RSRBR 2010.
    It would be greater with pace notes and hard trees on the border of the road.

    Very nice :D
  17. where can I download this great looking stage ??
  18. Because the link says : File is Unavailable
  19. can u post a new link? Please!
    ps. ootko suomesta =)