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RBR HDR plugin

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Bert Van Waes, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. The HDR plugin is a plugin that adds a bloomeffect to RBR, coupled with customisable saturation and contrast, shadows and colours... It can do alot, if you have the patience. It also seems to be different on each pc because of different graphic cards monitors, etc...

    But it's worth the look if you want to refresh the pale colours, and with maybe too less depth, of the default image.


    In the rar comes the file with some premade examples. I don't like all of them. But also in the file comes a reading doc that explains every parameter in detail and helps you out already good enough.

    I'm at the point now that i'm almost satisfied with the look, still need to check some stuff but i love the overall depth it now has. Sometimes it feels a bit too dark but it's always when i ride into shadow parts so...
    Take a look:


    And here are my settings, i must warn that in some cars the windows will look a bit too dark from the inside out. Lucky for me i race with bonnet cams mostly :)

  2. bert man, many thanks for this.... i'm totally gonna have a play once this evenings rally has come and gone.... :thumb:
  3. No problem. I'm going to update it now, check above for the new settings, try them both and see what works best for you. The red numbers are the things i changed since first and run with now.

  4. Wow, definately more realistic with those settings :D

    Will have a go after this rally aswell :)
  5. Tx, go for it Mark, you'll like it :)

    do not forget guys that the ones in black are the ones displayed in the vid. The red ones are modified after i made the vid.

    Still not fully happy myself though.:giggle:
  6. How exactly do you install this? The video is a great example of the HDR improvement :)

    Also, can you use the RBRdll for gameplay or just for replays?
  7. You download the file on the russian site. then you open the rar,
    and place the d3d9.dll file in yr RBR main folder, together with the enbseries.ini file.
    the enbseries.ini file is the one you open with notepad and adjust like me above. :)

    It will work when you press shift F12, only when you want it to work. And it'll work whenever RBR is on.

    The night is still not up to parr and maybe the whole image just needs to be a tad brighter. Keep you guys updated.

  8. Found some more good settings :)
  9. wow, they look good, very good. I had smth similar with the smoke going on at first. It's a bit to bright overall on the smoke itself. I had it too at first but I fixed it in mine...

    But i want all the rest of the stuff he has:eat:lol. Looks great! gonna try it out now ;)
  10. I made a little comparison between real and the settings I linked to. Far too bright.

    Bert, I tried your setup. I gotta hand it to you, very realistic, grea job :)
    I might need to brighten it a bit.

    Edit: Silly me, I just copied and pasted, didn't edit the actual values :p
  11. indeed his are looking too bright, but i guess it's also because he has a great video card. I just tried them and i must say with me it doesn't look like that at all. It looks a bit like mine, but much brighter. Altough it's not over the top like in his screens.

    But yeah, i think i'll use them as a guideline, cause i have the feeling of realism much more in the stuff i came up with. Like you say, a bit more on the bright side should be fine. But i really like when you hit a shadow spot between the trees now, so i must try to not lose that and still brighten it up.

    The red numbers are the newer ones i use, the black's the video here.
    The link will definately help me for getting further with this "guess and try" stuff:)

    BTW, there's some stuff that is'nt enabled but i have some numbers there, don't worry about them. As long as there are not enabled(the first lines) with 1 next to they don't work. I'm still testing the motion blur too but it's a hard one...
  12. Alright, can't wait for the next update :)
  13. totally appreciate the work going on here... haven't had a chance to install it yet... but will do o'er the weekend...
  14. Andrew, you'll love it :D
  15. This is my new setup. A bit more brighter, a bit more bloom too. A bit more vibrance in the image. Greets guys :)
  16. Will try it out now. I found on the Finnish Tarmac stages, 'twas very dark with the old settings.
  17. Yeah Mark, that's why alot more is changed now, i had problems too with the tarmac mod in finland. It's all dark green hill billy out there and on the old settings it was meant to take a bit off the halftoned colours brightness away. I corrected it a bit, but the settings you see here are for stages with normal track surfaces.

    If you happen to come across a darker stage. Normally you can directly fix it with changing only one parameter:
    wright under [COLORCORRECTION] you'll find

    The more towards the null, the more brighter the halftones will be. You can go to -100/100. SO the negative is even more brighter.

    Let me know what you think.

    Also bear in mind i race in an almost complete dark room. So my image is already bright because there is no light around.

  18. Alright, cheers Bert. Will try them out. Eventually we will be as close to perfect as anyone cares to imagine! :D
  19. yea mon!

    i finally got to try this last night.... it's subtle but loooooooooooovely... using berts latest settings.... agree finland tarmac is a bit dark... but it's fairly dark even without the plugin....

    many thanks bert mate :thumb:
  20. Yeah man, lol.

    Tx and welcome to the "bloom" club...:alien2:

    It's like i said eh. The tarmac mod in Finland is a combo of dark colors, making it a dark overall image. But i love it, RBR comes more alive to me, and i can't go without now...hehe

    Like they say, "Once you pop,..." :)