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WIP RBR first track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zzzaaazzz, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    So I decide to make some fantasy / test track before some real stage.

    Here is small part of track (it's far from ready) please feel free to give some advice...;

  2. ...short, but very excellent track, don't stop ;)
    One think - water texture, to much active, maybe sky reflection was be better
  3. :good: It looks great! Except water texture which looks like Mediterranean sea (too blue) and some trees walls which are not well connected, the rest is very nice!
  4. Very good looking! Nice elements, some big fast road and then some small, very techical sections. Hope to see the full version some day. :)

    I personally love stages that have many different elements in them. One legendary Finnish stage called Juupajoki is a great example of this. There are superfast wide bits and then very techical bits too.

    This one looks bit like Finland... Have you tried to achieve that or am I just seeing my own visions?
  5. great work, really nice.

    only one detail, wach your trees in the treewall (maybe a subobject from greatbritain Xpack) i can see several trees splited in half, try to fix that I have the same problem and solve it unselecting rest on the groud.

    awesone stage. :woop:
  6. Thank you!

    Tree walls are no biggest problem - those will be adjusted. My biggest concern is water... how to get some realistic reflections?

    I made these textures with bump and specular maps (haven't tried them jet) will it be enough?

    And which one is better;


  7. The first one looks better! Test it on your track, you'll immediately know if it's alright!
  8. yes - first...
  9. Ok, updated version... this would be final length of short version - 7km.

    This is not final version, still lot of things to do, so your advices are welcome;

  10. Hi, I would love to see that water much darker :) Besides that your track is just brilliant!
    I'm totally fresh here and wonder how you make so soft transition from road to terrain? Also - do you have any ideas how to make the RBR show correct best times for BTB tracks? Any track I try has best time like 1:14:07 (don't remember exactly...)
  11. Watching the video I think it is time to release first version for such testers like me :-D