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RBR Export Faliure - Dump node crash

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by liquido, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. I have two RBR proyects with that problem, i change some 3d object size and change some textures not really sure about what is the mistake.

    rigth now i can´t export anymore these RBR proyect, but it works on RFactor.

    i got these mesage when i try to load it on RBR

    Dump node faliure.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hi liquido. Looks to me there is something wrong with collision. Crash after plugin starts to load collision. Remove the objects what you think causing the crash, uncheck collision. Try different properties. It's hard to say where the problem is.
  3. I erased every 3D object and still crash with the same mesaje.... i think it is related with the bump textures or something inside the Xpack that i´m developing with several tarmac and terrain textred.


    nice one.... one of crashed proyect was solved by deleting one 3D object... that one:


    it´s really strange but i have 3 of these object on my proyect, but only one of them causes the crash.... like i said before i think it was related with 3d object size modify.

    Unfortunately i still have problems with one proyect....

    i´m developing a udge Xpack (only materials) with tarmac, gravel and terrain textures.... rigth now i´m trynig to add the bump and spectacular textures for each material... i´m working on 256x256 pixel for difuse textures, but i take some 512x512 pixel textures for bump and spectacular.... maybe that is no good for RBR? becouse the proyect load on Rfactor.... i´m lost and tyred. :)
  4. i "solved" the second one deleting every surface of the main track.... but it seems that my new materials wasn´t the problem, i´m testing the Xpack right now, and no crashes at moment.

    maybe it was some thing related to add bump and spectacular textures to an existing material... dosen´t really kwons.
  5. Problem was one of the road material used before the start line. :)
  6. thanks i have to locate it and solve, the Xpack must work fine before relase to everyone :$ at moment there is no material edited for RBR, but it is planned to make one RBR material for each texture, and all road material will have bump and spectacular...

    i´m not developing new textures, only cut them from texture plates of RBR and get into that X-pack... SISCO makes some great textures of tarmac, and I modify some textures, painting lines in every place, i hope we can relase a udge material data base for RBR.. also looking for rfactor users.

  7. One thing i noticed that you have saved "grieta" textures as DXT5 dds. If you don't use alpha channel you should save them as DXT1. With DXT1 file size drops 2 times 342KB to 171KB.
  8. Thanks i miss that point, i will review all textures looking for DXT1/5 format before relase the xpack. ;)
  9. Great idea of packing all original textures... For original road textures , the work is already fully done by Wixi (here is his post on BHM a while ago...) so don't get too much time on it. For all the other textures, that's very nice. I hope you'll add vegetation textures aswell. For DDS texture, DXT1 if you don't have alpha channel. DXT3 if you have an alpha channel ;-). That the best for files weight...


    you get all original rbr road textures for btb (beta version) including all folders with xml files and preview thumbnails - but without special material.rbr

    135 x usa
    117 x uk
    63 x australia (new australia as damp and wet)
    28 x japan
    18 x france
    13 x finland)
  10. it would be better if you attach the log file(..\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\TEMP\log.txt) instead of a low res. video.
    the "Dumpxxx" error is related to collision mesh calculation, in other words, one or more of the Ground meshes are messed up.
    you should look for overlapping meshes and uneven polygons.
    this was explained and discussed before so there are good chances you'll find better answers if you browse older threads.
  11. liquido you should do something about road what is under the circuit and the bridge. Really bad overlapping there even if it's hidden. Split the track then it would be easier. Make a copy of original track and then delete some of the road. Do it so many time as needed. At the end delete original track. Never tried myself but i think it should work like that. :)
    EDIT: tried it but then you loose some terrain, not good :( Copied track is not connected to terrain

  12. Thanks, i try to pack every RBR texture i found, hope no one matters if I get Wixi work to relase a material database for RBR, Rfactor and Racer.

    As I said before we try to relase an udge material Xpack.... rigth now we are learning about bump and spectacular... I´m taking Default Xpack values for bump and spectacular tamac and gravel, today i learn that bump and spectacular maps are scaled in materials... at first i get an horrible bump and spectacular results, but i got the solution looking inside Default Xpack.

  13. Thanks a lot, i reproduced it again to check the log file.

    F:\Archivos de programa\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\Plugins\rbr_rx.dll:
    base: 021F0000
    size: 0006F000
    entry point: 022279BA
    F:\Archivos de programa\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe:
    base: 00000000
    size: 01347000
    entry point: 0070C6A4

    version ok.
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!
    SColNodeEx::DumpNode failed!

    Next time i will be more smart :$ thanks for that tip.

    i will find in older threads to find the solution. ;)

  14. you mean that crossroad..



    Thanks, becouse i wasn´t sure about hide tarck, i try to find better way to make that cross road... i really hate what i did in that place :$
  15. Yes that and what is under "rotonda"
  16. Oh no.... that "rotonda" juction takes a lot of time... and for that place there is only one solution for me.... split the main road and manually join every new face to old terrain. :(

    to be honest i don´t kown what to do... it will takes days only merging terrain of the new roads... sure that it is necesary?
  17. If it's working fine then no but it could be potentially the source for errors
  18. thanks Kytt i got it... and recorded for next proyect.

    this time try to "fix" in a better way every juction but i try to keep the main track in one piece.
  19. Ok, just found this thread. i am trying to get the xpack with ALL those textures (and maybe the objects as well?;) ) that is listed on the previous page. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. gegewrc, please help :) If I click this link, I'm getting message like:

    404 Fehlerseite

    Datei nicht vorhanden

    Diese Seite kann vom Domaininhaber selbst gestaltet werden
    Die Datei heisst 404.html

    Do you know another link? I would like to see these textures. Thanks!