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RBR engine setting?

Discussion in 'RBR Setups' started by rhs, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. rhs


    Now I finally have my wheel setting right in RBR I want to know what can be done to the following issue that is driving me nuts;

    Everytime when my car goes offroad or me having a crash, my engine stops (the engine icon on screen turned colored red) and I'm not able to restart it with my ignition button. In every situation I have to ask for help so the '3 guys' can help me to get back on the road again.

    Is there a way to change my settings, so that my engine will not quit working after I loose control over my car and getting offroad, and why is my ignition button not working?

    I know it is a reality feature of RBR, but for the time being I would like to practise my driving skillz without having to worry about my engine quits working most of the time...

    Would appreciate some help from the experts here [​IMG]
  2. Maybe try turning AutoClutch on, if you don't have it on now.

    You do this by going to Options / Gears / Clutch Help = On.

    Don't know why your Ignition key won't work, maybe try setting a different key stroke or wheel button to it. I have mine mapped to a Wheel Button. You may have to hold it on for a few seconds to get the car re-started from a stall, or sometimes try it a couple of times. You may have to put it into Neutral Gear to restart it.
    Depending on the Damage setting you are using, it may not re-start from a crash due to terminal damage, but of course the CFH (Call for Help) option won't work then either.

    Are you using the base RBR or are you having those problems with RSRBR2012? If the problem is with RSRBR, have you mapped the Ignition button (and Autoclutch) to your Mulligatawny Profile ?
  3. rhs


    Thanks Warren for your reply, much appreciated!

    For as far as I experience while driving/crashing I have the problems in both RBR and RSRBR2012. I did however, not having the Clutch help on, because I was driving with the H-Shifter and though it would be more realistic when driving with no clutch help...

    Anyway; I have a go and will see if I have mapped both the Ignition button and Autoclutch to my Mulligatawny Profile correctly.

    Let you know! :D