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RBR Data extraction

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Daniel Tonsberg, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hello!

    I have to try here seeing as I get no reponse on the RSRBR forums.
    Does anyone here how to extract data like Gear/Speed and RPM out of the game ? Im working with Russell from Z1 Sim Wheel to make a display for his LCD screen for RBR.

    I know for a fact that http://www.symprojects.com/ has a LCD screen that works with RBR, but I haven't managed to get a hold of their secrets to data extraction.

    I belive you need some sort of a API file or something, has anyone ever heard of such a thing ?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry Daniel, I have no idea but maybe someone else here might know.
    I'm guessing, but if anyone might know it could be WorkerBee who often posts here.
  3. Hi Daniel,

    have a look at the Gauger Plugin. Do some research on the net, the guy implementing that one revealed some of his reverse engineering knowledge.

    Basically I can confirm that the information revealed is correct, but personally I won't support any commercial application related to RBR.

    Uncle G.
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  4. Thanks alot Workerbee!

    ill forward this information and see if its something we can work with =) Thanks again.
  5. Im going to try and breathe some life into this topic again. It seems that the information from the gauger plugin required you to hack the .exe file and that broke some user license stuff. Anyone got any idea ? :S
  6. Getting telemetry values from rbr simply involves reading the appropriate memory addresses.
    No need to actually hack the exe file.
    The objective is to show some values, not to reverse engineer for example the physics engine to use it for commercial purposes, which would not be covered by the end user license agreement.
  7. Thanks again Workerbee. I understand you dont want to support commercial applications for RBR. I only do this because currently the Z1 monitor is for RFactor and iRacing but id like it to work with RBR aswell =) so again thanks for the help you are providing, I hope Russell at Z1 sim wheel can make it work with his monitors soon.
  8. Bringing this one back to life in hopes that it can be some "new" information for my sim screen developer.
    I got this mail from him not so long ago:

    "Hi Daniel,

    I wanted to give you an update on this. We've been trying really hard to get this to work, but have had no luck. Our first issue is that RBR just doesn't work for us at all on Windows 7. it won't remember any settings or even let us configure the controller properly. The next issue is that we're unable to get any data form the sim. We can detect that it is runnig but that is it. I'm not sure what the issue is, perhaps the exe addresses given in that web page are incorrect. In any case unless there is a plugin written for this sim that lets you read the data that way it is highly likely that we won't be able to support this one. Sorry.

    -Russell "

    Anyone sitting on some new information that will make it easyer for Russell ? I know its possible seeing as other sim screens got it working.

  9. Maybe you still have a problem with this as I didn't see RBR on supported list. I don't use any Z1 products so I don't really follow what goes on there.

    The first problem may be due to installing RBR on protected folder and not having rights for write (haven't really tried though).

    Second problem with addresses, assuming the website in question is Gauger plugin author's one (v317mt). They do work at least with v1.02 SSE (which I assume mostly everyone runs).

    The tables give out information of a pointer to the real address for the value when no direct address is written on Address column. You can find the base addresses by looking at Explanation column. The Offset column is the offset added to the (pointed) address after the first hop. This is probably where some confusion may have happened as all pointers listed on the website are 1-level pointers, and some are not 2-level like I misunderstood at first look. So if you have "+ 0x738 + 0x5C" on Offset column, it's a pointer with offset +0x794.
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