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RBR cant find materials

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jakub Sulej, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. I made Xpack, put in BTB objects, but in RBR materials are not found. What is going on?
  2. Your description tells not much - please specify more - does btb load the xpack or crashes? Can you add these objects to your project? What program did you use to make objects/exported to collada or 3ds? Do the materials and textures appear in XPacker? etc. Maybe more you can tell about the problem.
  3. Mostly it was your Xpack and some other objects. In BTB I saw every object from this Xpack, but while loading there was info - materials not found.
  4. Looks like some improper btb export. Try to make a new test track and check what happens. Try again and again, each time adding single new object you suspect to be wrong. And tell me please if my xpack causes this. I'll try to find what's wrong if there is a problem.
  5. I solved problem by deleating each object from this Xpack and I put your original Xpack and everything works. For my objects I have to make my own pack (I mean without mixing this two).
  6. ;) my xpack rulez ;)
    Seriously - now I understand that you wanted to add something to existing xpacks and it did not work. Probably you messed something with materials, I don't know. I think with new objects it's better to test them from temporary xpack on temporary track - takes time, but you can be sure that every new single object is good.
    Merging xpacks just for saving place on disk is a time waste for me (unless you have 20 MB of free place there).
    It can be worth of work only if you use many objects from big number of xpacks and finally you going to have many textures/materials with unused places on textures. This would take some time to taking just what you want and making new textures and remaping objects. You need at least Sketchup, but 3ds Max would work the best for that task.
    It's worth to get big benefits on track performance/fps.
    This is what I call "a dedicated xpack" to individual track. :)