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RBR bloom effects

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by shofial, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. My own setting Richard Burns Rally hd bloom effects enbseries taking from gta san andreas and redo setting for RBR.. enjoy.. My clips here

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  2. you are Vytas or you using him skin ?
  3. Looks realistic, actually. Some of the bloom I've seen dominates the screen and uglifies it.

    Because it's a bit of a performance hog, I'll miss. But I'll give it a shot once I get a new graphics card. :)
  4. no worried ..nvidia gt9500 and other older graphic card can run it. but a bit hanging.. maybe lower the setting in games perhaps?
  5. Screenshot just a sample.. bloom effect graphic for the game, This setting are enbseries effect taking from gta san andreas and redo setting for RBR.
  6. No no, my friend is Vytas J and I wana know ar he is there, but now I understand that this is the other person :lashes:
  7. Nice to see another forum abour RBR. I was waching this on BHM but for some reason register on it is nearly "impossible". I was making some changes on enb series from GTA and take (in my opinion) a good result. The original one was incompatible with very sunny maps or snow maps, in fact it's impossible to see where are you on the road.

    So, with this said, I attach my work. As I said before I make litle changes, that in my opinion give as a good result. Not very bright, not too saturated, and even better, you can see better the contour and the road as well.

    I hope you like it, and also, sorry my english