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RBR - A couple of questions

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by MaxVK, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Hi. A few little niggles that someone may be able to help with:

    1) Loading Consecutive tracks
    This is a 'Problem' that Iv had since trialing the demo of BTB and Iv yet to work it out:

    • I make a new track for RBR
    • I start RBR, load the track and have some fun! I may drive the track several times, or only once.
    • I try to load another of my tracks (that I know works) and the game shuts to the desktop.

    It doesn't matter which tracks I use; they all work on their own. But if I try to load a second track to drive, the game crashes to desktop. The tracks can be short or long (the longest is about 12k) and it doesn't seem to matter which XPacks are used.

    Any ideas anyone?

    2) Replays
    Iv read the posts about replays not being supported by the plugin, but I don't want to record a replay, I want to watch one. This I can do from the menu as normal, however the nice outside view that is the default always seems to be looking at my car from under the track or through a wall.

    I know that I cant use Cameras in BTB, and when I watch a replay I change to the behind car camera and then adjust the position, but I was just wondering if there is a way to get the outside replay to work.

    3) The Custom Track List
    This one has bugged me for a while!
    Is there any way to scroll the list of tracks, and what is the correct method of removing a track from the list?

    I dont know how many tracks I get in the list, but if there are too many they just vanish off the screen, and there is no way that I can see to scroll them up.

    Also, when I need to remove a track is there a correct method to do so. I have deleted several tracks from the plugin folder, but they seem to still be there, and there is a long list of empty items on the Race/Replay page of the plugin.

    I think that about it for now! Any help would be much appreciated.


  2. I kind of asked the same question some days ago at bh motorsports and was told that the replay is not working proberly. I don´t understand becouse for me also the replay is working perfectly we just can´t adjust the cams.. But I realised it is possible to lift the replay cam with camhack.. sweet.. So it is possible to view replays also from outside view . kind of. and with one camera.
  3. Cheers for that. Yeah, I tend to be able to view the replay okay but it means messing with the camera position, which means I kind of lose some time off the start of the replay while I fiddle about.


  4. Yes. You can change the speed of adjusting the camera from camhack start up. Control settings and camera speed. Its faster then to set up the cam. And when you find a nice angle you can make it a preset by pressing Ctrl and some number from keyboard. then you will have the cam ready everytime from the start and you just need to press a number to get it. doesn´t take any time. You can even change the camera if you have several setups.. It´s the best way and I ques only way to get the replay before we hopeully will get prober one soon.