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RBR 2011 Video Problem

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by watony, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody, new user trying to get RSBR 2011 working but coming up against the same problem everytime - doesn't run.
    Running Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
    Graphis Card ATIHD5700 1GB
    Memory 8.00 GB
    Have dowloaded all of the updates and installed directly into C Drive as recommended.
    Still no joy - anybody had a similar problem that they can cast some light on.
    Experience limited so somebody take pity on a 60 year old
  2. Tony, can you give us a bit more info?
    When you say it doesn't run, what happens and when.
    ie. Does the default RBR run ok?
    Does it only "crash" when loading from within RSCenter?
    Does RSCenter load ok?

    What video resolution are you using? Can you post the content of your Richard Burns Rally.ini file.
    Have you tried loading from the "Load RSRBR2011" button.?
    Have you tried loading from the "Load Richard Burns Rally SSE" button?

    This might give us a better starting point for diagnosis.
  3. thanks for the quick response Warren
    Richard Burns Rally Icon when pressed - no result
    RSCentre gives opening screen, Play Alone proceeds to Car choice screen, Launch RSBR2011 moves the chosen car to the white section of the screen. Then there does not seem to be an option to do anything.
    Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE has the same result as above
    As far as the .ini file goes any clue to where it is
    Told you i had limited experience
    Regards Tony
  4. Thanks Tony, that does help a bit.
    Because you can't even run Richard Burns Rally SSE or from the RBR Desktop icon, means that the base RBR is not working.

    Did you test it before installing RSRBR?
    If it was working ok before RSRBR was installed, then something has become corrupted in the RSRBR install. Maybe your antivirus blocked something or affected your install.

    Just to check, did you follow this tutorial for the installation?

    Here is what I would try.

    Uninstall RSRBR, uninstall RBR, and try a fresh re-install of everything. Make sure to have your Antivirus turned off while installing.
    Test your RBR installation before installing RSRBR to make sure everything is working ok with the base RBR.

    Sorry to put you through another install, but we need to do it in case you were just unlucky the first time.

    If it still fails, maybe we can talk via Teamspeak or similar to check some other things.
  5. Thanks Warren
    will try tomorrow evening and advise of the results
  6. Hi Warren
    Installed RBR plus Patch1.02 from the installation Disc.
    RBR goes through the startup procedure and after the Warthog Screen the screen goes black although the music is playing and there is obviously options open as pressing enter makes a noise.
  7. Aah, then you have a problem with the base RBR, nothing to do with RSRBR.
    At least that narrows things down a lot.

    It sounds to me like a possible mismatch of your video resolution between the game settings and your monitor.

    Did you also install the official Patch 1.01 before Patch 1.02?
    It can be found here:

    Then install Patch 1.02
    Can be found here:

    I'm not sure if both patches are needed, but I think so. best to install both to be sure.

    I suspect that it might be the video resolution though.
    What resolution is your Monitor?
    I need to see the contents of your Richard Burns Rally.ini file. it is very small and only has a few lines.
    You can find it under your Richard Burns Rally Folder ( wherever you installed it).
    Open it up using Notepad.
    It will look something like mine

    Depth = 32
    ForceFeedback = true
    Fullscreen = true
    MinDepthBits = 24
    MinStencilBits = 8
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderQuality = high
    RunIntro = false
    RunStartup = false
    Sound = true
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = false
    UseSoftwareAudio = false
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = true
    WaitRetrace = true
    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1080

    The values written beside XRes and YRes are the in-game resolution settings. These need to match your monitor.

    Can you please copy the contents of your .ini file and post it here.
    That might help us find a solution.
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  8. Hi Warren
    how can something so simple cause so much grief - changed the resolution to 1680 x 1050 and amazing it works.
    i will play around with this one before updating to the later versions
    again many thanks
    Now to donate to the site and have some fun
  9. Very easy to get caught out with this one. Because it's an older game, widescreen monitors weren't popular then. So the default game setup menus didn't allow for them.
    Hope you have lots of fun with RBR now.
    Please keep in touch if you run into any more issues.
    Maybe we'll see you in the Rally Club with us sometime. Don't worry about the age thing, I'm actually older than you but still love this Sim. :D
  10. go onnnnnn have a race with us, tis great fun! :)