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Steering Wheels RB9 RedBull F1 Wheel 4096HD 1.0

HD Steering Wheel Carbon Fibre

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  1. Nice one :thumbsup:
  3. Great! thanks :)
  4. fantastic job! really really good thanks
  5. excellent work, you doing them all? We have good skins, good tyres, now we need good steering wheels and helmets!
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Lots resolution! Wow livery! Tom amaze!

    No, seriously: good stuff, very well done mate. :)

  7. Top job , thanks very much.
  8. really nice wheel.
    can you share the new 3d Models of the steering wheels?:D
  9. It's amazing !!
    but could you upload this steering with silver badge of Infiniti..at this time is yellow :/
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  10. Mayby if you want one ion silver m8 I can make that for you:thumbsup:
  11. i dont have rb2 i have rb1 .... wtf
  12. Look for main folder of the game and find "interiors" folder and in that there is the "rb2" folder.
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  13. thanks :)