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Rating/Ranking v.06

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Eric. K, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. rankings..jpg
    Version 0.6 changes
    1. Added support for GTL
    2. Added support for rFactor
    3. Races with less than 5 drivers do not count towards the rating/ranking.
    4. 80% rule (completing at least 80% of the race will guarantee a driver to NOT get a DNF)
    5. A lot of bug fixes and new minor features.

    Next ARCA? Maybe RBR? other features?


    Version 0.2
    Driver's rating is based on the famous chess ELO rating (wiki info), but of course adapted for our needs. Some of the basics:
    1. You only lose points for not finishing a race (DNF, DQ)
    2. You accumulate points based on your opponents strength, e.g. your rating is 1900 and you finished ahead of 10 drivers with a rating of 100. You will advance very little on the ladder. However, if your rating is 100 and you finished ahead of drivers with a higher rating, you will get much more points.
    3. The more races you finish the more points you get.
    4. More weight is given for podium finishes, but again it is based on the number of drivers in the race (winning a race with 3 drivers won't advance you much on the ladder).
    5. All stats will be updated once or twice a day.
    6. Stats are backdated to 1.1.2010
    7. Every driver begins at a rating of 1500

    Now explore this page-> RANKINGS as there are a lot of interesting stats.

    Find some issues post it here.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thanks so much for all your work Eric. Its absolutely brilliant! :thumbup:
  3. great job Eric, thanks very much!!!
  4. Love it ,thx Eric:biggrin:
  5. Love this rating system Eric.

    I will be tracking how my results change my rating and see if I can notice any issues with it. So far its been flawless.

    Thanks so much for your efforts, very much appreciated.

  6. Great job. Brilliant idea!
  7. Great system but perhaps drivers shouldn't have a ranking until they have competed in at least 5 races. They will still have a rating but by not being included on the list it will lower the amount of anomolies on the ranking system. For example I'm ranked 325th after 14 races which seems about right, but there is a guy ranked 323rd that has had 2 races, both of which I participated in as well and beat him in both (he didn't even finish the second one), so it just seems weird he is ranked above me.