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Rate the rally stages

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by tpw, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. tpw


    OK, so now that the game is at v1.0, and we've all played all the stages DR will offer for the time being (!), how do you rate them in terms of driving enjoyment? For me it's:
    1. Greece
    2. Wales
    3. Finland
    4. Sweden
    5. Germany
    6. Monaco
    They are all great fun, all look stunning and largely play as intended, but for me the gravel/mud/icy slush is the most enjoyable surface to drive on, and dry asphalt the least. I mostly tend to drive the Ibiza/Hyundai/Impreza.

    On the off chance that a dev is reading this forum, thanks again for an incredibly immersive challenging and enjoyable game, and for probably the best implementation of early access yet seen on steam.
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  2. Finland is last for me. I was excited to start with, but now it's just an OTT jump fest.
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  3. 1 Sweden
    2 Wales
    3 Greece
    4 Germany
    5 Finland
    6 Monaco
  4. I'd also rate Germany/Monaco at the bottom: The tarmac driving is MUCH better than when DiRT Rally was first released to Early Access, but the game still feels at it's best on loose surfaces.

    A few more tweaks to FFB strength (right now tarmac feels spongey and light compared to gravel which feels very heavy at times) would go a long way to helping this.

    I think I'd rate Greece and Wales at the top, so:
    1. Greece
    2. Wales
    3. Finland
    4. Sweden
    5. Germany
    6. Monte Carlo

    But I appreciate the variety. And DiRT Rally is definitely my favourite game released in 2015. By far.
  5. 1. Greece (difficulty)
    2. Finland (sheerly because the external cameras are really really good)
    3. Sweden (really like the heavy snowfall and fear factor overall)
    4. Germany (though tarmac is the low end of quality in the game, I love the layouts and speed)
    5. Pikes Peak Mixed (Terrifying, felt the need to add it in)
    6. Wales (Placement of hills/jumps is frustrating sometimes, I mess up here a lot)
    7. Monte Carlo (great graphics, but there's not enough to make tarmac justified)

    Though I wish there was more 90's WRC, and early 2000's, and wish there were at least 2 more countries to die in, the variety, physics overall, and sound are absolutely stupendous.
  6. 1 greece: simply th best when it comes to rocks and bumps and rivulets and stuff. personally i fail to do hairpins properly, but that is just me, not the stages' problem, innit?
    2 wales: did i mention ruts and rivulets and bumps and stuff? same here, it just feels proper rally dirty
    3 germany: wonderful variety of layouts, nice changes from forrest into open space, fun
    4 sweden: demanding as no other but i would love to have had some miles without snowbanks (which i believe exist in the real rally sweden if my memory serves me right)
    5 finland: wonderful colours but simply too many jumps
    6 monte carlo: really like the change from snow to ice to tarmac, but the grip on tarmac is still not quite satisfying to my mind, difficult e.g. to make your wheels block up even under heavy braking, which they shouldm at least in pre-abs cars (do modern rally cars employ abs? no idea)
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  7. 1: Germany(I love the layots and have always liked tarmac best, guess its my F1, R3E etc background...)
    2: Finland(Love the speed off the stages and layout, even though to many jumps att times..)
    3: Sweden
    4: Monte Carlo(woud have been 3rd without the ice and snow parts)
    5: Greece
    6: Wales(My driving style and Wales simply hates eatch other)
  8. I'd rate like this:

    1. Sweden (The technique needed to be the best is in another level)
    2. Finland (Oh, the speed...)
    3. Germany
    4. Wales (It's always fun to drive)
    5. Greece
    6. Monte Carlo
  9. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Hmmm, not very easy.
    1. Sweden - the way the grip changes according to how much snow that is on the road, even in the same stage is amazing, also, the best snowbanks in any game by far.
    2. Wales - Might be because of the Sweet Lamb stage, a good rythm on those stages are just awesome!
    3. Germany - I like that there are no vineyards there, also, the many 90+ degree turns is good fun with 4WD cars
    4. Finland - The best Finland in any game as well, but the jumps are OTT sadly.
    5. Greece - Probably much better made than Finland, and maybe even Germany, but I just cannot figure out how to drive there, it might be because of the altitude.
    6. Monte Carlo - Again, very well made, it is the Turini, and it is pretty darn accurate. Sadly,weather should make the stages way more different, and Monte Carlo looses out heavily due to the automatic tyre-choices in the game. There are no way to make it a proper Monte.
  10. finally got my post posted properly, wouldn't work yesterday. see above.
  11. tpw


    Poor old Monte Carlo, coming last by a long long margin!
  12. Agreed. Before v1.0 i used 60-65 self aligning tourqe on my T500 which felt great on gravel but vague on tarmac. After v1.0 60-65 feels good on tarmac but way too heavy on gravel/snow. Toobmuch SAT also makes the 2010 cars feel twitchy. For a good feel on loose I go as low as 45-50. I kinda wish we could have FFB per car or surface.

    And yes, I really don't care much for Finland either. The exagerated jumps makes you bounce around the stages way too much.

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  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    No tyre choice really breaks the immersion of Monte Carlo.
  14. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Pretty close to my list. I think I would swap Germany and Finland around though
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  15. For me it's..
    1. Greece
    2. Sweden
    3. Wales
    4. Germany
    5. Monte Carlo
    6. Finland

    Just don't get much pleasure at all from Finland but I guess I'm more at home on twisty, turny loose stuff than long, high speed straights.
  16. Finland is by far the best for me, mainly because the sleeping policeman road edges are gone replaced by ditches which are far more realistic in Finland and do not launch your car every time you touch them as the ones in Greece and UK do. Getting a Finnish stage right at that speed in a quick car is immensely satisfying, try it in a Kit Car wth rear brake bias, best fun in a game I have had in years.

    Greece next, more tricky, but again satisfyingly quick in places without being open, you have to take more risks, only annoyed by the road edges being ramps.

    The Germany stages are fairly mundane bit I love driving there, sort of weird how it all melds into one!

    I hated Sweden at first and still do in quicker cars, but the lower powered stuff is a hoot in the snow, only issue is the bad physics that make you spin simply based on steering angle and throttle%

    Monte next, really tied with Sweden, perhaps the most difficult stages in the entire game the one on pure ice Monte I think, but great fun when nailed, simply a dull event, loads of right 3 and right 2, boring.

    And finally Wales. Having been to Rally GB lots of times, I can't remember the entire route being lined with road edge ramps, it totally takes away the enjoyment for me, and though the stages themselves are nice, the whole sides of roads being lined with not soft dirt piles (which is what they actually are in real life) but solid pieces of triangular rock is a real shame.
  17. 1. Wales/Sweden
    2. Germany - Good for screenshots, that's about it.

    From another post of mine, didn't feel like retyping it all:
  18. Don't know my favorite one but for sure I hate Finland. It's not because quality - it's beautifully done. Unfortunately it requires insane risk to go as fast as AI which is still a lot slower than a lot of simracers who took top position on chartlist. Simply, no real life driver would take such risky ride. There is too narrow margin for car movement at this speed additionally supported by not perfect co-driver notes (partially because of lack of "don't jump" notes).

    Or to put in more positive way: I like to take a ride on Finland stages, but not at speed required to be competitive.

    Sweden, on the other side is another story. It's technical, a lot of slow sideways. Requires to be precise. I like it a lot. I could say I love it.
    England would be as good as Sweden but I IMO there are too much issues regarding co-pilot notes.
    Greece is somewhere between them. However I have feeling that Greece and Monte Carlo graphically stands out of quality comparing to recently released stages.

    Germany is quality on its own. I spent last 15 years in simracing (when racing is key-word) so tarmac is my domain. Maybe a bit pity is, that there are so few turns allowing cutting. I used to go around a corner so it's not a problem but I would like to cut more.

    What comes to my mind right here is how nice dust tails is done in D:R. The last time I played rally sim it was RBR. Those times, amount of dust spawned in RBR makes us happy. But today it looks funny only. D:R makes me satisfied again. Amount of spawned dust and remained in air for huge amount of time is amazing. Also fading away is incredible smooth. I love to watch the tail of dust after performing hairpin.
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  19. wales :inlove:
  20. I don't know if you use TemplarGFX's Particle+ mod or not but if you don't, give it a try. You'll cream your pants if you like dust. :)
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