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Rate the picture above you.

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. I know this might be a bit out of the blue. But I saw this thread on another forum and I thought it would be cool to have one here aside from the picture thread.

    Rules are simple. Vote the picture above you out of 10 and post your picture with your vote so the next person can vote and post his picture ect.

    Any editing is allowed to get that 10/10.

    Let the voting and picture posting begin!
  2. aadilf1
    ArtsyFartsy (7/10)= 7
    Muscle cars(3/10)= 0
    = 7/10


    Hehehe, some guy with a Prius is going to come along and probably rate me down for environmental damage or something. :p
  3. art 0/10
    muscle car-ness 8/10
    enviromentalness 0/10

    so 8/10 lmao

  4. art 2/10
    car 9/10
    enviroment 1/10

    on average 4/10

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  5. Ignore this post if you want.

    3 ratings were not supposed to be the format.

    Its just a basic **/10 of wholly what you think of the car. with only 1 rating (if you get what I mean). Its nice to see that there are already 3 pictures :p
  6. 7/10 Pradzio...

    If not for the exhaust that is kinda glowing, and the repeating chimney texture, it'd be a 9/10 for me!

    Nice work!

  7. aadilf1, I cannot speak for other people but mine was only showing how I broke down my rating, they were not actually separate. It was a single __ out of ten. and that ten was comprised of multiple factors. no averages or anything like that.

    I guess I should have been more clear because I seem to have affected everybody else.
  8. thats how mine was. I did it jokingly so Ian could have a good laugh at my mention of environment lol
  9. You MUST post a picture if you want to rate.
  10. Have piczor
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  11. For photo above: 6/10



    Looks better in full resolution :)
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  12. 4/10
    because its a very dark picture.
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  13. 7/10

    Nice cars, and nice track, but these angles do little to hide the repeating nature of the textures of the buildings which begins to hurt believability more than I'd like.
    A few bins and other factory/warehouse type props would really improve that track for taking pictures!
    Maybe a big advert on that building in the background? Easy to add, but it'd add a lot of depth!

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  14. Yeah that's the part of Factory Test track I've been working on, I haven't added in any textures though (so blame Some1 for repeating textures lol), I'll eventually add in more, but mostly trying to give it the feel the rest of the track kinda has, that abandoned kinda feel to it.
  15. Yeah it's a great track... really great... just a few props and decals and stuff and that area will look really great too :D

  16. Look what I just bought!


    She's a looker!
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  17. Are you able to release it?
  18. I don't have permission to release it yet.
  19. 7/10 probably needs a tune up.
    Gave the Bugatti a wax job and will post a link later so others may enjoy this great Iroker car.
  20. Hehe :D