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Rankings in Career mode- Question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by RyanFCB10, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I playing on xbox 360 and I am on my first season of a seven year career currently driving with Lotus and on the Hungarian GP. I started off mediocre but ive improved and I am 3rd in the WDC at the moment. I've got contract offers from most of the lower level teams including driver 1 @ Lotus. I hope to get to RBR, Mercedes, or Renault as fast as I can so I can stay with one of them for 4-5 yrs. I am aware that you need to be about level 30 to get offers from these teams, so I am wondering: whats the easiest way to get your ranking up quickly? Will it be easier if I stay with Lotus as driver 1 or if I go to one of the slightly better teams?

    Thanks & hopefully I didn't ramble too much :)
  2. The only way is to keep getting Pole position and cross the finishing line first.

    Other than that, there's no other option.
  3. So basically it doesn't matter what team, just keep getting positive results. That seems really obvious now that I think of it lol. Thanks for the response :)
  4. Getting there as fast as you can kind of defeats the point of the game and in actual fact there isn't a limit on the seasons you can participate in, the career can go as long as you want (at least I'm pretty sure of that). I recommend choosing the difficulty that matches you closest with your team mate and if you get better, choose harder. It's a much more authentic experience that way. Of coarse you could just choose a 3 year career on the easiest setting and you'ld probably be in a Red Bull by Season 2, but where's the fun in that?
  5. I'm 1 of the person that got lure into driving the big teams car. LOL

    But i repent. I'm gonna restart a new 7 years season with Expert setting as thats the setting that gave me the most fun and probably just stick to Virgin or maybe Renault if i gets lucky that they offer me a contract. :)

    But first, i have to finish my current career. :)
  6. Rep gain is based on:
    - race length
    - difficulty
    - meeting team objectives

    However the further you progress in a career the slower rep gain becomes. For reference: I'm at 22 rep 3 races into my 2nd season (WDC in the first on expert difficulty with Lotus, 20% races) and it's crawling ahead now despite 2 podium finishes already and upping the race length to 40%.

    At this rate I hope to get to rep 30 by the end of this season, which should allow me a Merc contract as the best available (I think). It's really tough to get a top team contract on reputation in the first 2 seasons, so I guess that's why they put in the 'rival' option to jump right ahead to a top team.
  7. I am at 14 at the moment and about to start SPA. The reason I want to get to the top teams quicker is so I can get to one and stay there, sort of carve out the rest of my career at one good team. I see how getting there as fast as possible may defeat the purpose but the beauty of it is that if it gets boring/too easy, I can start a new career at the low teams without driving aids and such and finish where I should ;)
  8. i'm in my second season, won the WDC with a lotus..... (!?) LOL!! aaand choose Vettel as my Rival. Now i'm on RBR 5gp into my second season, 4 wins, 1 second... (AI in catalunya is super mega fast best race evaaaaah!!! i couldn't pass massa :( ) oh yeah and 29 rep points... well the number is 29 de color is in the first quarter so... but what im saying is: YES you can drive for the big guys, but you'll have to play long weekends in expert, practice like a LOT so you can compete with the AI, choose a rival, enjoy your ride for one season and return to the middle class teams for the next one... i do the full practice sessions, do my set ups, watch how my tyres react with them, practice a little more and when i match the time or do it faster with the primes... i start over but now with the option tyres.

    maybe it's not realistic to win the championship with a Lotus, but it's possible