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ranking up on the 360

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Stephen Freeman, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. HI All, help required, I play f1 on the 360, wots the best way to rank up online? I've won 100+ races, best higher ranked players, (40+) and still only ranked 31 :-(
  2. I wouldnt worry about that sh*t.

    If you know your better than the rest of the competitors then thats all that matters :) A lot of the ppl 40+ have no skill and no driving etiquette and dont think twice about putting you into a wall. im in the 30s and have been there forever and a day.
  3. That's bout right Chris, most of em in the 40,s r crap! Just wondered ow some of em managed to get so highly ranked, must of done thousands of races or somat
  4. The ranking system works on a few factor's not just where you place so you get numpty 40+ I am just level 15 and had the game since release (not online much). The better and cleaner you drive less accident's no corner cutting setting good lap time's and section time's all contribute to your xp. Like I said I am level 15 but only 3 win's :D
  5. you get more exp for clean races, the more people in a race, (if you come 3rd out of 12 ppl with a relativlyclean race you'll get more exp than coming 1st out of 4/5 people), beating higher ranks...also been told you get xp per lap, so a really clean lap with overtakes will get you more exp than a scruffy lap with a few warnings...but yeah...most of the 40's + 50's are absolutely terrible, only come across EVER about 7/8 really realllly quick guys, add my GT if ya want some customs or sprints :)

    GT = ACR Google
  6. The online leadboards and ranking system make about as much sense as Boris Johnson's green stand on Co2 emissions at the same time as an article he wrote for GQ magazine states that driving a Ferrari F430, reving each gear to its max is so exhilarating. The rank means nothing, and for the most part, neither do the wins represented. A person with a higher rank just means that he plays often, not that he races professionally or well.
  7. +1 Justin
  8. Yes take no notice. The online rankers are mainly rammers and cheats.
  9. James Chant

    James Chant

    The onlky reason I am continuing with the online rank is to get the acheivement when i get to level 50. I am not setting a time on it, as it will take foreever. i thnk im level 41 with about 170 wins, but like others have said, its not the winning that counts, it is a clean race, and the satisfaction of gaining places by idioots pushing too hard. Stick the throttle map in cruise and watch them spin!