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Cars Rallylegends Mod - Ford Fiesta RS WRC ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec) v 3.0 FORD FIESTA RS WRC V 3.0

Rally Cars For Assetto Corsa Game

  1. nikkk78 submitted a new resource:

    Rallylegends Mod - Ford Fiesta RS WRC ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec) v 1.0 - Rally Cars For Assetto Corsa Game

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  2. Think the car have little problem.

    Without special reasons the car starts to slow down alone. Just tested DS3 and Polo and no problem.

    EDIt : Ok, i solved the problem.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  3. Can I have direct download link for co-driver app? I can't access assetto forum. Thanks!

    As for the car, very nice, thank you very much :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. I have installed the new Rallylegends Mod - Ford Fiesta RS WRC and the brakes feels terrible, it has a lot of sensitivity i barely press the brake and the car almost fully stops. i have a logitech G27, the problem is with this car only, has anyone noticed this?
  5. Yes i solved the problem by unpack data.acd and modifie the setup.ini. Juste remove all the lines of "brakes" in [GENERIC]
  6. I never extracted a acd file before,
    I used quickbms and the script assetto_corsa_acd.bms I was able to extract it but I get weird lines in the setup.ini file, what I am doing wrong

    EDIT: I was moving the acd file to extract, I shouldn't do that, now I see the line
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  7. Cannot get this car to work in game?? I have deleted both the Polo & DS3 to be sure of no conflicts of the mod. (Both of these cars work fine however)

    Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Please, post your log files.
  9. What are log files?
  10. Documents/Assetto Corsa/logs/errors

    .txt doc that show errors in the game and wich mod make these errors.
  11. The only error I can see when opened the documents is the mod Bowler Nemesis but this works fine.
  12. Instal correct rl_driver ( Installation: Extract the content to: SteamApps\common\ assettocorsa\content\
  13. What correct rl_driver? there is only 1 available with Fiesta WRC mod or am I completely missing the point else where?

  14. it's easy!
    tremove old Polo/DS3/Fiesta versions..., download the latest versions and install.
    follow these instructions: Installation: Extract the content to: SteamApps\common\ assettocorsa\content\
  15. Will try again now... haha
  16. Brilliant, thank you it works !!
  17. Hi guys, could you please release the templates for the Fiesta? Totally looking forward to painting some cars. Cheers
  18. It could explain a little more how to fix the brake problem. I do not understand unpack data.acd. I can modify the setup file but not unpack data.acd

    Apologies and greetings
  19. Assetto Corsa - Rallylegends Mod - New 3.0 Update for Fiesta RS WRC Coming Soon - ( New Liveries, New Sound, New Physic )

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