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WIP Rally Wales (cg-version)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Sneer, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. This is UK - Mid Wales Stages Rally: 2011 Stage B
    Length: 14.468 mil
    Surface: 100% gravel
    Download track
    The car in the screenshot is a Renault Clio Super 1600 (2005)
    *just noticed the spelling mistake in screenshot ;) sorry
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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    öhm...you better remove the link to the clio^^ copyright...

    OMG! what a great, but verry fps hungry track! my max. fps was ~12fps....
    Öhm...i think every times lower 13min. is good...:laugh:
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  3. Oh my fault, I forgot about the direct link issue :( If there's a moderator around, can you please remove the link? I can't edit my posts since the last-forum update anymore.

    Hm, the ftp are much higher here. Maybe disable motionblur?
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Sorted :)
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  5. This is good fun - not the most diverse track visually, but when you're racing through there in a WRC type car you're too busy to check out the variety in flora and ground textures. It would've been nice to have a few more "special effects" like the puddles, or maybe some more unique and recognizable elements such as ruts, small bridge crossings... RBR was great at this stuff, giving you a sense of actually moving somewhere as the scenery often changed in character along the stages.

    I only did two runs so far, got caught out by some late pacenote calls, in particular the double "1" near the end of the stage. Overall it's fine though, pacenotes tend to be quite a personal thing (I have Phil Mills' voice stuck in my head whenever for example ^^).

    Thanks for the release, I hope there's more coming :)

    Alex: When you get your framerates sorted, 13min won't look that special anymore, I'm sure. With two or three crashes I still got 12:30 in a Baja truck, 11:04 in a WRC car :)
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  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yep Cosmo° i was running at full grafiks power...if i reduce it to a lower level i get ~20 fps...but i'm not the best driver...so :p
  7. Sooooo nice track, this is the content that Racer needs :D
  8. Exellent tracj! I get 45-90 fps and it took me 23 min to drive, I got sidetracked a couple of times wondering where a side road went.
    Noted the rail fence (first one seen) doesn't have the posts in the ground.
    Great textures! We have another great track maker!
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  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, added it to the todo-list.
    It will probably take some time till the next update, but in any case I'm going to add and fix some of your suggestions.
  10. Great job sir :)
  11. This is a great track!

    I'd personally prefer it to be shorter and have more 'things' like Cosmo mentioned, but that can all come with time and more effort.

    Ie, maybe an old Welsh castle in the background at one stage, maybe some old farm barns. They don't even have to be high quality or close to you, just something to act as a memorable location so you can remember what is coming next or something :D

  12. Can someone post screenshots to this track since I don't have access to my PC yet.
  13. screenshot1.jpg
  14. Yes, that's how I see it too. But I haven't planned to spend too much on it, tbh.
    This time I've set the goal to the full length track and real location (kind of...). :)
    Someday I like to start a fantasy track with exactly yours and Cosmos thoughts and for sure on a short-track.
  15. Ah I didn't realise it was based on a real course! Nice work :D

    I hope Ruud turns up again soon, I really want to get the whole sun/specular energy thing changed so we can have proper material responses and a whole load more realism.

    That last screenie looks lovely but unfortunately trying to actually light the scene appropriately for that kinda sunset is impossible :(

    Replace sunspot with flare as a post effect and then we can get back to putting specular energy into stuff the right way rather than via the envmap AND specular... grrr :D

  16. The last screenshot was taken at time=1900. It's a quite different lighting to the default 0800 morning setup. Also, you can replace the colorgrades. I've added 3 different variations in the specials.ini. Unfortunately the car-light doesn't work for some track-shaders at night..

    It would be great, if Ruud would have a look into lighting and add more 24h tod-curves, for e.G. I miss a shininess control:
  17. Hi Sneer,

    Really the entire system needs refining because currently the TOD curves are mostly a function of the lat/long and time data.

    Technically we should only really need a few curves...

    I'm not sure what a shininess curve would do though? Would you care to elaborate on what you feel is missing?

    The sun specular is currently tied to sun diffuse colour since technically they are the same thing.

    It's good to see you use colour grading though. Real values for ambient/diffuse colouring are quite blue tinted on clear sunny days, so I've used colour grading to kill out the blue tone of the rendering.

    Ideally I'd like to see a TOD curve that was white balance (red/blue shift basically), so you can tweak the white balance across the TOD.

    But really the mie/ray sky rendering is currently not so great (seems low definition somehow) so for now the entire thing is a bit iffy if you want a dynamic TOD system working.

    I'd love to see full 24hr TOD system working but Ruud really needs to start from scratch with some of the systems to make that work elegantly imo. The current system is 'ok' but far from convincing vs all the new sims coming out these days with fantastic graphics lighting and shading (ie, GT6, Drive Club and so on)

    Given the basic shaders and TOD limits I think you've done a great job though.

    Hopefully in a month or so I can get back onto working on the track with Stereo that we started and we can post up some newer shaders/track content that will hopefully show some more interesting ways of approaching track lighting/shading... I think you'll be impressed :D

  18. The "sunny="-value gives us control about the shadowstrength (for example rainy tracks don't need shadows, or very low shadowing). The value tints and brightens the illuminated surfaces, aswell. I think this should be considered for a lighting system, because a 24h shininess-curve would be the 1st step into changing weather conditions.
    For sure the next steps would be:
    1.) A 24h rain curve. The current "rain_curve=rain.crv" gives us a 20secs loop of rain-variation, only.
    2.) Also, wet and dry shaders could be controlled by a curve at some point.
    (similar to the day/night curve)

    Just my 2p.
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  19. Ah ok yes that makes sense.

    So basically a curve that defines the sunny value, and then a curve for rain (I think rain is in there already?)

    I kinda agree but the sunny value really should be automatically tweaked based on the sun occlusion. Ie, if it's behind a cloud then sunny = 0, half behind a cloud, sunny = 0.5, and clear, sunny = 1

    With that logic in mind it'd be handy.

    In theory you might also tweak sunny down a bit with more mie (atmospheric vapour), which is kinda like fog really... and/or atmospheric extinction amount.

    But yes you are right. All the automated stuff should be, and all we should be left with really is mie/ray/extinction/sunny and rain curves.

    Really we need a nice cloud system too, not sure how that'd work though as I've not thought too much about it.

    I guess some kind of particle system and a big texture full of appropriate textures for different clouds would do the trick.


  20. Yes, but it's a 20secs loop for rain-variation,only :
      ; Animate rain (X=time in seconds, Y=intensity)
    I can only guess: its additional or replaces the :
      ; Amount of rain (0..1)
    An good example is SkyX. The videos at the bottom of the page are impressive.
    edit: It uses simple noise-maps + normalmaps for volumetric clouds.
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