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Rally - "Richard Burns Tribute" - Mon 31st January & Tues 1st February 2011

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. 7 minutes left before ss1
  2. Have fun to all of us!
  3. As I won't be able to drive today I'll do my best to join the OC guys. If I won't make it don't wait for me and "get to the choppa" ;). GL to everyone yet to drive.
  4. Wrong set of tyers and didn't even watch in SS 1, so I had to retire :(.
  5. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium Member

    SS1-SS8 not including SS3 was BAD.

    ah well, see you all next week.

  6. done! driving very very cautious that east-westII is very dangerous!

    GL for the other sessions!


    Hope you'll make it in one of the session!
  7. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    SS1 - Wrong tyres and problem with the game having full throttle at all times
    SS2 - Nightmare
    SS3 - Nightmare
    SS4 - Nightmare
    SS5 - More Nightmare
    SS6 - Nightmare continues
    SS7 - Getting better
    SS8 - Will have sleepless nights

    Tough stages with tricky conditions. But I am curious as to why my throttle was 100% after a few metres from start. Had to redetect controller every stage.

    My debut was crap in RBR :)
    Thanks Warren and RD. I'll stick to 2nd gear the entire stages from now.
  8. Whoho, managed to finish them all with just some slight off on two stages. Should then increase window size in RSCenter to get a better view and whops only my stage times was shown and the bottom part got hidden behind so could not get to it. Would have been fun knowing my final standing and how I managed the other stages compared to the rest.
  9. Wow!What an hard race!A lot of fun,it's a shame for my retire on ss4,but thiis the race!Congratulations to all pilots! ;-)
  10. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff Member

    It looks like I actually won this timezone :D I had a roll with CFH on the first stage, and on SS6 I had the choice of hitting the caera-crew on the inside or the outside of the same corner... Man, how annoyed I was with that stage... But all in all this could be quite good :)
  11. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    SS 1 slow run, trouble concentrating
    SS 2 complete nightmare could not control the car after 4-5 times cfh col it the day
    SS 3 nice clean run
    SS 4 first time yesterday,downhill with out brakes lol this time downhill in 4't gear after cfh ( way better than with out brakes)
    SS 5 clean run
    SS 6 not fast div. slip offs
    SS 7 best run for me big fun
    SS 8 bad time (problems with hairpins ) an one cfh

    P 10 in EU an big fun ( except SS2 lol) thanks Warren for setting it up an the guys for racing
  12. Very very nice car & so easy to drive, i wish i've practiced for this one :D. Otherwise: 4xCFH, numerous rolls and mechanical problems lool.
    But what a fun :) :). Thx for setting it up guys :).
  13. I figure you finished 4th overall and were on 3rd for many stages running. brilliant performance m8 :)
  14. great fun here, too, even running that stupid fever ...

    s01: DNF but the scenery looked nice all shades of grey.
    s02: broke a record by being slower than a DNF, lol, didn't think it was possible. Early on rolled the car and had huge steering problem after that, also motor died on me 7 (!!!) times and needed CFH to get it working again, what a joke :)
    s03: careful but still managed one roll with 0.4 km to go. first finish, still last in standings
    s04: slowly beginning to understand the car, fever getting worse, finished 11th
    s05: no longer last! first clean and rhythmic run, fastest Blue Flagger on this (and only this)n stage. 8th, 15th overall
    s06: bad run, no rhythm at all, got struck ona treestump and had to CFH
    s07 nice long smooth run, stupid CFH pretty much towards the end because motor died me handclutching through a hairpin (???)
    s08 one of my best Bisane rides ever 7th best stage time second to last overall.

    thx Warren for choosing car and tracks, some interesting choices and now I finally know what Mix Mod means :)
  15. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    I felt more like Petter Solberg than Richard Burns tbh. I had some blistering fast runs, and then some fast runs that were compromised by silly mistakes. To make it Solberg-ish I also had big problems on 3 stages...
  16. Great 1st stage,

    all down hill from there!

    roll on next week :(
  17. I hope you'll find a fix about your throttle problem, try posting a new thread in RBR thread maybe someone knows how to fix it :)
  18. Abdul-try going back to RBR (the options menu for RBR only, not RBRSR) to reset your controller settings. If you continue to do so on the RBRSR menu it will never become permanent...
  19. Abdul, did you test your calibration in the main RBR Options/Controller section?
    If your controller throttle was showing full range instead of zero with no pedal pressure, your polarity may have been wrong. You can reverse it for each axis by going into your main Richard Burns Rally folder, opening input.ini and changing it there.

    ie. [Settings]
    InvertSteeringAxis = false
    InvertThrottleAxis = false
    InvertBrakeAxis = false
    InvertCombinedAxis = false
    InvertHandbrakeAxis = false
    InvertClutchAxis = false

    Change the "false" to "true".

    Also, for any Options settings to be saved after making changes in-game, you need to make sure that you make the changes in the default RBR game. To do that you need to launch from the default RBR icon, or from RSCenter, you need to launch from the "launch Richard Burns Rally SSE" button.

    If you make any changes from within the "launch RSRBR 2011" button, they will be only temporary changes and not saved.
    This is covered in our FAQ here:

    EDIT: Also, make sure to set up your controller for Mulligatawny as well as any other Profile you may have. Mulligatawny is used for RSRBR.