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Rally Muddy GB - Wednesday February 3rd 2010

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Aaron Cloutier, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Rally Muddy GB - Wed February 3, 2010

    Sessions: RD Rally Muddy GB US / RD Rally Muddy GB OC / RD Muddy GB EU
    Car Pack: A8W-99 (Individual Car Pack here)
    Damage: Reduced

    Stage 01: England- Harwood Forest
    [Normal, Damp, Day]
    Stage 02:
    England– Shepherd Shield [Normal, Damp , Day]
    Stage 03:
    England– Falstone [Normal, Good, Night]
    Stage 04:
    England- Chirdonhead [Normal, Bad , Night]
    Stage 05:
    England– Shepherd Shield II [Normal, Bad, Day]
    Stage 06:
    England– Falstone II [Normal, Bad, Day]
    Stage 07:
    England– Harwood Forest II [Normal, Bad, Day]
    Stage 08:
    England– Chirdonhead II [Normal, Med Fog, Day]
    Stage 09:
    England– Falstone [Normal, Light Fog, Day]
    Stage 10:
    England– Shepherd Shield II [Normal, Cloudy, Day]

    Oceania Start: 10:00 GMT
    Europe Start: 20:00 GMT

    US Start: 03:00 GMT Thursday (10:00pm EST Wednesday)*

    * EU, Oceania and US events will only be created on request - so please mention which zone you're signing up for. All sessions will be combined together for an overall result for the event. You can only run on one session.

    • Click here to read the password!
    • You will require the RSRBR 2010 (update 02) mod in order to participate, please see the installation and usage threads.
    • Teamspeak is highly recommended.
    • Please sign up in the following format: RD Name (RSRBR2010 Name)
    • Take a screenie of RSCenter, or save your times, showing your final results at the end of the rally (including the car you drove!). This is in case any of your stages are missed by the server. If there's a discrepancy, please post your times ASAP so we're not adjusting times over 24 hours later.
    • You must stick with the same car throughout the rally (including multi-day events) - if you change, your times for those stages will be defaulted.

    • Due to problems we're having compiling results from RSRBRLive we're asking everyone to submit a screenshot and the HTML output (right-click and save) from RSCenter.
    • Once you are done the rally, please send your html file results to: rallyresults@westnet.com.au
  2. Drivers:

    1. Aaron Cloutier (ascloutier)
    2. Warren Dawes (WAD53)
    3. Cam Wedgwood (Wedge)
    4. Lee Madden (puremad)
    5. Mel Dixon (mel dixon)
    6. Robb Kulcsar (r27kul)
    7. Hampus Jansson (Janzzon)
    8. Eric Nelson ( Eric Nelson )
    9. Damien Jones (DJones)
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
  3. Interesting looking Rally, Aaron, thanks. Typical British weather too hey. :drool:

    I have added a link to the individual Car Pack in case anyone needs to make sure they have the correct Cars (hint hint Eric :tongue: )
  4. Yes please I'm in (puremad) ...now let the toffee... meet the apples !! :D:D:D
  5. i'll be havin some of that please ( mel dixon )
  6. on mine night and day mod only works with good/bad weather no others.
  7. Which stages are you having problems loading Mel?
    I just did a quick test off-line and all stages loaded and ran ok for me. I assume you are using RSRBR2010? Or did you try to set up an on-line Rally??

    EDIT: OK I think I know what you are referring to now, you must have tried to set up an on-line Rally using these conditions.
    I tried that and got the same messages.

    It looks like for Night stages, we can only use good or bad weather (same for dusk too).

    I'll let Aaron know, but we will have to change Stage 3 to Normal, good, night. (or bad, night)
  8. I'll go easy on everyone and make it good :)

    Thanks for picking up on that!
  9. you found a straight road, lined with marshmallow trees :D
  10. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood
    Premium Member

    Think I have my wheel going now.... Will try things out tonight! Looking forward to this one loads!
  11. I'm in (Janzzon)
  12. I'm in r27kul(Robb Kulcsar) for Europe time.
  13. Hampus, I assume you will be joining the European timezone Rally stages ??
  14. IOK gimme a rip on this please......................I see you were knd enough to put the specific car pack LINKEd in the announcement page along with teh actual day/time for US drivers.

    I thank you in advance for the babysitting changes you made on my behalf! LOL

    Eric Nelson ( Eric Nelson ) US timezone please
  15. Great to have you with us Eric, I hope your luck is better this time. These cars on these stages are great fun to drive too, and these cars have very good cockpit views to help see the track better, although the wipers will get a workout sometimes.

    Pity we don't have a better turnout from the US and Aussie guys this time, where are all the Rally fans here? RBR is such a great Sim, it deserves more support.
  16. I'll do my best to make the event :biggrin:

    (DJones) OCN session
  17. REALLY gutted about this but I am going to have the bail out from this event and any others over the next few days/wk
    as I think ive broken my thumb after trapping it in the bathroom window lastnite.
    I cant believe what ive done !! how stupid is that..what a tit !! I cant even hold my pen it hurts that much :(
  18. Sorry to hear that, get well soon.I don't have a wheel also, so I have to watch my thumbs .
  19. @ Lee: Man o man thats gonna be fun finding out how useful a GOOD thumb is..............

    @robb: Um did u say you don't have a wheel? WOW! trying to picture driving with buttons only!
  20. Sorry to hear that Lee, life can be pretty difficult without full use of your thumbs, useful things aren't they.

    Wow Rob, you drive that well in RBR without a wheel, that deserves respect.
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