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Rally - Mud n Slush @ Japan - Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th February 2012

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I went & tried a few different cars yesterday & came up with an odd problem. Twice, the Toyota Corolla WRC doesn't load up properly cuz all I see is tires & frame - no body! I'm in cockpit view & changing to any view still gives me the same result. I wish I'd taken a sceenshot to post here. All the other cars I tried loaded up fine but the Corolla is missing parts :eek: even after rebooting system. Maybe I've got some missing files for that car?
  2. testing is tricky... if i start with a quick car and set a time on a same stage, then as i get more used the stage i can set a quicker time on a slower car... as i test more and start to get tired i can then set a slow time in a fast car. I tried the aw8 08 cars last year and found little dif with the scooby (the 2 sec diff warren speaks of), which was a false economy as it IS the slower car... (but i did stick with it until the bitter end) I will be able to see the diff properly this year when i compare to the citroen.

    If you really want to test them, then it needs to be over a considerable amount of stage miles/days. (in my humble oppinion)

  3. Strange one Mike, but sounds like a corrupt file or two. Try re-downloading the A8W-99 Pack and installing it over the top.
  4. John, I'd agree with you for choosing a car for a long Championship series over a wide range of surfaces and stages.
    However, for a Club Rally?????
  5. I did as you suggested Warren & I got the same results.
    I took a screenshot but can't seem to upload it. Anyways, all you see is wheels - no body when in cockpit view. All other views are fine.
  6. It's actually normal behaviour. Some cockpit views are just that, cockpit views; you see the dash, parts of the body, but the rest doesn't exist.

    If you can see the drivers hands in your cockpit view, then you can see the entire car. If not, you get what you got there.

    EDIT: actually, I might be talking rubbish there. I see you don't see the car even when changing views? Does that include swingman camera too? Or are you just talking about moving the camera with CamHack?
  7. This only happens in cockpit view. Other views are ok. So I guess its ok then. Does it do the same thing in you game also? Its too bad cuz that car is really nice to drive.
  8. Yes, that's normal, and all cars are like that.

    As I said, if you see the driver and co-driver, you can see everything. If you have an empty cockpit view, it's only the shell of the car.
  9. lol warren, I am not suggesting anyone tests to that extent for club or country, gawd no. I merely point out that testing cars is tricky. The consistancy required by the driver to judge on stage times, for me, is nigh on near impossible. One slightly missed corner is 2 secs. But you can, very quickly, get a 'feel' ok, and spot any obvious handling purposes....

    Test cars for hours, noooooooooo definately not. no sireee bob. Barely enough time for work, avoiding chores and slobbing in front of the tv here,

    For the C'ship this year for me it was a choice of:

    scooby: been there done that
    Ford: quite simply it has 5 gears, which makes me feel cheated (lmfao) I want my moneys worth from this game, stunning updates and years of fun is not enough, I want all the gears....
    Citreon: six gears and goes 'ok', hence my choice.
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  10. Here's the screenshot of the cockpit view. Is this normal cuz every other car looks nothing like this.

  11. LOL, okay, that is not normal. I suggest you try reinstalling that car pack, if you haven't already.

    I was thinking more along the lines of this:

  12. Hehe. I reinstalled the car pack this morning to no avail. Its not a huge deal, the car is still driveable but it looks odd. To be honest though, it might a plus since you can see the corners better without the panels in the way. :D
  13. Not to mention the weight advantage ;)
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  14. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    The car did feel al bouncy and strange for me on stage 6, completely a physics bug, but i guess it was my computer problem because i see you had no problem. I used defaults too.
  15. Blimey Mike, that is ugly. There is certainly something wrong there, and it must ruin the experience and immersion for you.
    I'd suggest posting a question at RallyeSim here:

    They have a diagnostic tool which can check to see if you have missing or corrupted files. You can post in English there and they will reply in English too (usually). If they go French on you, they also have a translation tool built into their Forum by simply clicking a button.
    They are very helpful guys. ;)
  16. Warren, your new picture threw me off for a few seconds. :eek: Nice Mini btw!

    Thanks for setting up the rally and getting the results so quick. (Senad your the man)! Congrats to Magnar on the win, very fast driving. Hope to see you more often in the USX sessions.

    Ryan seems to have fallen in love with the game so he will be back for more. Glad this forum keeps growning. Can't wait to see how many participate in the RDRC if the Club events draw this big of a crowd. :D
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  17. Mike, this is what it should look like:


    Something looks unusual in your screenshot to me, maybe it is only to do with how you took the screenshot, BUT, it looks like the screen resolution may be distorted / squashed sideways. Look at the digidash compared to mine. Also, compare the position of the timing numbers top left.
    What screen resolution are you using?
    What resolution are you using in your Richard Burns Rally.ini file?
    In your FixUp.ini file (found under Plugins), what setting are you using for this line, fixAspectRatio=0
    In RSCenter, what is your setting for Full Screen RBR 3D Ratio? (It's found under File/Settings).

    I am wondering if maybe you don't have each of these balanced?
  18. 1600x900 resolution in ini file
    fullscreen - true, just tried it false with no change
    16/9 in RScenter
  19. I just tried another car to see where the hud & timer sit & they're closer in than yours. I do think somethings up with the resolution but that Corolla is still wacked out. :eek:
  20. Try setting False in RSCenter instead of 16/9