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Rally - MINI Monte 2012 - Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st January 2012

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. urghggh gonna have to pull out of this one - my wheel has unfortunately decided to die on me and now decides that the centre is in fact all the way to left ... :(
  2. Damn that din't went quite good :/

    SS1: In the 2nd turn I lift the trottle but car decided to go full in the building, so after 10 secs my stage 1 was over...
    SS2: Drove consistand and tried to make no mistakes
    SS3: Crashed again...
    SS4: Went good :)
    SS5: Didn't take much risks to try to finish, and made it...
    SS6: I went very good, until I hitted a tree in the inside corner (though my navigater didn't day "Don't cut"...)
    SS7: I was angry and tried to drive the car to ****! Went good untill I missed the apex and rolled over like 6 times... Could continue but hadn't had brakes and that don't go well if you go down the maintain with hairpins...
    SS8: Was much mare angry but finnished in a good time (I hope)

    Thanks Warren for another fun rally and hope to improve for the next rally :)
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  3. Yep Jimi, the Server will show the local start time for the server, which is in France.
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  4. Jimi Hughes

    Jimi Hughes
    RDMCC S6 Champion

    Well that was great fun. No DNF's and only one CFH (on the last bloody stage!!). This has been a really good event for me, in only my second RD rally. I had a great battle with Mark throughout most the rally over EU server P1, and towards the end he seemed to have the better of me but I think he retired on the final stage so for now it looks like I won the moral victory of P1 in the server. Im sure I'll tumble waaaaaaay down the list once all the times are in!

    Thanks RD, I had a great time, and good luck who havn't run yet! :)
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  5. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke

    Amazing, Monte mod and not a single DNF or CFH :)
    Could it be my new triple screen setup?
    It's really great, I'm running 4240x1050 with SoftTH

    Thanks for a great rally
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  6. SS1: I was very fast, I think I'm getting the best EU time, but missing 3 corners I crash...
    SS2: 4 corners I did, I destroyed the car and I can't continue...
    SS3: Fast, 3ยบ pos. EU
    SS4: The same at SS3
    SS5: Scratch of EU? I don't remember if in SS4 or in SS5...
    SS6: Another 3pos in EU
    SS7: I was very fast, I think I was in 1st pos. EU when I hit a tree and I destroy my brakes....
    SS8: I was very fast to, and in the last corner I hit with a wall.... OMG...

    I expect that in next rally I can finish all Stages...
  7. awesome speed and consistency by the Brits and Swedes in EU, wow!
    I had a medium rally, struggled with the hairpins (Mini felt positively sluggish in those) on most stages, did some clean but overly careful runs from s01 to s04 and decided to push a little bit more on s05, was really on a fly there only to fly straight into a tree with all of five turns or so to go :( DNF; that broke me, had another DNF on the last monte stage, went full out in the final two and even made up a bit of time. all in all: great event, challenging set of stages, loved the new dusk setting very picuresque that one :)
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  8. Had not tried the Mini before start and struggled for the first stages. Very unforgiving in realistic mode. Two small mistakes, a gentle touch in the fence at SS2 and a small tree at SS4, caused my two retirements. Got a nice feeling for the car in the end. In some sectors I was close to the best, but mostly I am way of the pace ( I am still only using my keyboard - so wait until I get a wheel on my desk!)
    It also turned out to be a final battle with Eckhart and Javier.
    Nice fight for the lead between Jimi and Mark throughout the rally!
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  9. Mark Birney - Sparky245 - EUZ
  10. Nice to see one of my skins getting an outing. I figured they might be useful to some as a base for creating their own....looks like I was correct! :D
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  11. If I wake up on time, I'll be joining the OC session. Possibly even on TS, with my Russian accent and all.
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  12. Well I was doing well and leading the early US session after stage 5, but my comp locked up halfway through stage six. Was fun while it lasted anyways, those minis are surprisingly controllable for a S2000 car.
  13. That car is a lot of fun to drive. Much better result than my run in the team challenge. Eight finishes. Fairly safe run too. Only incidents for the first seven stages were a quick 360 after hanging the back end out to far and clipping the bumper on a rock face and about five stalls on tight handbrake turns. Gotta keep the revs up on this car.

    That last stage was a nerve racker. I think my Countryman's heated seats fogged up the windows. I hit an unseen rock or something about 1/4 through the final stage. Flipped me over a full rotation and into a tree. Luckily I landed on my feet, engine running, and didn't trigger an automatic CFH. I was able to finish the stage with a busted windshield and a broken neck.
  14. Pretty happy with my drive. Had some good pace just let down by several spins and two retirements. Much better than last week.
  15. Olli Kauppinen - Kurjuutus - OC
    Haven't even tried mini. Gotta try!
  16. I continue to improve - only one CFH, a 180 spin and some small mistakes ;)
    Loosing minutes on the hairpins but one day I've probably learnt how to do it in a better controlled way :)
    Once again a fun event with a new and nice car (never tested it before) and a really nice stage setup.

    Thnx for all the admin work put in making this happen and for all the drivers attending.
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  17. I couldn't make it. I drive in last EU session!
  18. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    well, that was...memorable.
    Note to self: driving with a sore wrist (I think I put something out today) does not help. especially on monte.
    that and not practicing. I mean, I'm not a slow person, I just have a tendancy to...crash a lot :p
    aside from that, I had a blast, Joux plane II at night was the highlight for me, even though I spun, the reversed off the side and had to CFH. I probably spun at least 10 times in the overall session, and the rest were sliding into things and ruining the engine :(
    I just hope next session we can have some down to earth gravel stages!
    cheers warren and senad for organising, was really fun :D
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  19. Geez, that was scary fun, as the guys on TS were saying, "like driving on wet glass at times". :eek:

    I quite liked the MINI, but it felt strange using the skin that matched my real life MINI. Before each stage, I would see the car and think, "whatever you do, don't wreck it". It seemed so realistic.:cool:
    Can't thank Damien enough for that skin, and fortunately, I kept it fairly undamaged.

    Most stages went ok, clean ish, but pretty careful and tip-toeish at times. Those Joux Plane stages were scary, especially on the fast downhill sections. My right foot kept wanting to ease off. :rolleyes:
    The only major off was SS05, at the very end of Joux Plane II, I slowly started sliding, then sliding sideways, then ran up the inside bank sideways. Luckily, I could reverse back down and continue the last three turns to the finish.

    Thanks as usual to the guys in OC, especially Damien, Jeremy, Keegs, and Mick on TS. We lost Keegs and Mick though when the TS Server dumped a few of us off for a while. :(

    I must say, I do enjoy the Monte Carlo stages though, a huge challenge. :)
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  20. What he said :oops: