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Rally - Historic Toyota - Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th January 2012

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. What a rally! I had 3 CFH's in 2 stages, but still managed to win the USX session. Just edging out Roy Magnes by 2.08 sec. What an amazing race between us with a time difference of 00:00.19 before the final stage! It was all or nothing at that point! Great race all! :D

    Thanks Warren for putting on such a good event. Also congrats on the 2nd week in a row on getting a rec number of drivers. Hope they all participated.
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  2. 3 CFH's, a full donut and half spin to please the crowds...who were fleeing from my car hurling at them! :rolleyes:

    Really enjoy these RWD cars, but they can be very frustrating as well. SS1 I have a half spin meters from the finish, when I reverse my back tyres go up on a bump. Cannot move, nor reverse resulting in a CFH. SS2 stupid mistake I roll my car, and although inches from the road, the car only grips "on the road" so CFH again.

    Overall I enjoyed myself, really starting to love these RWD cars. 7 people in the USX session tonight, and man some of you guys were unbelievably fast! Thanks for organising this one, very tricky at times. :confused:
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  3. i hate these cars... :(
    think i had somwere around 250 cfh in total
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  4. Lol. I used to feel the same mate. I think a lot of us have a "love/hate" relationship with these RWD cars. They just take some getting used to, and cannot be driven like anything else in RBR. But not to worrie, we don't always use them on rally club events. And you can choose something different for the Race Department Championship when it starts in March. ;)
  5. 1 CFH, 2 spectators in hospital, 1 missed k left, but no red ink. What a fun rally. Thanks Warren. Thanks to everyone.
  6. Magnar Haarstadsveen

    Magnar Haarstadsveen
    Just me Premium

    Hi i had a fun rally but not on SS4. There i drove about 2-300 m before the game just close down and i was on desktop and rs center was ready to start SS5. This is the first time i this have happen, i had some crashes before but then the gamesound still works and the screen is black, not just close down like now. The rest of the stages was ok for me. A fun rally with cars (RWD) i never have drive in before. Thanks for a good event again.
  7. Rally results

    Overall Rally Results


    Congrats Mark, Jeremy and Gundars

    Stage wins:
    Mark Johnston: 3 stage wins
    Jeff Feaker: 2 stage wins
    Ole Marius Myrvold: 2 stage wins
    Jeremy Loveland: 1 stage win

    Thanks to everyone who joined, again a very large grid :). Thanks also to Warren for setting it up.

    Please let me know if you notice any mistakes.
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  8. That was a ton of fun in the OC Session. Great to have Roy join us (and on TS too), you can tell how much he likes these RWD cars by the number of Sessions he joins. :p
    Only four of us in the session and down to 3 when Damien dropped out (I assume he had a disconnection from the server :confused: ), but it was close racing in most stages.

    I quite enjoyed this car, the RWD cars are always lots of fun and very different to the norm. This Corolla didn't seem as difficult to drive as the Escort but it still had enough challenge to be enjoyable. I drove pretty conservatively to keep it out of trouble, but still had a few anxious moments. The wet run at Chirdonhead was nerve wracking, the car needed about 4th gear before I got any traction off the start line. :eek: I had a nasty tank slapper in a couple of stages but managed to recover it ok.

    Roy was showing us how fast he can be after a couple of practice rallys and was leading until one mistake cost him about 30 secs. Once again, Jeremy proved that he is the best RWD driver in our OC group by winning again.
    Well done Jeremy. :cool:
  9. I noticed a mistake :D

    Magnus had the Escort on SS1, so will get a default time for that stage. Image updated.
  10. Wow!!!! Mr Speedy Admin, Senad, has the results posted already, while I typed my report. :D

    Congratulations to Mark for the win, it's been a while since you topped the podium. :)
    Well done to Jeremy and Gundars for the podium too.
    Only 30 secs covered 2nd to 7th, one of our closest Rallys ever.

    Stage wins were spread around a bit too between Mark, Jeff, Ole, and Jeremy.

    Good results for Dubravko, Jani, and Christopher too, looks like you guys are at home in the RWD cars.

    Not too much red ink either, especially if you discount the drivers who had Game /PC issues.

    Welcome to Joakim for your first Club Rally, hope to see you often.

    Another very good roll up for this one, only one less than last weeks record, great to see the Club Events being well supported.

    Thanks again to Senad for his lightning quick Admin work.

    See you all again next week, might be time again for our 6 monthly Group N Team Challenge. ;)
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  11. Speedy results indeed good work Senad & Warren for setting it all up. Glad to see I took the last two stages. If it wasn't for them darn CFH's. lol :D great rally and great fun. Congrats to all who podiumed and took a stage win. See you all next week!
  12. hoo same thing happen to me on the same stage mate. was wondering why. well that is the game. sorry about that mate
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    As you can see by the times I didn't really enjoy this car, it wasn't quite powerful and "crazy" enough, and it wasn't slow enough either.
    It was only on the damp-ish stages I got the car to handle the way I really wanted, At least I know what car not to choose in the championship! :)
  14. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff

    Hehe, Ole Marius and I go the complete oposite ways when it comes to driving this car on dry and wet conditions :p I did really well on the dry stages in the OC-session today, but failed miserably on the damp and wet ones. Really enjoy driving these things, and enjoy even more driving the OC-session whenever I have the time for it. Always a nice atmosphere on TS on those :)
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  15. This was a tough competition. Congrats to Mark on a great pace and win and to all others who finished the rally. I know I'm good driving in a bad weather so kudos to Jeff and once again Mark. Hopefully there will be more bad weather during next season than it was the last year, right guys? ;)
  16. next rally pleeeease! :p
  17. DOH I totally forgot about the rally:(
  18. Incar video from J-M Latvala's Corolla GT. Lahti Rallysprint 2001.
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