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Rally - Front & Rear - Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th April 2012

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. "Front & Rear”
    Mon 9th & Tues 10th April 2012
    Two Rallys in one - FWD or RWD - Your Choice
    Banner by Damien Jones​

    Sessions: RD Front & Rear EUX / RD Front & Rear EU / RD Front & Rear USX / RD Front & Rear US / RD Front & Rear OC

    NOTE: We may include additional timezone Rallys if requested.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you request an additional Session to be created, you must sign up and make the request at least 24 hours before the requested start time. Late requests will not be accepted.
    Requests for additional Sessions which are one hour (or less) from other Sessions may not be granted, depending on the total number of Sessions set ( due to Server restrictions and Staff availability).

    Car Pack: N2_2 & Group H (You must choose either the Peugeot 205 GTi or the BMW E36 325i from these car packs. ) **

    Damage: Realistic

    SS01 - Australia - Mineshaft II -- Normal, Good conditions, Daylight
    SS02 - World stages -- Rally Poland R -- Normal, Light Fog, Daylight
    SS03 - France -- Joux Verte -- Normal, Good conditions, Daylight
    SS04 - France -- Joux Plane -- Monte-Carlo mod, Good conditions, Daylight
    SS05 - Japan -- Noiker -- Normal, Good conditions, Daylight
    SS06 - Japan -- Pirka Minoko -- Normal, Bad conditions, Dusk
    SS07 - England -- Shepherds Shield -- Normal, Good conditions, Daylight
    SS08 - England -- Sweet Lamb -- Normal, Good conditions, Daylight

    EUX Start: 16:00 GMT Monday * (DST in operation)
    Europe Start: 19:00 GMT Monday * (DST in operation)
    USX Start: 00:00 GMT Tuesday (8PM Eastern, Monday) * (DST in operation)
    US Start: 02:00 GMT Tuesday (10:00PM Eastern, 8:00PM Mountain , Monday) * (DST in operation)
    Oceania Start: 10:30 GMT Tuesday (8:30PM Tuesday EST) * (DST NOT in operation)

    Additional timezone Rallys may be created on request.

    If the USA Session drivers prefer a different Start time, please let us know, we can be flexible to suit.

    EUX, EU, USX, US and OC Sessions will only be created on request - so please mention which zone you're signing up for. If no one signs up for a listed Session, it will not be created on the Server.
    All sessions will be combined together for an overall result for the event. You can only run on one session.

    • Click here to read the password! (PLEASE NOTE THIS POST REGARDING THIS RALLY'S PASSWORD)
    • You will require the RSRBR 2012 Mod & Update 03, in order to participate, please see the Installation and Usage thread.
    • You will also require the N2_2 and the Group H car packs.
    • Teamspeak is highly recommended, and adds to the fun.
    • Please sign up in the following format: RD Name (RSRBR2012 Name) - Session
    • Take a screenie of RSCenter, or save your times, showing your final results at the end of the rally (including the car you drove!). This is in case any of your stages are missed by the server. If there's a discrepancy, please post your times ASAP so we're not adjusting times over 24 hours later.
    • You must stick with the same car throughout the rally - if you change, your times for those stages will be defaulted.
    • If you are new to Richard Burns Rally, we have provided a set of guidelines and links to help you get up and running: Here
  2. Drivers:

    NOTE: Drivers must nominate on sign-up whether they will drive the FWD Peugeot 205 GTi or the RWD BMW E36 325I

    We will have separate results for each Class, but we'd like to see a balanced field.

    FWD - Peugeot 205 Gti (Car Pack N2_2)
    1. Jack Hintz (StealthSCG) - OC
    2. Andrew Koojo (andyone) - EUX
    3. Gareth Hickling (AzzKiKr1979) - EUX
    4. Senad Subasic (mfodor) - OC
    5. Sion Williams (RS Williams) - EU
    6. Corey Twyman (theFlash) - US
    7. Martin Matus (matuma) - EU
    8. Graham Bridgett (Graham555) - EUX
    9. Teemu Toikka (tesnaukki) - EUX
    10. Roy Magnes (Roy Magnes) - EUX
    11. Rick Bamford (lucifer) - OC
    12. Magnus Lindgren (magnuslindgren) - EU
    13. Daniel Monteiro (Daniel Monteiro) - EUX
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    RWD BMW E36 325i (Car Pack Group H)
    1. Warren Dawes (WAD53) - OC
    2. Viesturs Priede (Viesturs) - EUX
    3. Tapio Rinneaho (TTupsi) - OC
    4. Erik Tveit (Erik Tveit) - EU
    5. Tomas Reinicke (ctbr) - EU
    6. Alasdair Beck (boybeck) - EUX
    7. Andrew Fearby (fearrari) - OC
    8. Joakim Skalstad (Joakim Skalstad) - EU
    9. Fernando Agapito (Fernando A.) - EUX
    10. Florin Palade (Mexer) - EU
    11. Dubravko Sparovec (Dudo S.) - EU
    12. Andris Laskins (Andris) - EU
    13. Ole Marius Myrvold (Myrvold) - USX
    14. Keegan Buckley (kbuckley) - OC
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
  3. Our next Rally is open for sign-up.

    This week we have something different, designed by Andrew Fearby. We have two Rallys in one, with a choice of FWD or RWD, choose your preference. Results will be separated for both Classes.

    These cars are very different, as expected. We opted to run each class separately because their relative performances are not equal, the Peugeot will be considerably faster on most Stages and easiest to drive. The BMW will be much more lively and fun to drive, but should yield slower times. The BMW will have that added "fun" factor for those who enjoy the RWD experience.

    The Stages are mainly tarmac and gravel. They have been varied to try to balance the strengths and weaknesses of both cars.

    We will use REALISTIC damage which will add more challenge.


    1. These cars are very different, with totally opposite handling characteristics. The Peugeot is typical FWD and quite stable, the BMW is typical RWD and may prove a handful to the inexperienced drivers. However, this BMW seems more stable to drive than most of the other RWD cars we have used.

    2. RBR Pacenotes are designed for default cars, Normal conditions and Good weather. Please remember to adjust your speeds to suit these cars.

    3. Tyre selections are the drivers responsibility. If you use the automatic tyre selection option in RSRBR2011, please beware that sometimes it may give you the wrong tyre for the conditions. Always double check your tyres, it is critical, especially when changing to Snow Stages.

    If requests are made for any additional timezones, or changes to Start times to better suit your local needs, we will try to include them ( but within the Monday/Tuesday periods).

    Many thanks to Andrew for designing this Rally, and to Damien for the great Banner.

    Good luck all, choose your weapon, FWD or RWD.

    Here are a couple of video's to help introduce these cars:

    The Peugeot

    And the BMW (I know it's not exactly the same one but close enough)
  4. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    Jack Hintz - StealthSCG - OC
    I'll take the Pug, considering the tracks, I'll never get the BMW round Joux Verte in one piece, those hairpins are evil in RWD cars :p
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  5. Actually, the Beemer is easy there.;)

    You had me worried, so I just gave it a quick squirt at Joux Verte with basically default setup. The hairpins were no trouble at all, don't even have to worry about getting handbrake turns right. Just drop it to 1st, and drive it around and back to 2nd again. If anything, the rear has too much grip, so with some setup adjustment, I suspect it can be made to slide a little around the hairpins.

    Here is a replay of my test run (no practice), maybe it gives you some idea. You should at least give it a try. :p

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52407178/WAD BMW E36 Joux Verte dry.rar

    Of course, some of the other Stages may be a lot more tricky in the BMW. :rolleyes:
  6. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium

    I'll have a quick shortly and let you know low i get on. I just trying to do hairpins in RWD cars a pain with no handrake lol.

    Edit: bJust had a play, BMW handles quite well on JV, but was aggravating on Poland R. I'll take the Pug anyway, cause no doubt all the quick drivers will run BMW and the Pug will provide some really close competition for me (no doubt I'll fail though :p )
    also, sweet lamb is crashing RSCenter >_>
  7. I always enjoy a challenge (and some excitement :eek: ), so I'll give the Beemer a blast.

    Yep, it's a real shame we have no handbrake with the RWD cars. :(
  8. Yay, Im going to love this!

    Viesturs Priede - Viesturs - OC

    I`ll take the BMW. Its a nice car, I hate some of the stages.. like Japan and Joux Plane but meh.. That car is awsome :)
  9. Andrew koojo - andyone - EUX - Peugeot 205 Gti (Car Pack N2_2)

    definatly the Front wheeler for me
  10. TTupsi


    Here is a preview of what I'm going to do next monday:

    Tapio Rinneaho - TTupsi - OC3 - BMW.
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  11. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling - AzzKiKr1979 - EU - Peugeot 205 Gti (Car Pack N2_2)

    Noobie to RBRSR as it only got installed a couple of days ago, Expect me to knock down a few tree's on most stages!
  12. Unfortunately, in RBR.. trees knock you down. :p
  13. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Erik Tveit - Erik Tveit - EU - BMW :D
  14. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke - ctbr - EU - BMW
  15. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor - ross32 - OC

    I used to own an e36 BMW 325i M-sport, and apart from sounding sweet as a nut and going like stink, it did tend to be rather oversteery. (a lot of fun in the snow however!) These cars are great to drift in real-life, but the enjoyment subsides slightly when it wasn't your intention to make the car go sideways... ;)

    Yes, i'll be choosing the Beemer by the way!


    Edit: If anyone can make this skin i'd be most grateful! Should be easy enough but i don't know how to get the metallic blue effect. ('Mauritius Blue')
  16. Alasdair Beck - boybeck - EUX

    Beemer for me please, really enjoy driving that car
  17. Hmmmnnn!!! The Peugeot isn't proving too popular yet.
  18. I'll take the Peugeot then, to even it out a bit.

    Senad Subasic - mfodor - OC - Peugeot
  19. Never mind, lol..
  20. Sion Williams - RS Williams - EU - Pug 205 GTi

    Always loved the 205 on this game so much fun to drive! Plus I've navigated in a few over the years so have a soft spot for them!