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Rally Club Plans - Feedback

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Since Rick has raised some good questions about the League, it is time to seek some feedback for Rally Club Events too.

    Firstly, I am heading off on holidays next week, so the Rally of Great Britain will be my last for about three weeks. Senad has volunteered to step into planning the Club Rallys for that period, he has an insatiable appetite for work. :tongue:

    Rick has raised some questions re the next Season of the RDRC, and it may be useful to test some of these different possibilities in Rally Club Events, to see what works in practice, so to speak.
    That means we could try things like:
    1. Testing more addon tracks.
    2. Realistic Damage.
    3. Carryover damage to the next Stage (not sure how / if that works on the Server yet??)
    4. More use of Dusk / Night Stages

    I've dabbled with a couple of these over the Club Rallys but kept them to a minimum while we were building a core group. We don't want to scare off newer drivers.

    If you have some special requests for Rallys, let us know, maybe Senad could use some inspiration for the next few Rallys. I'll need some when I return, lol.

    If we ran a previous Rally that you especially enjoyed, let us know and we can repeat it. For example, I'm certainly going to run another Rally with the Subaru Impreza 95, this car was brilliant in all regards. :love:

    Throw in your feedback here. :rally::ups:
  2. I'm all for realistic damage, at least once :D. Never tried it, I wonder how long I'd survive.
    Carryover damage should be in the championship session?

    I didn't think Dusk/Night were an issue, I threw all times of day and weather into that one rally when you were out :D
  3. Yup, you can setup a session like in the official championships with cumulative damage, service, and DNF a stage means DNF a rally.

    To do this you go to "Public championship creation" and set "Cumul Damages" to true. Any stage that has "Adjust tyres" set to true will have a service before it. This will also make the session so it is not joinable after SS1 starts.

    I like the idea of a survival rally, just go extreme, a bunch of stages with cumulative realistic damage, no service, and DNF a stage means DNF the rally! But I imagine most would be very frustrated. It might work tho if you set the expectations to "who can survive to the end?!" haha
  4. New stages - of course, Club is a great proving ground. Not much pressure, simply having fun on them :). Best ones could be then used in the League for example. Or just over and over again :).

    Realistic damage - not sure about this one, especially in club. It should definitively make for a great video with all those totaled cars :D

    Carryover damage - if it's possible to make services, why not? 8 stages without repair could be rough, even on reduced :D

    I'm not so hot for the dusk, since it's just dark and lights aren't working. Night seems more realistic though, even if it's dark as hell too :D. Not too much of those however, if you ask me.
  5. My thoughts on carryover damage was hopefully to see if real rally style could be done, ie. two stages with carryover, then maybe a pitstop for repairs. A total rally with carryover damage would be extremely tough in RBR and not very realistic either.
    We need to do some research with this to see what is possible.
  6. Wow, I thought you and i were thinking more alike Ondrej. I guess i was wrong;)

    REALISTIC DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know alot of people would find it frustrating but it just means you have to slow down and be more careful. In fact there is a mod I got from BHM that makes the damage even MORE realistic. You can damage the suspention to the piont the car can't move. makes the challenge all the better. Since starting to use RSRBR it's been forgotten in my RBR folder on my computer. But it used to be the only way I'd drive.

    Also, Porsche? you are KIDDING right? They look terrible, drive terrible and NOBODY RALLIES THEM!!!!!!!!!!! And please don't mention the one make series in Germany, if they don't run on gravel it's not rallying. lol.
  7. Have you forgotten your Rally history Rick? The Porsches were popular (and successful) many years ago, so I guess they deserve a place in RBR with some of the other "historical" Rally cars.

    Unfortunately, I recall we have used them once in a Rally Club Event and they weren't very realistic to drive, they don't seem to have converted well to RBR like many other rally cars.
  8. +1. I will have to try out the Porsche once more (did it once without any spectacular results). I'm all for experimenting, as long as we keep the FWD to minimum :p
  9. LOL, Warren, if they were Historic Porsches I'd agree. but they are not.
  10. Rick don't be ignorant :)

    If you watch really, really close you can see that they're driving on gravel too. There is more tarmac simply because there is more tarmac in rallying in general nowadays (costs, for one).

    I'll take them over underpowered front-powered econobox-cup without even a blink.
  11. I would take the low power FWD cars over the Porsche myself, but then again thats what I spend the majority of my time driving in the Rallyesim championships. :)

    Porsche has history alright, a history of getting beat by Ford Escorts over and over!
  12. Rick, earlier you sent me some questions about RDRC, have you received the answer? :)
  13. I have to agree with Rick on this point, the RSRBR2010 Porsches are a bit weird to me. I tried one out some time ago, ran off the edge of the road and was stuck in the grass. While reving and trying to get back on track, the replay camera showed my front wheels spinning furiously. At that moment, I asked myself, "is this really a Porsche?" Maybe they are 4WD versions but don't seem to drive like a 4WD. :confused:
  14. There was only one porsche rally car that counts, 959 Paris/Dakar (group B). A Porsche is only good if you want to pose in front of the casino, not to get there fast. And yes I DO like the econoboxes. They are what rallying is about. And tarmac rallying has nothing to do with cost, Europe just doesn't have enough gravel roads;) lol.

    Now to get serious again. ;) (Ok, I didn't know they ran the GT3 on gravel as well, why would you)

    Ok, ok, I don't like the idea of a porsche rally car unless it was a group B car. I don't think the 3D model or the phyisics of the RBR porsche is very good. And i think they drive terribly. Thats my opionion, lol. I think there are enough car packs to use without having to use a porsche. I love the Fwd cars in both real rallies and in the sim.

    BTW, it is important for those in Europe to know that rallying in Australia is different to that in Europe. The cars, the roads, the attitude of the public/media and companies. Not to mention I am just a bitter and twisted old man, lol.
  15. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

  16. Thanks for the video Hans, I never made it to the part about the cars tho, just kept replaying the beginning over and over :)

    Just kidding, some nice classic rally footage in there.
  17. So, what other things can we suggest apart from porsche for Senad to put together for us, lol.

    i would love to see some more RWD events. Bring back the Volvo or even give us a crack at the M3 on Tarmac. Celibrate Bernard Béguin's win at the tour de corse in 1987.

    P.S. Hmmmmmmm what a choice. That girl or a Porsche 959. I dont think í could decide, lol.
  18. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    I like the Volvo too, and when the Escort MkII is released, next update??, we should have a Björn Waldegård Tribute.
  19. I think everyone liked the Volvo, might do that one again :).

    I'll try the M3 on tarmac, but as I recall, I didn't enjoy it at all anywhere. If I don't enjoy it, it's not going in :tongue: :D