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Rally Club - Calendar 2013

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally Club & Leagues' started by Ole Marius Myrvold, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    This calendar will be updated when new rallies are planned. Most of the rallies will come with codewords (the name of the rallies) and will therefore not give away much when it comes to cars or stages, but it might.
    The number is the number of the week.

    1. Testing of the new software
    2. Further testing of RSRBR 2013
    3. Rally: Trouble in Paradise
    4. Rally: Modern Times
    5. Rally: Rallye Monte Carlo
    6. Rally: WRC2 Test
    7. Rally: MicroMachines
    8. Rally: Rally Special - Marathon!
    9. Rally: Snow Show
    10. RDRC Championship Round 1.
    11. Rally: Watersports
    12. RDRC Championship Round 2
    13. Rally: Easter Bunny
    14. Rally: Blindfolded with plushy pink handcuffs
    15. RDRC Championship Round 3.
    16. Rally: American Express
    17. Rally: Pocketbike
    18. RDRC Championship Round 4.
    19. Rally: B-Ware of the Monster!
    20. Rally: Hello Kitty (purr purr)
    21. RDRC Championship Round 5.
    22. Rally: EVO-lution
    23. Rally: Michael Park Tribute
    24. RDRC Championship Round 6 - Winter series Finale!
    25. Rally: Climb to the top
    26. Rally: Rex Refuses To Die!
    27. Rally: Pikes Peak Challenge
    28. Rally: Armin Schwarz Tribute
    29. *RESCHEDULED* Rally: Tour of the Americas
    30. Rally: Tour of the Americas
    31. Rally: Best of WRC 99/00
    32. RDRC Championship Summer Round 7 - Summer Series Premiere!
    33. Rally: Kung Fu Panda!
    34. Rally: Richard Burns Tribute
    35. RDRC Championsh Round 8
    36. Rally: The Grim Reaper 2
    37. Rally: Fast FWD
    38. RDRC Championship Round 9
    39. Rally: Double Trouble
    40. Rally: Group N Team Challenge
    41. RDRC Championship Round 10
    42. Rally: Nordic Summer
    43. Rally: Italian Job
    44. RDRC Championship Round 11
    45. Rally: X-Games Euro Tour
    46. Rally: Yugo, I go, we all go!
    47. RDRC Championship Round 12 - Summer Series Finale!
    48. Rally: Save the Whale
    49. Rally: Miki Biasion Tribute
    50. Rally: South European Vacation
    51. Rally: Something that begins with "S"
    Any ideas for rallies can be taken in this thread. We cannot promise to use the rally, but we are always grateful for all tips :)

    Note: Rallies may be postponed, or removed, for several reasons. Most likely reasons are bugs, or testing for RDRC if needed.
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